CHANEL #50 Tweed Sienna – Blush Duo Tweed Effect

Chanel Tweed Sienna (opener)


When CHANEL released their Tweed Brun Rosé Blush with last year’s Holiday Collection, it never made it to Canadian counters. Sometimes, it’s very frustrating being a beauty blogger. It’s even more frustrating when said beauty blogger also happens to be a massive fan of CHANEL cosmetics – and has been for over 25 years (insert major grumbling/swearing here). Moving on …

Looking through the rest of CHANEL’s blushes, I did a double-take when I spotted ‘Tweed Sienna’ – how did I not already own this? And the best part? It’s not a limited edition shade. And the colour looked like it would suit me way more than Tweed Brun Rosé would have. Serendipity in action, I tell you!

Chanel Tweed Sienna (box)

CHANEL Tweed Sienna – iconic black & gold packaging

Chanel Tweed Sienna (label)

CHANEL Tweed Sienna – label

Chanel Tweed Sienna (velour sleeve)

CHANEL Tweed Sienna – velour sleeve

Chanel Tweed Sienna (compact)

CHANEL Tweed Sienna – black lacquered compact

Chanel Tweed Sienna (texture view)

CHANEL Tweed Sienne – a view of the textured surface

Chanel Tweed Sienna (macro)


CHANEL #50 Tweed Sienna Blush – (US $45.00 5.5g/0.19 oz) Inspired by CHANEL’s iconic tweed fabric, the range of Tweed Blush Duos weave a finely milled powder with delicate golden/iridescent threads, to give your cheeks colour kissed by a luminous glow. I was almost reluctant to destroy the stunning tweed effect of the gold overspray, but I prefer my blush without major sparkle. Thankfully, the gold was literally swept away with the first swipe of my blush brush, revealing the gorgeous creamy apricot/tan colour of the blush below.

The texture of this powder is incredibly fine and seems to almost meld into the skin seamlessly, easily blended or intensified if needed. On the darker end of the neutral spectrum, it has enough colour and warmth to avoid looking like a contouring product, depositing its beautiful colour in a very understated yet chic way. I experienced no powdery kickback when I applied my brush to it – something that could occur with a powder this finely milled. Lasting power was very impressive, going a full 9 hours before I noticed any fading (applied over foundation primed skin). Another interesting facet is how multi-dimensional the colour looks apllied, most likely because of the raised texture – love that!

This blush is incredibly versatile colour-wise and will suit most skin tones, with the possible exception of the very pale. Darker skin may find this to be somewhat subtle, but light to medium tones will benefit from its highly complimentary hue. As universally flattering as NARS’ ‘Orgasm’, but less orangey and without the intense shimmer, ‘Tweed Sienna’ is a shade that needs to be part of your beauty arsenal.

Chanel Tweed Sienna swatch (natural light)

CHANEL Tweed Sienna – swatch in natural light

Chanel Tweed Sienna swatch (sunlight)

CHANEL Tweed Sienna – swatch in sunlight

Chanel Tweed Sienna

CHANEL Tweed Sienna

Chanel Tweed Sienna (no overspray)

CHANEL Tweed Sienna – with overspray removed


Final thoughts: Once again, circumstances led me to a product I absolutely love (read about my CHANEL lipstick mix up/success story here) which has gotten me wondering lately about falling into the trap of buying all the hype thrown our way. With most of the higher end brands, I rarely second guess my purchases – long experience of their quality determines my buying habits – but now I feel that perhaps I should start paying more attention to the items available in their permanent lineup, as opposed to jumping headfirst into whatever seasonal collection’s being released. Or I could do both, right?

Chanel Tweed Sienna (closer)

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