CHANEL – Le Vernis #577 Mimosa and #557 Morning Rose (swatches & review)


I have a confession to make: while CHANEL’s much anticipated lacquer ‘Mimosa’ was the shade I was aiming for, I surprised myself by actually preferring ‘Morning Rose’ instead. That’s not to say that ‘Mimosa’ isn’t spectacular on it’s own; it’s simply that once again, CHANEL has done the impossible and taken an ordinary shade like pink, and made it extraordinary. Part of their limited edition Summer 2011 collection, these two polishes do not disappoint and are a welcome addition to any beautista’s warm weather arsenal. All swatches are with Sèche Natural base coat, three thin coats of lacquer and Sèche Vite top coat.



With yellow being touted as the ‘IT’ hue of the Summer, along comes ‘Mimosa’ – a soft buttery hue with that gorgeous secret shimmer CHANEL has become synonymous for. Pale lemony glints in this shade’s depths add a just-squeezed freshness to the overall tone and I have no doubt that when worn against lightly tanned skin, this shade will be phenomenal! I’ve read that some people had issues with the application of this polish, but I experienced no such thing at all.  As with most pale pastels, you need to take your time applying it in order to avoid any streaking, and I found that three thin coats achieved perfect opacity. The formula was smooth and even, with no brush strokes left behind, and I loved the shiny finish at the end.



I fell in love with ‘Morning Rose’.  Me…a total non-pink person.  This is a dusty, almost faded looking rose with very slight peach leanings and the most unique golden shimmer strewn throughout.  Slightly larger than the ultra fine shimmer of ‘Mimosa’, the golden glints add the most unique touch to this colour.  The base shade seems almost jelly-like in its finish, making the golden bits look almost like they’re suspended between layers.  I preferred the fully opaque look that three thin layers give, but two coats gives an even more delicate and feminine look to your nails.  The formula was exceptional, and I was totally impressed with how well it flowed across the nail.  The end result? An intense glossy shine!


Final thoughts: It’s no secret that CHANEL makes an exceptional nail varnish, with trend-setting and must-have shades. ‘Mimosa’ and ‘Morning Rose’ are both not only equally lovely, but equally unique one from the other, both in hue and in texture. ‘Mimosa’, the more finicky of the two, has that Summery vibrant vibe to it, while ‘Morning Rose’ satisfies your more urban girly side.  Perfectly complimentary to each other, together they remind me of a glass of cool pink lemonade on a hot sunny day….doesn’t get more Summer than that!

PS: Look for my upcoming posts on the rest of my CHANEL Summer 2011 haul madness!



33 Responses to CHANEL – Le Vernis #577 Mimosa and #557 Morning Rose (swatches & review)

  1. Tasha says:

    Morning Rose is STUNNING on you! It looked horrible on me since I have strong pink undertones… such a disappointment. I guess they can’t all be winners. I think you are the only other blogger that liked Mimosa’s application like I did :) It was really buttery and smooth, I don’t know why others had any issues (??).

    Btw- do you have any idea when the Fall 2011 collection will arrive at the Chanel make up counters here? Last time my MUA didn’t call me when the Spring collection arrived so I am paranoid to miss out on Peridot. She offered me a free make up session to apologize !

    Ahh look at me rambling now 😉 I will let you go for now -xox-

    • Eugenia says:

      Tasha, you’re making me blush…thank you! Lol!! I think you’re the only other blogger I came across who didn’t have issues with Mimosa either – maybe it’s a Montreal thing!! As to the Fall collection, I was going to call a few of my contacts today; tell you what, I’ll drop you an email as soon as I get word!

