OPI – Skyfall Collection Magnetic Lacquers (swatches & review)


Along with the 12 stunning shades of the ‘Skyfall Collection’ (previously reviewed here – part 1 & part 2), as well as ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ 18K Real Gold Top Coat (previously reviewed here), OPI has a few more “007” goodies to throw our way. For their first foray into magnetic lacquers, the brand launches 3 new shades inspired by Skyfall, the newest Bond movie coming to theatres this November 9th, each with their own unique magnetic pattern … thanks to these innovative little gizmos, we can all now create some  big-screen magic of our own!


Boasting rich colour and interesting visual textures, the 3 new OPI Magnetic Lacquer shades are also fabulous stand-alone hues. Two of them (‘Is That Silva?’ and ‘Morning, Moneypenny’) are also filled with multi-dimensional holographic particles that rise to the surface quite prominently when the magnet is applied; the last shade (‘Bond, James Bond’) has an underlying patina of old gold – very luxurious and enhanced by its interesting magnetic pattern. All swatches are with base and top coats.

According to the insert provided with each combo – and as with other magnetic varnishes – the best way to achieve each magnet’s effect is to work one nail at a time. What I found works best:

  • begin with base coat
  • add one layer of magnetic lacquer on all nails
  • beginning with the pinkie, apply a second layer of the magnetic
  • with the ‘magnetizer’ resting on a flat surface – pattern side visible – place your finger inside & rest it solidly on the bottom surface
  • ensure that the little indentation found on the top inner surface of the ‘magnetizer’ falls just above your nail & rests on the cuticle
  • be careful to not let the inner surface of the ‘magnetizer’ actually touch the surface of your nail (I made sure I kept my finger pressed down)
  • the instructions say to hold it in place for 5-6 seconds; I kept it down between 12-15 seconds and found the pattern was more clearly defined
  • carefully open ‘magnetizer’, remove finger and … voilà! Instant nail art!

TIP: After some experimentation, I found that a thicker layer of the magnetic lacquer helps the pattern emerge in a more pronounced manner.

OPI Magnetic Lacquers & Magnetizers (boxed sets)

OPI Magnetic Lacquers & the “magnetizers”

the “magnetizers”

instruction insert provided with each set


Is That Silva? – steely silver-grey hue dusted with incredibly fine prismatic glitter. The formula was of a medium thick density, but flows quite easily upon application. Self-levelling, hardly any visible brush strokes and finishes with a beautiful natural gloss. Absolutely no difficulty with removal.

After using the ‘magnetizer’, the pattern that emerged was surprisingly vivid, with the stripes appearing more like tungsten steel against a gunmetal-silvery base – all sprinkled with a light overlay of the holographic glitter.

in sunlight


shaded light


Bond, James Bond – golden/pewter base hue willed with ultra-fine antique gold and bronze shimmer particles. The formula here was the thinnest of the 3, but still flowed amazingly well, totally self levelling and leaving behind a fairly shiny finish (although not as glossy as the other 2).

After using the ‘magnetizer’, the snakeskin-like pattern that emerged was a stunning surprise, with the deep golden tones standing out in sharp relief against a lighter silver/grey base. Even the shimmer seemed to be more emphasized – LOVE!

in sunlight


shaded light


Morning, Moneypenny – dusty plum/burgundy hue filled with ultra-fine prismatic glitter, similar to ‘Is That Silva?’ in that respect as well as the formula (medium thick density). This shade appears slightly deeper and more muted when worn alone, with hints of purple in the base as well. Beautiful natural gloss to accompany its self-levelling application.

After using the ‘magnetizer’, I was in for a surprise; I expected the pattern to be simple horizontal lines across the nail (as the image on the ‘magnetizer’ appears to be). What emerged instead was a lattice-work of wavy lines, with the rich berry tones of the base shade showing up distinctly against a purple-plum background. It looks like an “X” to me (marking the spot?)

in sunlight


shaded light


Final thoughts: I totally LOVE these! Everything I wanted previous magnetic polishes to have – a visible & clearly discernible pattern – but didn’t (see my previous posts on the nails inc. versions here and here), these OPI beauties have IN ABUNDANCE, along with being ridiculously easy and quick to use – always a nice bonus. I also appreciate the versatility of these magnetic shades, as they look absolutely beautiful even on their own, but with the magnet applied, you really get to appreciate all the hidden nuances found deep within each one. Ready for your Bond-girl moment?!

Available starting this month at professional salons, spas and OPI retailers, each Skyfall Magnetic Lacquer pack has a suggested retail price of CDN $21.95 – including the magnet.




