Deborah Lippmann Fall 2011 – ‘Stormy Weather’ (swatches, review & comparison)


Following my reviews on ‘Billionaire’ (here) and ‘Brick House’ (here), the next polish unveiling is none other than ‘Stormy Weather’, an ultra-creamy cement grey hue, that Deborah Lippmann created in collaboration with Narsico Rodriguez for his Fall 2011 Collection. With Fall just around the corner (too soon, I know!) these deeply brooding shades sing to me, stealing lingering Summer’s “thunder” and replacing it with a more cryptic edge.  All swatches are with Seche Base Ridge Filling Base Coat, two coats of lacquer and Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat (where indicated).


Much like ‘Billionaire’ before it, the incredibly high gloss natural finish of ‘Stormy Weather’ held me in thrall. Full sunlight brought out a lighter side to this shade – a deep and intense crème polish – emphasizing its blueish leanings and lending it a more concrete shade of grey.


With the addition of top coat, the colour seemed to deepen slightly, primarily due to the extra glossy layer which gave this shade an almost 3-dimensional depth.


This view taken in shaded light showcases the thunderous beauty of ‘Stormy Weather’, taking on a thrillingly ominous grey tone, mysterious, deep and lusciously pigment rich.


By adding a layer of top coat, this lacquer now takes on the look of ultra slick patent leather, just shy of black but with a modern kick to it.


Rather than darkening the colour, a shot taken with flash seems to bring out more of its blue undertones, lending this shade a much cooler appearance.


The top coat added in this flash shot not only intensifies the glassy finish, but magnifies its depth, giving it the look of a fathomless pool.


I was initially torn between ‘Stormy Weather’ and NARS’ ‘Galion’ (reviewed here), and looking at them in store didn’t help matters at all; fluorescent lighting is not the best medium to use in trying to ascertain a shade’s true colour. Naturally, I needed a better comparison, and so home with me they came! While they appear exceptionally close in hue, there are differences: ‘Galion’ is not only darker, but seems to have slight green leanings versus ‘Stormy Weather’s’ bluer base. The formula was somewhat thicker with the NARS as well, making it almost a one-coater, but they both bear that natural brilliant shine.  All swatches below: index and ring fingers – ‘Stormy Weather’, middle and pinkie fingers – ‘Galion’.  Please note that the following are all with top coat.


While sunlight seems to minimize their differences, it is readily apparent that ‘Stormy Weather’ appears not only lighter in hue, but more “dried concrete” compared to ‘Galion’s’ “wet cement” semblance.


What I love about this shaded light view, is the deeply roiling look of ‘Galion’, with ‘Stormy Weather’ playing its own moody counterpart. Is the über-glossy finish of both not absolutely insane?!


This final view taken with flash, seems to have ‘Stormy Weather’ inexplicably now bear a more greenish cast compared to the blueish aura of ‘Galion’, yet they both share an equally intricate darkling tone.


Final thoughts: There is something so romantic about moody shades such as ‘Stormy Weather’, bearing a rather gothic feel that seems steeped in medieval history and yet, I cannot help but be impressed with its modern-day interpretation: a velvety smooth, semi-thin formula, a thin tapered brush that fans out expertly all along your nail, a highly detailed glossy shine and a self-levelling finish. In the past when Deborah collaborated with Narsico Rodriguez on several of his collections, the focus had usually stayed with a more nude/neutral nail, but in keeping with the sobering murky theme of his Fall 2011 Collection, Deborah created THE perfect grey shade: ‘Stormy Weather’.  I’ve included this short youtube video of his Fall 2011 Collection, to highlight the inspiration behind the birth of this brooding beauty!



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