  2. They both look stunning on you!!!!!!!!!! Especially Morning Rose!

    I’m ever so slightly tempted by Morning Rose but…… again, waiting for the new trio come July. :) :)

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks my friend…means a lot coming from you! Do you know, I have Chanel polishes dating back over 17 years now…one of these days I should swatch and post them as some of the shades are so unique! But as far as Morning Rose is concerned, it really is the most flattering and prettiest pink I’ve ever worn….I really love how it looks. That being said, if you can hold off until the Fall shades, all the power to you! I seriously have to borrow your willpower one of these days! lol! xox

  3. Loodie says:

    I have to agree. I definitely prefer Morning Rose, but then again I like pink . 😀 And like my sister says … “if I wanted yellow nails, I would wear dark polish without base coat” LOL. Okay so Mimosa is slightly more attractive then smokers fingers, but still I don’t know if I can hang. Last summer I gave yellow a go on my toes and picked up the nickname “bananna toes” in the process. I’m not ready for more ridicule quite yet, so Morning Rose seems like a great substitute. <3

    • Eugenia says:

      Lol! The last thing I want for you is any more ridicule….and all for a polish, so go for Morning Rose to fill the polish craving! As to the banana toes/smokers’ fingers reference (YUCK….I got a visual!!) I sure hope you gave as good as you got! :) :) :)

      • Loodie says:

        Oh man, I was so caught off guard, I had nothin’! The whole joke turned into a song and had its own tune lol.

        Sorry to scar your brain with banana toes and smoker’s finger 😛 *ralph

      • Eugenia says:

        Don’t you hate when that happens? You have the perfect comeback lined up then….PFFFTT! Nothing! Nada! Bupkes! Think we’ve stretched the life out of this one yet, or can we squeeze out a bit more? lol! Nothing like the beauty community to provide tons of material! As to any “brainal” scarring (like that one?!) I may just need therapy after that…….LOL :)

  4. Karen says:

    I love both of these colors! The yellow especially. But $26 each is going to cause a huge dent in my wallet :( Do you know any cheaper alternatives?

    • Eugenia says:

      I know…’s criminal to charge so much! Let me think about it and get back to you — sadly, Chanel has proven to be notoriously “undupeable” but maybe I can come close with something for you!

      • Karen says:

        Thanks!! I love your blog. I’m always looking for the next nail polish(es) to buy. I admit, I have crazy obsession…

      • Eugenia says:

        Thanks Karen…I appreciate the love! And I totally hear you on that crazy obsession…lol!!

  5. D... says:

    I’ve seen Mimosa Rose a lot and it looks really pretty. But every time I think of Chanel I think not so great formula. And it may be just the few that I got, few because I tend to stay away due to the disappointment. I think it may be luck. But you know, for me, for the price you pay you should get a great product every time. It’s just my opinion though.

    • Eugenia says:

      I agree with you that when you pay the kind of price that Chanel polishes command, you have every right to expect something wonderful. It’s a shame that you’ve been disappointed; to date, I cannot think of a Chanel polish that left me feeling that way, although some shades are definitely closer to my heart than others, that’s for sure. Hopefully it was a streak of bad luck you had that will now be behind you :) !

      • D... says:

        I think I’ve become a little gun shy at this point. So far it’s been less about the color more about the formula (sometimes application and sometimes wear). I’ve even had a bad reaction to one of their lipsticks. It can be so heartbreaking (although if that’s my greatest heartbreak, I’m a lucky girl), but at the time I took it as a warning sign. But then I see wonderful gals like yourself having a great time with their products, I think maybe I just got a bad batch or it was a bit of bad luck. I may have to venture out and give it a go. You know last night, I thought I’ve been loving those orangey coraly shades, but what about pink? I am thinking of popping on OPI’s Hawaiian Orchid as a show of pink solidarity.

      • Eugenia says:

        My friend D, if you’ve had reactions to any of their products, then yeah…definitely sit up and take notice (although I’m still hoping it was just sheer bad luck *fingers crossed*) As to going over to the pink side, why not? Pink is such an uplifting colour and just looks so pretty! Wish I could comment on the OPI shade you’ve chosen, but I don’t have it nor seen it…however, I have every confidence that if you’ve chosen to wear it, then it must be simply FAB!!