*Disclaimer: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

52 Responses to OPI – Skyfall Collection Magnetic Lacquers (swatches & review)

  1. Shillu says:

    Hey..awesome swatches. Can the magnets be mixed and matched?

  2. Erin says:

    I’ve just stumbled upon your site yesterday! I used Money Penny before and it did not work out that well, UNTIL I found your site and I used your technique and it WORKED perfectly!!! But I have three different top coats. Seche dulled it and smeared it a little. Opi’s Rapid Dry Top Coat also smeared the color. Essie’s Good to Go was the only one that did not dull or smear the color.

    I was wondering which top coat you used because yours turned out so well!!!

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks Erin and welcome! Normally I prefer like with like ie: Essie base & top with Essie polishes, OPI with OPI, etc. I believe for those swatches, however, I used my favourite base and top coats, both from a-england! They are totally worth it – the top coat is not as quick-drying as the Seche, but it won’t shrink, dull, or warp whatever it’s layered over.

  3. carolina says:

    hi!not sure if you coudl help me with this but i’ll give it a try,i recently bought the “is that silva” magnetic polish and while applying the magnetizer i accidentally stained the magnetizer with polish,to take it off i used nail polish remover,and now it doesnt work:( is there any way to fix it or have i ruined it for good?

    • Eugenia says:

      Oh boy, Carolina…I wish I had some brilliant response here; whenever I’ve accidentally touched any of the magnets of my magnetic polishes (all brands), I’ve used a tissue/napkin to wipe them off immediately and even though some tiny traces remain, it didn’t seem to affect the magnet it any way. I’m not sure if using polish remover would have a permanent effect or not; have you tried it again to see? The best I can recommend at this point, is to contact OPI via email and ask them if there’s anything you could do. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be more help than this :(

  4. Jenn says:

    Hi Eugenia!

    I bought all three of these (because your swatches make them look SO AWESOME!) However, I used Morning, Moneypenny for the first time this afternoon, and the magnetizer worked well, and my nails looked so cool – until I put on topcoat (China Glaze Fast Forward). I let my nails dry an hour before I added topcoat, but when I added topcoat, it like dragged the magnetic particles everywhere, destroying the look. Suggestions? I really wanted to love these, and I was quite disappointed in how the first attempt turned out. :(

    • Eugenia says:

      Hey Jenn! I’m happy that my review led you to these lacquers! Have you tried using another top coat to see if the same thing happens? I’ve found that using the same brand base/top coat as the polish usually works much better. That being said, I had used Seche Vite for my swatches, and as you can see from the photos, I had no issues. Barring this, I’m not sure what else would help out … let me know how it turns out!

  5. Alisha says:

    I’m sorry to tell you I just stumbled across a site where this person is using your pics as her own. :(

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks so much for your vigilance, Alisha — I have to go through this every week. Whereas most people simply steal my photos, this woman had the gall to act like they’re actually hers and that she was the one who received the samples. Insane and so very, very lame. I have contacted her, but personally? I don’t expect results. People like that are users, not givers.

      PS: From your comment, I edited out the thief’s web address as I don’t want her benefitting from traffic to her site through my curious readers.

      • Alisha says:

        It is very lame. Well, I love your swatches and appreciate the time you put into your site. I’m more of a lurker than a commenter, but I was really offended to see someone stealing your work… I can only imagine how frustrating it would be for you. I love this post by the way. Anyway, because of your photos I bought Bond, James Bond!! :) It is certainly stunning. Thanks for being awesome!

      • Eugenia says:

        Awww…thank you for your praise, Alisha! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment – happy to hear from you (PS: comments from readers like you make my day!) I just checked and all my photos have since been removed, and she also apologized for her actions. So, once more, thanks for having my back! xx

  6. Susan S.M. says:

    I am so glad I found your site!! I was doing my nails and following the instructions in the OPI box and it wasn’t working. I followed your instructions and voila!!! Looking forward to getting the other colors. And being that I do my nails every Sunday night, I’m going to be checking out your site more often. It’s bookmarked now! Thanks!!!

    • Eugenia says:

      So very happy that you found me, Susan and welcome! I’ve often found that the stock instructions that come with these products can be a bit confusing/misleading, so I’m glad you were able to benefit from my experience. As far as these types of lacquers are concerned, they are amazing and you’ll get excellent results with them all. Happy painting!!

  7. Etta Stratos says:

    Thank you for your swatches. They are amazing and made me break my old vow of not buying through the internet. The local stores only sell the seasonal OPI collections (I’ve seen the Germany one floating around since the beginning of September). From this collection, I’ve selected Goldeneye and The World is Not Enough.

