New! White Owl Lacquers debut collection – Dwelling on Dreams & Basilisk Venom

White Owl Lacquers duo (opener)


One of the most rewarding aspects of being a beauty blogger is meeting people who not only understand your obsessions, but share your passions. One such person is Mara, a fellow blogger (Mara in Polish Land) and now creator of a brand new line of nail varnish, White Owl Lacquers. Last evening, her collection made its grand debut through her online store, but recently I was privileged to have received 2 of her lovelies – which I bring you here today.

White Owl Lacquers’ debut collection ‘After All this Time’, consists of 6 unique shades (US $9.00 each – full size) made with varying sized glitter, or 6 minis of the entire collection (US $27.00 for the set) that draw their inspiration from the magical world of Harry Potter.

White Owl Lacquers Collection

White Owl Lacquers (source)

White Owl Lacquers duo

White Owl Lacquers Basilisk Venom & Dwelling on Dreams


Dwelling on Dreams – a milky white base with gold, teal, and sky blue mid-sized hexagonal glitter pieces, along with gold micro glitter throughout. The formula flowed in a buttery smooth manner, totally self-levelling and incredibly glossy, with dispersal of the glitter effortless and wonderfully varied. The following swatches are 2 coats layered over Dior #504 Waterlily (previously reviewed here) – top coat added.

White Owl Lacquers Dwelling on Dreams swatch

White Owl Lacquers – Dwelling on Dreams

White Owl Lacquers Dwelling on Dreams swatch 2

White Owl Lacquers – Dwelling on Dreams


Basilisk Venom – a clear base that is filled with an interesting mix of red, gold, and black mid-sized hexagonal glitter, larger black square glitter pieces, along with gold & black glitter dust. The formula was of a medium-thick density, although still very easy to apply and with a high gloss shine at the finish.

I initially swatched  2 coats of ‘Basilisk Venom’ over Dior #901 Diva (previous reviewed here), but while I loved the effect, I realized that because of the dark base, the black glitter pieces became almost invisible. The second set of swatches are with 2 coats over Dior #751 Marilyn (previously reviewed here), which truly enhances all the unique bits & pieces of ‘Basilisk Venom’. Top coat added on all swatches.

White Owl Lacquers Basilisk Venom swatch

White Owl Lacquers – Basilisk Venom (over Dior Diva)

White Owl Lacquers Basilisk Venom swatch 2

White Owl Lacquers – Basilisk Venom (over Dior Diva)

White Owl Lacquers Basilisk Venom swatch 3

White Owl Lacquers – Basilisk Venom (over Dior Marilyn)

White Owl Lacquers Basilisk Venom swatch 4

White Owl Lacquers – Basilisk Venom (over Dior Marilyn)


Final thoughts: For her first collection, Mara has created some truly outstanding lacquers, and I couldn’t be more impressed. I am totally in love with ‘Dwelling on Dreams’, so perfectly named, with its translucent quality and softly diffused appearance – gorgeous! ‘Basilisk Venom’ (is this the coolest name, or what?) has a sophisticated yet flirty quality to it and the inclusion of its ultra fine glitter was a brilliant move, as it lends depth to whatever you layer it over. One thing to note with ‘Basilisk Venom’ is that you do need to shake the bottle, not roll, to help some of the larger & heavier glitter pieces lift off the bottom.

As with all indie brands, batches are all hand mixed and made in small proportions and therefore prone to selling out quickly – unless you act fast.

Feel free to visit Mara’s website for some fabulous swatches. All her lacquers are available for purchase through White Owl Lacquers

Congratulations Mara – may all successes be yours! 

White Owl Lacquers (closer)




*Disclaimer: Product samples provided as a gift

22 Responses to New! White Owl Lacquers debut collection – Dwelling on Dreams & Basilisk Venom

  1. annie says:

    these look fab, eugenia! i had the opportunity to meet mara again this past weekend and she is lovely! i can’t wait to do an notd with her polishes.

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks so much, Annie! And I agree 100%: Mara is amazing and I love her for it! I would love to see your notd — let me know! (PS: guess whose polishes I’m working on now? 😉 )

  2. STUNNING!!! They’re both so lovely and all the shades match the names precisely. I sort of put myself on an unofficial nail polish ban (yes, again), but I think these are on the top of the list of wants now above any others, including the likes of Chanel and Dior. Love!

    • Eugenia says:

      Somehow, I didn’t have you pegged as a glitter topper kind of gal, but I’m guessing that the uniqueness of these two is what’s drawing you here. Either way, I too prefer to support someone I’ve come to know and has poured her heart & soul into this venture, but it doesn’t hurt that they’re so pretty!

  3. Oh wow, Dwelling on Dreams is EVERYTHING! Love it!

  4. sobsessed says:

    Eugenia, you’re right… both are gorgeous and what a beautiful collection to launch with. I love both but Dwelling on Dreams… milky base?? sigh…. <3

  5. They are both so PRETTY! I love these indie polish brands-they are so unique and the big name brands cant even compare I say!

    • Eugenia says:

      I totally agree about their uniqueness, Lil Sis….there’s combinations of hues out there that have never been see before! I would love to see some indie polishes that don’t include glitter as well….could prove quite interesting!

  6. olivia says:

    I have been seeing this trend in these sporadic glitter type polish. It kinda reminds me of that Colorforms toys which I used to play with for hours. (I am aging myself!) Very interesting!

    • Eugenia says:

      LOL! Then you’re dating both of us cause I remember those toys too! Indie polishes are really growing in popularity, and now the big guns are starting to sit up & take notice!

  7. Sian says:

    Wow, beautiful polishes. I love seeing new and upcoming indie brands.

  8. Mara says:

    My Dear Eugenia…. I’m speechless! I’m so honored to see my little brand on your blog!!! And your swatches… I’m dying!!!!
    I was thinking about layering Dwelling on Dreams over green and you did it! It looks great!!!
    And talking about the black glitter, I noticed that it had a tendency to sink a little, but I couldn’t do anything, I use the same suspension base but they seem to be heavier than the rest of the colors :-(
    THANK YOU!!!!!

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks once more for your wonderful gifts….your polishes are my very first indies!! I was fairly certain you had noticed that tendency with the black glitter, but it’s no big deal – nothing that a little shake can’t solve!

      You’re very welcome, Mara and have fun with your new venture! xx

  9. Marisa says:

    Love these two!!! Congrats to Mara on this new venture!

  10. Sandi says:

    Love the Harry Potter theme of the polishes!

  11. SOOOO PRETTY. The one with Dior Waterlily!!!

What are your thoughts, beautiful?