L’Oréal Color Infaillible (part 2): Sahara Treasure, Black Onyx, and Bronze Divine (swatches, comparison & review)


Rounding up my review on these new shadows (see part 1 here), winter/holiday 2011 saw L’Oréal introducing several new and limited edition shades to their Color Infaillible lineup, three of which I bring you today. I also noticed that the name appeared slightly modified as well, going from “Color Infaillible/Indéfectible” to “La Couleur Infaillible/Indéfectible Iridescent Finish”, although the product itself remains the same (at least in my eyes!).


#021 Sahara Treasure is a really stunning and versatile taupe, made so luxurious with its deep golden sheen.  The texture was smooth and creamy, and I found it an excellent shade for layering, although it looked equally good worn alone for a quick & easy daytime look.


in sunlight

with flash

#023 Black Onyx (renamed from ‘Black Star’ – for the Québec market, perhaps?) is a real eye-catcher; a pewter/lead base colour, filled with deeper charcoal and fine iridescent particles, it felt slightly grittier to apply with very minimal fallout, and while it did not bear the same creamy consistency as the other two here, it was no problem to blend. I also found it to be slightly more sheer in texture, although still easily buildable.


in sunlight


with flash

When Liz of Beauty Reductionista first wrote about the incredible similarities in colour between ‘Black Onyx’ and CHANEL’s ‘Graphite’, I had to see it for myself; placing them side by side really highlights their uncanny resemblance.

#024 Bronze Divine is gorgeous. Really. Utterly creamy in texture, this is an antiqued golden bronze shade that will literally bring out the best of every single eye colour. I have worn this alone as well as layered, but my favourite look is by using this as a liner for a unique twist on a smokey eye.


in sunlight

with flash

My first thought upon viewing ‘Bronze Divine’, was that it was possibly a dead ringer for the much pricier Armani Eyes To Kill #6 Khaki Pulse (review forthcoming), and while side by side they do look rather alike, it’s fleeting at best. On the plus side, the more budget-friendly price point of ‘Bronze Divine’ makes it an excellent alternative to the steeply priced ‘Khaki Pulse’, but do not expect the quality to be anywhere near the same. The following photos are: ‘Bronze Divine’ – the 2 swatches on the left, ‘Khaki Pulse’ – the 2 swatches on the right.

Khaki Pulse

  • 4 g of product
  • multi-tonal
  • glass container + box packaging
  • incredible “gliding” texture
  • lasts easily twice longer, even without primer
  • more depth to the colour
  • easier to blend out
  • made in France

Bronze Divine

  • 3.5 g of product
  • single shade/mono-tonal
  • acrylic container
  • creamy texture
  • brassier hue with less visible depth of tone
  • lasting power approximately 6 hours before creasing
  • significantly less expensive
  • made in Italy

inner protective seals – almost identical

in sunlight

with flash


Final thoughts: From all the Color Infaillible (yes, I’m spelling it the French way – it’s not a typo!) shades I now own, I would have to say that these three here are my favourite, primarily for their colour. As I stated in my previous post, I love the fact that these innovative eyeshadows can be found at a wallet-friendly price and that the shade range, while not overwhelming, is adequate to satisfy all tastes. Possibly because I’ve become spoiled by the vastly superior quality of the Armani Eyes To Kill shadows (I really need to get that post out now, wouldn’t you say?!), I find myself not that drawn to these and while the Armani products are priced at close to 3 times higher, in my opinion they are definitely worth investing in. That being said, this is a great product on its own – a fabulous product when compared to other drugstore brands, and if you happen to find them on sale (like I did!), worth giving them a shot.


