Dior Vernis #605 Amazonia – Fall 2012 (swatches, comparisons & review)


I have a total and probably incomprehensible passion for deep, murky, and mysterious-seeming shades … as well as a “thing” for uniforms; Dior’s ‘Amazonia’ somehow manages to satisfy both of these desires in one bottle of nail lacquer. One of 2 limited edition shades released as part of the fall 2012 collection, I initially confused the deep army green hue of the ‘Golden Jungle Crocodile Leather Effect Duo’ (previously reviewed here) with this shade, but quickly corrected that error, thankfully!


#605 Amazonia does not disappoint; an absolutely stellar formula, this is the truest shade of “battle fatigues” green I’ve yet to come across. This deep khaki hue bears that legendary Dior “secret shimmer” which, while almost imperceptible to the naked eye, adds a new level of depth to this hue and keeps it from looking flat and one-dimensional. The medium-thick density formula flows with creamy perfection, applying in a self-levelling manner and becomes 100% opaque by the second coat, although its excellent pigmentation means that it can almost be a 1-coater. The brush is the newer Dior chiselled brush, and while it may take some getting used to at first, I have come to love its incredible ease of use: by using just the smallest bit of pressure, the brush fans out beautifully and makes application quick, even, and easy. With its ultra-high gloss at the finish, I was thrilled to note that no staining was left behind upon removal. Coats applied: 2

The serene beauty of the Amazon forest (source)

Dior’s iconic blue foil box & silver embossed lettering

item clearly labelled on top

no-nonsense label on the bottle

macro view of the “secret shimmer”

in sunlight


with flash


Even though I believed that I had something close to ‘Amazonia’ in my collection of varnishes, interestingly enough my search showed me how wrong I was. All of the following swatches are with 2 coats of lacquer each, as well as base & top coats. It bears noting that ‘Amazonia’ is the only shade with shimmer, although once applied, that feature remains firmly in the background. Here’s how they compared:

  • index finger: Deborah Lippmann ‘Billionaire’ (previously reviewed here) – the deepest and darkest of them all, slightly patchy at first coat but excellent coverage by the 2nd, the most brilliant natural gloss
  • middle finger: ‘Amazonia’
  • ring finger: CHANEL ‘Khaki Brun’ (previously reviewed here) – more brown tinged and weathered-looking, a few degrees lighter, similar super glossy shine
  • pinkie finger: China Glaze ‘Westside Warrior’ (previously reviewed here) – a thinner formula and the greenest-looking of them all, the most vibrant as well as quickest drying

in sunlight


with flash


Final thoughts: As far as I’m concerned, this shade is a must have on many levels: the colour, while nothing outrageous, is unique and highly complimentary for many skin tones across the spectrum, the formula is superb – which helps to offset its higher price (CAD $24.00), and while deep & brooding in its intensity, it somehow manages to retain enough of its base colour so that it does not appear as just another dark lacquer, even in the dimmest lighting. The Dior of the past became linked with pastel & pretty hues; the Dior of the present has begun showing us its “teeth”, and I for one, am not complaining. Edgy, urban, sophisticated, sexy, and smoldering … all rolled up in one bottle of nail polish!

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  1. That color is WOW. I’m surprised I like it! Your blog is amazing!

  2. Latoya says:

    Love the idea of khaki polish, but don’t love it on my skin (though I think I’m diggin’ the Chanel here a lot!). It just looks muddy on me with my brown skin, at least I feel so. But I’m dying for a Dior polish so bad – why can’t they come out with a shade that I can rock out already!!?? LOL!

    • Eugenia says:

      You have no idea of how glad I am that I was able to acquire that CHANEL trio when it launched – or how many times I’ve worn that shade since. As to finally picking up your first Dior, have you seen the limited edition purples? Now THOSE might interest you!