    On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is also gorgeous, but I really don’t see myself using it, so I ended up cancelling it at the last possible minute. I love the idea of Moonraker, as I love everything space related, though I took attention to your comments on the formula, so I filed it for the moment. Live and Let Die is a concept I love as well, dark green with gold shimmer, although it isn’t exacly that green which I would’ve liked. These three are all concepts I loved, though they didn’t really hit for me.

    I must say Bond, James Bond is very beautiful as well, exacly the colour I would have liked, but I’m still on the fence since it’s magnetic. There aren’t enough beautiful brown polishes out there. I’m still looking for a dupe of Haute Chocolat, which is my all time favourite.

    • Eugenia says:

      You’re so very welcome, Etta! I can fully understand (and relate) to being reluctant to buy through the internet — I have a hard time with it as well. Happy to know that my swatches/review help you narrow down your choices! I also like the way you think; I myself have been holding back from buying haphazardly and have become much more discriminating in my choices – why buy something you’re never going to wear & enjoy, right?! As to Haute Chocolat — it’s a real beauty and you remind me that I should give my bottle more love than I have been!

  8. ninette says:

    Hello, do these wear the same as a normal polish if you don’t use the magnet effect? Anything different (from typical OPI) I should do? Thanks!

    • Eugenia says:

      Hi Ninette! While I didn’t give them a week-long test, from what I saw they do wear like regular polish; the only time you need to do anything different, is if you’re planning on using the magnet — then, you need to work one nail at a time so that the effect can be properly achieved. Other than that, you’re good to go!

  9. Candy Girl says:

    Hi from New Zealand. Your photos are AMAZING!! We’re REALLY looking forward to the arrival of the OPI ‘Skyfall’ collection. We’re expecting them this week. I’m especially excited about ‘The Living Daylights’ WOW!! – doesn’t it look gorgeous :)

    Cheers – Your New Zealand friends

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks so much, Candy Girl! You will be even happier with OPI’s Skyfall Collection when you lay eyes on the shades…all totally amazing!
      PS: I’ve always wanted to visit New Zealand – nice to know that I friends there! :)

  10. I’m still not a fan of magnetics, but as far as the trend goes, these are some of the best that I’ve seen so far! OPI is hitting it out of the park with this collection. I’m going to play with my four new pretties tomorrow! 😀

    • Eugenia says:

      I haven’t tried all the magnetics available out there, but from the ones I have tried, these by OPI totally blow them out of the water. I like the shades even without the magnetic effect, so that’s a plus as well. Can’t wait to hear — and hopefully see — your new babies! Show & tell, Liz!!!

  11. Angélina says:

    I just ordered 9 polishes from the Skyfall collection and I wanted to pass on the magnetic ones but now I want them ALL! I’m thanking you but my wallet isn’t haha!

    • Eugenia says:

      Oh my….9 from Skyfall? That’s fabulous! As to your wallet, tell it I’m sorry — don’t shoot the messenger, as they say, lol! Glad you liked these! :)

  12. dancechinadoll says:

    I totally want to try magnetic nail polish – how fun! It’s so cool!

    • Eugenia says:

      It is pretty cool – I hope you get the chance to try it!

      On another note, you’ll notice that I edited your comment; please be advised that I prefer you not leave personal links in this section, unless it happens to be something my readers can benefit from. Thank you.

  13. Julia says:

    Wow, OPI went all out for this collection! I LOVE these; probably won’t even use the magnet, lol. I wonder what the US price will be; the same??? It is rather spendy, but on the other hand, I was judicious in my purchases from the Germany collection. Can’t wait for the collection to drop!

    • Eugenia says:

      Oh, but you must try out the magnets…they work really well – instant “nail art”, lol! I’m not sure of the US price, but I’ll contact my rep and see if I can get back to you on that. As to when this collection hits store, it should already be trickling in to your nearest OPI retailer!

  14. Helen says:

    I really like the way the magnetic patterns turn out, very distinct like you said. It looks like these polishes would look great on their own.

    • Eugenia says:

      You’re 100% correct, Helen! I almost felt bad to change their look with the magnets…that’s how much I loved their look on their own, but curiosity definitely got the best me! That’s their beauty; you have a choice as to how you wish to wear them! :)

  15. Linda says:

    Congrats to OPI for taking the time to come out with an improved magnet

    and a special look to the polishes. LOVE the tiny ‘floating’ glitter.