20 Responses to L’Oréal Color Infaillible (part 2): Sahara Treasure, Black Onyx, and Bronze Divine (swatches, comparison & review)

  1. Hello Eugenia, was Black Star/Black Onyx the same as Eternal Black that was released over in the UK or a totaly different colour. I have Eternal Black and it doesn’t look pewter or like Chanel Graphite!!! If it is different are they still avaialble at all do you know? Esther.x

    • Eugenia says:

      Hi Esther! I believe that Black Star was a limited edition shade for holiday release of that year, so I don’t know if it’s still available anymore. As to whether or not the one you have is the same but with a different name, I’m afraid I couldn’t say; the shades here are usually differently named than even the same ones released in the US — go figure. I wish I could have been of more help :(

  2. D... says:

    Does it sound dumb that I care where they are made? I don’t know why, but I do. OK, so when I am done with my current cream stash it has been decided that I will have to look into Armani and Chanel. I know they’re each a bit different. I think I will lean towards the Chanel formula though. I saw that Tarte is coming out with their own cream shadow.

    • Eugenia says:

      I’m still not all that sold on cream shadows per se, but the Chanel Illusion d’Ombre and the Armani Eyes To Kill are not fully creams, nor powder but a hybrid of the two – which makes them very attractive to me! Once you’re ready to try something else, I think you’re on the right track by looking at these two brands! Thanks for the tip on Tarte – I’ll be sure to check it out!

      • D... says:

        I think I just like playing with different formulas. And I feel the same way. I don’t think I am sold on any one particular formula. Which I like to try out new ones. But I am being reserved with my purchases. So I live vicarious through your posts and make notes when this self imposed ban is lifted.

      • Eugenia says:

        Glad I could be of service then! I look forward to seeing what the first product you turn to will be once your ban has disappeared!

  3. Thanks for the shoutout and I’m glad you confirmed I’m not crazy for thinking the shadow and Graphite look similar. :)

    I’m sure I’ll pick up a few more of these Infallibles when my shadow ban lifts. Armani ETKs are definitely splurge-worthy but I can’t make myself go there yet. Baby steps!

    • Eugenia says:

      I know what you mean….it stings to shell out that kind of cash for just ONE measly item, right? But Liz, think of it this way: if the ETK are what you really want, then instead of forking over for 3 L’Oreal’s, maybe you should pool it for that one special Armani? Then again, I love seeing a lot of pretty things around me….ah, the dilemma! Lol!! And for the record, you most certainly are NOT crazy – and more than welcome to the shout-out!!

  4. Latoya says:

    I immediately thought that Bronze Divine was a dead-ringer for Khaki Pulse (the one ETK I own) – but you’re right, it just doesn’t not compare. Which makes me happy 😀 I love my Khaki Pulse, it’s probably in my top 5 eyeshadows! Another great review Eugenia, thanks my dear! I love my choices being reinforced lol!

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks, Toya! It’s always nice knowing that our beauty choices are endorsed by someone other than ourselves, right?! LOL! Eases some of the guilt!! I love Khaki Pulse and even though I’ve worn it countless times already, I’ve barely made a dent in the pot! I’m hoping to have it a long time — as well as give it some siblings in the form of more ETK!!

  5. olivia says:

    Surprisingly, I like these Infallible shadows. It has been a long time since I have used L’Oreal shadows. I ended up buying the entire collection! I noticed though, that each country has their own variation. Puts me in a collection quandary! LOL

    • Eugenia says:

      Hahaha! I realized that not all countries shade the same shades; wonder why that it? I like these too — but I like the Armani’s more, just wish they were priced lower :( !

  6. Lovely shades for sure Big Sis! But I’d rather spend my money on more Armani ETK. :) Way better like you say!

  7. I think I like these colors better than the previous set, but thankfully I also think that I already own a lot of similar colors (Phew!). Thanks for the comparisons to the Armanis! I don’t really use cream shadows that often, so I think if I wanted one…I’d splurge on the Armani, haha! Just because then I don’t need the variety so I could afford to indulge…right? Right??? I must be crazy 😛

    • Eugenia says:

      I rarely use cream shadows as well; in fact, before these, the only one I owned was a NARS duo (which I don’t even know if I used) but I must say that these shadows, as well as the Armani are not exactly “cream” per se — still, I think I’ll stick with my powder shadows….and the Armani’s, lol!!

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