Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner (trial & review)


I need to state for the record: I am addicted to Moroccanoil®! While I am fairly new to this range of products (you can read my earlier reviews here and here), I have quickly become a convert and no, it’s not because this is a line highly endorsed by stylists and celebrities alike; I have been convinced solely based on the results I’ve seen, using my own hair as a testing ground.  As I have in my previous reviews, I’ll begin by giving you some background on my hair type, which is long and rather plentiful, chemically processed (pale champagne blond), prone to oiliness at the roots combined with dryness along the rest of the hair shaft (weird, I know), but basically quite healthy overall.

I attribute the good health of my hair to several factors: 1) genetics and 2) the inordinate amount of time I spend pampering it. As my hair is artificially coloured such a pale shade, it leaves the door open for so many things to go wrong, with excessive dryness and breakage topping the list.  As a result, I firmly believe that just as you lavish attention to your face with proper moisturization, not to mention slathering emollient lotions on your body, so should your hair benefit from the same attention to proper hydration.

Enter Moroccanoil®, with their ever expanding line of products, all geared towards giving your hair the best and most effective nutrition available, all without the use of harmful additives such as sulfates, phosphates, and parabens, while still remaining colour-safe as well as keratin-enriched. The star ingredient in this shampoo and conditioner, is “Tilicine”, which, according to the company, is:

an element derived from the nutritious buds of a member of the hibiscus family, called the Linden plant.  By combining Tilicine with other nourishing ingredients like natural sugars, proteins and hormones, these blends penetrate the hair and plump the cuticle from the inside out for optimal shine, manageability and movement, while reducing static without weighing hair down

Having already been convinced of the restorative effects of Moroccanoil’s® ‘Moisture Repair Shampoo & Conditioner’, I was curious as to how the ‘Extra Volume Shampoo & Conditioner’ would affect and/or benefit my hair – after all, it’s not any volume I was lacking, that’s for sure!



To begin with, Moroccanoil’s® ‘Extra Volume Shampoo’ doesn’t have the exact same scent as the ‘Moisture Repair Shampoo’, being a touch lighter-smelling, and perhaps slightly more citrusy. The formula as well is significantly runnier and generally feels thinner, when comparing the two. I attribute this discrepancy to the fact that if it’s volume you’re looking for, then weighing your hair down with a hefty shampoo, would most likely not be the way to achieve that result, whereas when looking to replenish hair’s lost moisture, you would definitely need something denser to completely penetrate.  The other feature I noticed , is that if your hair is not completely drenched before applying the shampoo, you will have a harder time generating decent lather, but again, I’m assuming that anything excessive at this point, would defeat the purpose that you’d be looking to end up with.  As a matter of fact, the company’s fact sheet specifically states that as this is a water-loving product, it needs “plenty of water to build its rich, luxurious lather“. For myself, I needed to apply large quantities of this shampoo – twice – in order to create major lather, but I need to stress here that A) I have long hair, naturally requiring more product and B) I already have masses of hair, so extra volume becomes rather superfluous. What I noticed once the lather-rinse segment was completed, was that I was left with a wonderfully clean feeling head of hair, not excessively squeaky (I hate that), with that amazing Moroccanoil® scent delicately lingering behind.



A complete breakdown of the ingredients is clearly written on the back of the bottle, with “argania spinosa kernel oil” aka: argan oil, placing near the midway point of the list, signifying a decent amount of this nourishing oil.



Comparing the two Moroccanoil® shampoos, the swatch above bears the ‘Extra Volume Shampoo’ on the left, showing how much runnier and translucent its formulation is when compared to the denser and sudsier sampling of the ‘Moisture Repair Shampoo’ on the right.  There was a slight colour variation between the two as well, with the former seeming somewhat pearlescent, compared to the slight pinkish tinge of the latter.



Expecting the conditioner to be close in density to the shampoo, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it appeared rather similar to the ‘Moisture Repair Conditioner’, with the exception being that once again, the scent was in a lighter format, and there was just a small difference in the feel of the “slip” – this conditioner seemed to be a touch less slippery, yet no less effective as a result.  A little of this product goes a long way, and as is my habit, after shampooing my hair, I applied the conditioner liberally from roots to ends, thoroughly drenching my hair, while I completed the rest of my shower.  Rinsing it out was effortless, and once more my hair was left feeling very well hydrated, with no slimy residue sensation coating either my hair or my hands.



With the ingredients clearly written on the back of the bottle, you may note that the placement of the precious argan oil is further up on the list than what appears on the shampoo’s label – indicating an even higher concentration of this key ingredient.


Final thoughts: Upon drying my hair, I must confess that I did not notice any increase in volume, but then again, I did NOT expect to, seeing as how one would be hard pressed to prove any volume increase with the amount of hair I have to begin with.  What I did notice, was wonderfully clean and shining hair, with a scent that did not compete for my attention, with significantly less fly-aways.  The other thing I realized, was that my hair actually stayed oil-free longer after using this duo, perhaps because there was less moisture to begin with which would normally weigh down one’s hair.  All in all, and while the ‘Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner’ are perhaps not the products best suited to my hair type, they still gave me a fantastic “clean hair” feeling, and I feel that someone with thinner and/or less amount of hair which may be prone to limpness, would definitely benefit greatly from using these products. The ‘Extra Volume Shampoo’ retails for CAD $22.80 while the ‘Extra Volume Conditioner’ retails for CAD $23.80 and are available now at major fine salons and spas. For further information, please feel free to visit www.Moroccanoil®.com.

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*Disclaimer: product samples were provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration.