Tanda ‘me my elos’ – Professional Hair Removal System (trial & review)


Let’s face it; removing one’s body hair is a chore. Now imagine a scenario where you can have that same body hair basically completely removed, painlessly & permanently, all within the comfort and privacy of your own home AND by effecting only a few 30-minute sessions. Yes … I was pretty certain you’d like the idea!  This is what the revolutionary new Tanda’s ‘me my elos’ unit aims to accomplish, helping you to get ready for the upcoming beach season – and beyond!

According to the company:

“From the scientists that invented IPL and elōs professional technology now comes mē, a clinically proven permanent hair reduction device at the privacy of your own home.”


the sealed box

the self-explanatory exterior

another side of the box

the back of the box

final box side

contents seen well protected

initial view of contents

informative dvd should not be skipped!

the palm-sized ‘me’ handset

Let me preface this by stating that this is NOT an at-home laser unit.  I wish to also add that while I’ve been praying for something like this to come along and lighten the load body-hair wise, I also entered this experiment with all my skepticism fully intact.

The ‘me’ employs 2 types of technology to effectively and permanently eliminate unwanted body hair:

“elōs is the first and only technology that combines the power of both IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and RF (radio frequency energy). Developed by IPL inventor and patent holder (Dr. Shimon Eckhouse), this revolutionary technology effectively overcomes the safe and procedural limitations of laser and IPL devices.

elōs technology is a unique combination of RF and IPL. using gentle pulses of two targeted energies enables better results that can be achieved with lower overall energy output and with the highest level of safety and comfort.

mē is the first elōs at home professional technology hair removal device leveraging on safe and 10 years of proven clinical results.”

Upon opening the box, you’ll note a small booklet and a dvd inside (and right on top), both of which give comprehensive and clearly detailed instructions of how to properly use this device, and should NOT be skipped.  I found the dvd very useful in preparing me for what to expect and the book, especially for the first couple of sessions, was always at my side for easy reference.

Allow me to point out that while I may not be excessively hairy to begin with, I definitely have enough, with my body hair itself being fairly dark-hued.

Since I used to regularly shave, I approached my first session with the ‘me’ by first allowing my hair (legs, bikini, underarms) to grow for 2 weeks, then shaving only the day of my first treatment – keep in mind that you should avoid applying any moisturizers on the areas about to be treated. (fig. 2).  With an ordinary kitchen timer by my side to ensure I stayed within the prescribed time limits for each section, and using a folded towel (both to sit on as well as to wipe down any perspiration that may form), I found it useful to perform the treatments in front of a full length mirror in order to visually monitor my progress.  For the first session, I began with my legs (fig. 1), starting from the knee down then working my way up, followed by the bikini area, and ending with the underarms.  I found that by the time I got to my underarms, however, that I was perspiring in that area somewhat, which made using the device a little awkward as it seemed to snag on my dampened skin.  For all subsequent treatments, I began with my underarms, which eliminated that issue completely.

The regular bursts of light that emanate from the device are rather bright, so I tried to avoid looking at it directly while in use.  There is a popping sound as the device is working, which you quickly get used to and you should work at a steady pace to prevent the unit from staying in one place for too long. I found the sensation not only 100% painless, but actually comfortable; the only time I felt any warmth was in the more sensitive areas such as the bikini and underarms.

In the time I had allotted for the bikini area, I also ran the device along my lower abdomen (from the belly-button to just above the bikini), and I’m pleased to state that that section is now hair-free as well!

It is recommended to space the first 6 sessions 2 weeks apart, which is exactly what I did (each session was recorded in advance on my phone with a reminder, and I was consistent with the time of day I performed them as well, not that that’s mandatory – it just made it easier for me to remember!) For the sake of thorough testing, I would shave only the day of each session; this way I could monitor the speed with which any new hair grew and if it were in fact diminishing at all.

By the 3rd session (fig. 4), I was in for a fabulous shock: the hair in the bikini area was about 95% gone, and the resulting skin left baby smooth. GONE!

After the 4th session (fig. 5), I noticed how slowly any new hair on my legs grew, and how incredibly sparse at that.

My underarms were not as successful, but that could possibly be due to the fact that there’s definitely more hair per square inch in that small area than any other part of my body (save my head!) and that I wasn’t treating the area as thoroughly. That being said, I now notice that there has been some hair reduction there and what grows back, comes in at a much slower rate. Still, that’s a work in progress but I’m determined to succeed there too!

I completed my 6th session last week, and since then I have found that:

  • the bikini area is virtually hair-free (99.99%)
  • any new hair growth on the legs is a very light and imperceptible stubble
  • underarm hair growth has declined somewhat and is much finer

What’s left now is basically maintenance and follow-up treatments and seeing as how there is no maximum number of times that this device can be used (according to the company), I can simply touch up as needed until I am completely satisfied with the results.

NOTE: the following hair sample photos are all taken from the lower leg area.

elos replacement cartridge (sold separately)

shaver cartridge (sold separately)

epilator cartridge (sold separately)


fig. 1 – the device in use – look at how small it is!

fig. 2 – hair sample with 2 weeks of growth, prior to starting treatments

fig. 3 – hair sample with 2 weeks’ of growth, prior to 2nd treatment

fig. 4 – hair sample with 2 weeks’ of growth, prior to 3rd session

fig. 5 – hair sample with 2 weeks’ of growth, prior to 4th session

fig. 6 – hair session with 2 weeks’ of growth, prior to 6th session


Final thoughts: I don’t know if I can properly convey how utterly thrilled I am to have found this system! Not needing to worry anymore about specific body hair making any undesired appearances (hello, teeny-weeny bikini bottoms anyone?!), has considerably lightened up my grooming routine.  My showers are now so much more efficient & quicker, seeing as how I can skip (for the most part – still the underarms to go) any shaving, and I’m loving this new-found freedom from unsightly stubble, razor burns and/or cuts. The downside is that this unit is only available in Canada for the moment, although it is my understanding that the company is working hard to expand this into other countries.  Available exclusive at The Bay stores throughout Canada and retailing for CAD $395.00, it’s a rather small amount to pay for something that not only delivers on its promises, but saves you the much more expensive cost of similar in-office treatments, as well as putting YOU firmly in the driver’s seat of when you wish to schedule your sessions.  There are replacement cartridges which are sold separately, and while I did not use either the shaver or the epilator cartridges provided to me personally, I did find that I needed to change the elos cartridge after the 4th session. For more complete details, I encourage you to visit the company’s website to learn more about this amazing new product! Summer – I’m coming for you!





*Disclaimer: Product sample provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

*Video clip courtesy of Youtube

*Image source

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