      • D... says:

        I think it was just that one lipstick. During certain seasons, I tend to be a bit more sensitive. But one lipstick gave me an unpleasant burning sensation, so it sits in my kit, shame because it was a lovely bronzey summery shade. I have a few of their glosses and I like them. So honestly, I think it just depends on the formula and probably the batch.

        I should start posting these shades I keep talking about, but in case you were curious OPI’s Hawaiian Orchid is a soft muted sheer pink (although three coats and you should be opaque, no VNL), almost a milky pink, with a lovely reddish pink shimmer, sometimes I see a bit of blue in a certain light (I think they may have a bit of a duochrome quality. For me it has this subtle chameleon like feel. Changing ever so slightly according to the type of light. It’s really fun.

      • Eugenia says:

        Ooooooooh….that shade sounds awesome! I must google it ASAP!! Funny you should mention having a reaction to a lipstick; a similar thing happened to me with an YSL gloss, back when I fell for the the whole “black” lip gloss craze….promptly returned it, and they were really gracious about the entire incident!

      • D... says:

        It really is an easy color to fall for. I just found this posting

        I thought of taking it back to Saks, I am sure they would have done a return easily, but I didn’t have the chance at the time. And when i did, it seemed like it had been too long.

      • Eugenia says:

        Thanks, D! That really is just the sweetest shade, but with a little twist, if you know what I mean! Now I have to track one down for myself…lol! PS: I forgot to add before that I would love to see your swatches!

      • D... says:

        It really is, but it is hard to see the shimmer. I’m going to have to figure the best lighting to show the true colors, you know how sometimes things get washed out in pictures. I need to work on it, I think I’ll try and swatch it on acrylics, I’m kind of clutzy and it just looks better that way. I have a few boy readers, poor things when I go on a fashion bend.

      • Eugenia says:

        I love it! Can’t wait to see them! xox

  6. YIKES I love that Morning Rose. I’ve been thinking about this one, but now I’m pretty sure I’ve got to have it. I usually go for lighter pinks/nudes, preferably more shimmery and/or pearlescent, but I just love this shade. The Mimosa holds no interest for me, but it looks SO pretty in the bottle!

    • Eugenia says:

      I love saying the word: “Mimosa”…makes me think of breakfast on a terrace overlooking the Cote d’Azur…lol! Isn’t Morning Rose just precious? Like worn in ballet shoes that someone had once sprinkled fairy dust on them, but only appears now on a sunny day (listen to me wax poetic here….lol!!!)

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  8. Shimmer says:

    Morning Rose looks delicious. I like Mimosa, but I tend to put yellow polishes on for a day then get sick of them quickly and take them off. They do make me think of lemonade together! :)

    • Eugenia says:

      I don’t own many yellows, but fortunately the ones I do have are all so different one from the other that it makes changing them up fun! The combo does look like lemonade, doesn’t it?!

  9. Shona says:

    I did get these but Mimosa was so hard to apply!!! :( I did thin coats but it still ended up ruined. Oh well, I think I need to get my Mimosa out for a mani since it doesn’t deserved to be left behind in my helmer, lol!

    • Eugenia says:

      Give it another shot, Shona….who knows? Maybe it was a humid day which interfered with the application…or the moon wasn’t in the right phase! Any excuse to play with a shade as happy as Mimosa, is a good excuse in my books!

  10. Latoya says:

    I have heard about the application issues of Mimosa, which turned me off the shade – but here it looks absolutely perfect! Maybe I’ll give it another look :) As for Morning Rose, I am not a pink gal either but this shade has me singing a different tune. I might have to give in a pick it up – at $26 a pop, its something I have to seriously consider, but you just never know when the shopping mood strikes!!

    • Eugenia says:

      For the record, these are all natural, un-retouched photos…I really had no application issues at all! They are rather steep, I hear you on that but if you happen to fall in total love with the shade(s)…well, you know how that story goes! :)

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