CHANEL – Le Vernis #577 Mimosa and #557 Morning Rose (swatches & review)


I have a confession to make: while CHANEL’s much anticipated lacquer ‘Mimosa’ was the shade I was aiming for, I surprised myself by actually preferring ‘Morning Rose’ instead. That’s not to say that ‘Mimosa’ isn’t spectacular on it’s own; it’s simply that once again, CHANEL has done the impossible and taken an ordinary shade like pink, and made it extraordinary. Part of their limited edition Summer 2011 collection, these two polishes do not disappoint and are a welcome addition to any beautista’s warm weather arsenal. All swatches are with Sèche Natural base coat, three thin coats of lacquer and Sèche Vite top coat.



With yellow being touted as the ‘IT’ hue of the Summer, along comes ‘Mimosa’ – a soft buttery hue with that gorgeous secret shimmer CHANEL has become synonymous for. Pale lemony glints in this shade’s depths add a just-squeezed freshness to the overall tone and I have no doubt that when worn against lightly tanned skin, this shade will be phenomenal! I’ve read that some people had issues with the application of this polish, but I experienced no such thing at all.  As with most pale pastels, you need to take your time applying it in order to avoid any streaking, and I found that three thin coats achieved perfect opacity. The formula was smooth and even, with no brush strokes left behind, and I loved the shiny finish at the end.



I fell in love with ‘Morning Rose’.  Me…a total non-pink person.  This is a dusty, almost faded looking rose with very slight peach leanings and the most unique golden shimmer strewn throughout.  Slightly larger than the ultra fine shimmer of ‘Mimosa’, the golden glints add the most unique touch to this colour.  The base shade seems almost jelly-like in its finish, making the golden bits look almost like they’re suspended between layers.  I preferred the fully opaque look that three thin layers give, but two coats gives an even more delicate and feminine look to your nails.  The formula was exceptional, and I was totally impressed with how well it flowed across the nail.  The end result? An intense glossy shine!


Final thoughts: It’s no secret that CHANEL makes an exceptional nail varnish, with trend-setting and must-have shades. ‘Mimosa’ and ‘Morning Rose’ are both not only equally lovely, but equally unique one from the other, both in hue and in texture. ‘Mimosa’, the more finicky of the two, has that Summery vibrant vibe to it, while ‘Morning Rose’ satisfies your more urban girly side.  Perfectly complimentary to each other, together they remind me of a glass of cool pink lemonade on a hot sunny day….doesn’t get more Summer than that!

PS: Look for my upcoming posts on the rest of my CHANEL Summer 2011 haul madness!



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