  3. D... says:

    I’ve been loving greens myself this summer. I have the Sally Hansen Limited Edition Parrot and it’s lovely, but it stains your fingers, oddly enough, blue.
    The other interesting thing is that Dior released three purple shades for Fall through Nordstroms Fall sale. Odd no?

    • Eugenia says:

      It’s always such a let-down when a favoured shade ends up being “stain-ish” – hate when that happens. I’ve personally never seen the Sally Hansen you mentioned, except on some swatches, but it’s a pretty one. I saw the 3 Dior’s you mentioned, but they didn’t excite me as much as I’d hoped, still, I do so love the Dior formula…

      • D... says:

        I think I’ve got to learn to love Dior, and Chanel for that matter. I think I’ve got a mental stigma against them. You know, they cost so much so there should be an incredible difference. I can rationalize the lip products, but not the nails yet.

      • Eugenia says:

        Oh Danny…..and yet, if anything, Chanel & Dior polishes more often than not do NOT disappoint, whereas some of these two lines’ other products (shadows, lip products, blushes) can be somewhat of a letdown. I have always found it much easier to justify the higher cost of their lacquers versus the sometimes outrageous costs of their other limited edition items — that do NOT always deliver.

      • D... says:

        I can see what you mean. I think I’ve just chosen the products that I was extremely pleased with, so I have not been let down, but I think there were/are products that I skipped that would have been disappointing. I’ve got to go back into my stash and play with this brand. I have on the always playful Essie Canteloupe right now with a bit of shimmer, so I’m a bit hard pressed to take it off right away. But I will reinvestigate, it may just be a faulty start.

      • Eugenia says:

        You know what? If you’re happy with the products you have, then by all means stick to them and don’t ever feel like you’re missing out on anything. After all, it’s not just about how an item look, but how it makes you feel, right? In any case, a little bit of investigating to satisfy your curiosity is always a good thing — this way, you get to judge for yourself and not buy based on someone’s review!

  4. I’m torn over this but leaning toward no in favour of picking up one of the purples instead. It looks very green by itself but in the comparison shot, it looks so brown! It’s definitely an amazing fall shade but I only wear khaki/olive hues at that time of the year and tend to forget about them later. Not worth the investment it seems… let’s hope I don’t weep over the loss half a year later. lol

    • Eugenia says:

      I can understand that; Olivia (from Maquillage Obscura) asked if it was close to Essie’s Armed & Ready, and ‘Amazonia’ actually looks closer to that than any of the others I compared it to – not sure if you have that Essie or not, but might be another option for you! I hope to snag at least one of the purples as well….but they all look so darned tempting & you know how weak-willed I am with this brand!

      • I was hankering after Armed & Ready and it’s on sale for $5.99 at Trade Secrets this week! I didn’t pick it up yet because August is an expense heavy month but I may cave to its allure soon.

      • Eugenia says:

        I hadn’t included it in my comparison swatches, although I should have cause ‘Armed & Ready’ is the closest to ‘Amazonia’, except for its bronze shimmer. If you found it on sale and you can manage to incorporate it into this month’s budget, then go for it cause it’s a fabulous, fabulous shade!

  5. olivia says:

    This reminds me of Essie Armed and Ready which I just bought thanks to your gorgeous pix. I am hoping that I can just enjoy essie a bit before I start wanting this one really bad! They appear similar but I know they are different enough to own both. Right?

    • Eugenia says:

      Ok….call me a total moron, but I completely forgot about Essie’s ‘Armed & Ready’! I raced to swatch it quickly against ‘Amazonia’, then also added OPI’s ‘Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window’ (from the Touring America Collection) in for good measure. The results; the Essie, while quite close, has a copper inner shimmer and appears more grey-tinged beside the Dior. The OPI isn’t even a contender, being several degrees lighter, but still in the same colour family. The good news: your Essie is gorgeous and you should dig in & enjoy it thoroughly. The bad news? it’s not a dupe. I’ll swear that you made me do this…. 😉

  6. Lauriestrode says:

    As far as I know, there is one shade more, Bengale a gorgeous chocolate brown – but it may be an American only colour…

    • Eugenia says:

      You’re correct about there being another shade; ‘Bengale’ is a Neiman’s exclusive, as far as I know….not sure if it will be sold anywhere here in Canada, but I’ll sure be keeping an eye out for it!