    • Eugenia says:

      I agree – great way to put it, Linda! That ‘floating glitter’ (another brilliant description, by the way!) is also holographic in nature, which makes it even more amazing to look at!

  16. My favorite is definitely Morning, Moneypenny since I’ve been craving for a berry hue. I also like Is That Silva. I’m not so much a gold/brown person cuz it usually clashes w my skin tone.

    But I think I like the cremes better than these. I don’t know. I just feel like when these go out of style, they are gonna be less exciting than their price tag. I’m still so getting Casino Royale. Favorite movie + favorite color = perfection.

    • Eugenia says:

      You’re an original, Eileen…that’s for sure! I’m glad that ‘Morning, Moneypenny’ is getting some love — don’t want it feeling left out, lol! Casino Royale is just so yummy — enjoy it when you pick it up!

  17. PRETTY!! These are really great Big Sis! Great for people like me who are horrible at doing anything creative with nails!

  18. Marilou says:

    Holy cow, these things are soooo cool! Watching it transform under the magnets gotta be such a fun thing to watch!

    Great post!


    • Eugenia says:

      They are pretty cool, but you can’t exactly see the effect right before your very eyes (like you can with shatter polishes, for example); it’s still freaky to watch — you polish your nail, stick it under the magnet for a few seconds, and something entirely different comes out! Love it!

  19. everysensory says:

    Love the Is That Silva colour, the magnet pattern for Bond, James Bond – but the magnet over Morning, Moneypenny looks like a star ruby! Wow! 😀 These look really pretty, nice photos.

  20. Sandi says:

    The colors looks really gorgeous! Love that red. But the magnet doesn’t look like it works that well :/ The best magnets I have used is the the one that came out with first set of nails inc magnetic polishes. But I am kind of over magnetic polishes by now, I’m surprised by how late OPI is on this trend!

    • Eugenia says:

      Oh, I don’t know Sandi — I thought all the magnets were amazing + so easy to use! The pattern on the ‘Morning, Moneypenny’ is not supposed to be thick; according to the press release, it makes “wavy lines” and that’s basically what I got. My experience with the nails inc. versions was less than impressive – happy to hear that you’ve had better luck with them! As to OPI only getting onto this trend now, something tells me that their people know exactly what they’re doing! 😉

      • Sandi says:

        I get what you mean! Nails Inc Piccadilly Lane was really disappointing for me but I thought Trafalgar Square worked out really perfectly! The OPI magnet seems a lot better compared to Piccadilly Lane.

      • Eugenia says:

        That’s what I believe as well; maybe that’s why OPI hasn’t shown magnetic lacquers until now: they wanted to get it right! :)

  21. Tyra says:

    I love the colors, and the way the magnet is used. Much more stable than some of the other out there. But honestly, I am not that excited to spend so much on *one* bottle of nail polish. Though I wish that you could purchase the magnets separately! I would be all over those like white on rice.

    OPI seems to be jumping on the magnet trend a bit late here, and I am already up to my eyeballs in magnetic pretties.

    I think that I will be leaving these three pretties on the shelf and saving my money for another collection that isn’t as pricey.

    • Eugenia says:

      You’re definitely correct about how much more “stable” these are to use than some other magnetic-style polishes out there. I’m guessing OPI came a little later to this party, so they could improve on the existing format? Who knows….in any case, while selling the magnets separately would be a good idea in theory, it wouldn’t do you any good unless you also had the magnetic polishes that they need to work with. But yeah…maybe being able to buy the trio of magnets for one price, without needing to commit to all 3 lacquers as well, would have been a fair idea. Oh well…..

  22. Amanda Y. says:

    I wonder how much of the quality of a magnetic polish is in the magnet, and how much of it is the polish itself. Maybe using these magnets with the other polishes you reviewed could improve their look? It seems that it would be easier to have a steady hand when using the magnets provided with the OPI polishes.

    In any case, I’ve been ‘meh’ about all the magnetic polishes I’ve seen in the past, but really want these. They all look AMAZING!

    • Eugenia says:

      Excellent point, Amanda — now I’m totally curious to test this theory out! If it turns out that it was the magnet to blame for the nails inc. polishes not coming out as vivid, then I’ll definitely be giving you full credit for bringing this up! Thanks! :)
      PS: yeah…all three of these are really awesome, I agree!

  23. Jess says:

    Those look gorgeous! I will probably, at the very least, buy Bond, James Bond. Oh, who am I kidding, I’ll probably buy them all! Ha ha, look at me trying to pretend I have self-control. 😉

  24. MariJo says:

    I really like Bond, James Bond. It’s a fun design and nice shade of polish.

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