  7. LOVE this one Big Sis! It’s a great fall colour for sure!

  8. Linda says:

    I ordinarily don’t like this sort of colour, but I ‘sorta, kinda’ do like this one! I think it’s more wearable/neutral looking than the others. Thanks for the post, oh and yesterday’s, too, with the gold! I’m going to check out the Nars gold polish you recommended to another fair-skinned reader there, too!

    • Eugenia says:

      It just grabs you, doesn’t it? And if you’re still hesitating, one look with your own eyes, and you’ll be a goner…just like me! The NARS polish was a limited edition shade, but with a little detective work, I’m willing to bet you’ll track it down!

  9. Julia says:

    You know I love this one, it’s just perfect. When I first saw the Golden Jungle display out, I made a beeline for the counter and was oohing and ahhing over Or Lumiere when I noticed that 1) there were two nail polish slots, one of them empty and 2) the model was wearing a to-die-for khaki/olive on the nails. Being myself, I eagerly interrogated the sales associates about where that perfect khaki was, only to be informed that they didn’t have it yet! So I preordered it (along with the purples) on the strength of the model picture alone–rather risky, but when it came in I swatched the display and saw immediately that I had made the right decision! Of the three polishes to which you compared Amazonia, I think I like it the best, too! (I would love to have Khaki Brun but we all know that ship sailed long ago unless I would like to sell my kidney to buy it on eBay!!!!).

    • Eugenia says:

      Please don’t sell any internal organs, Julia…I like you fine just the way you are! Lol! You wouldn’t think that an army green shade would inspire such excitement, but Dior has the formula down pat and they created a genius shade! So glad you picked it up as well!

  10. Maddie Shen says:

    So beautiful. :) Fabulous swatch. Will you be reviewing the other limited edition color?

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks so much, Maddie! I’m not sure I’ll be picking up the other hue (the gold one) as from all accounts, it’s quite sheer. If I get a chance to swatch it at the counter, that will then determine its fate! :)

  11. Haha, Eugenia! I had completely written this off – greens like this absolutely do not suit my skin tone – but you make a compelling case! Argh.

    • Eugenia says:

      I have to be careful with greens too; the wrong shade, and I wind up looking like “green lasagna” as a friend once told me! It’s a beauty – do yourself a favour & check it out when you’re next at a Dior counter!

  12. Mara says:

    What a gorgeous shade!! I thought it was going to be more similar to Billionaire, thanks for the comparison!! And I love that you did an unintentionally perfect ombre mani!!
    This shade deserves the place of second Dior in my collection, I know I will regret it foreveeeer if not!
    Thanks for the swatches, if there’s a new beautiful shade of an exclusive brand, I know it’s going to be here!!! ;-))

    • Eugenia says:

      Awwwww….thanks, Mara! And you’re so right about the ombré mani; I didn’t even realize that that’s how it might look until you so astutely noticed! Thanks for giving me an idea for trying something new out! PS: you’re 100% correct about this shade and soooooo worthy of owning!

  13. Renku says:

    Wow. I thought I didnt want this, but after seeing your amazing swatches and awesome comparisons now I know I NEED this. I also love that pic of the amazon.. I want to go there too now.. thank you for making me want so many things! lol <3

    • Eugenia says:

      Lol! You’re more than welcome! I am absolutely crazy about this shade & couldn’t wait for it to be released – so glad I got it :) PS: I want to go to the amazon too!

  14. Tom says:

    Stunning product, stunning review, as usual.

    • Eugenia says:

      You’re really good for my ego, you know that? As though THAT needs boosting, right?! 😉 Thanks – I love how you appreciate these things! xox

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