BB Couture ‘Saints of Ruin’ Collection

BB Couture Saints of Ruin opener 2


BB Couture may not be on everyone’s speed-dial, but it should; with a formula that boasts colour, base & top coats, as well as a nail strengthener inside, each shade is also made with natural pearl for an extra special luminosity. Another little known fact is their unisex appeal, as there are shades targeted but not limited to, men. Then there’s the fact of the quality of this formula … superb, comes to mind.

Based in California, BB Couture draws their inspiration for each collection from myriad sources; this particular collection was created for the goth band ‘Saints of Ruin’, where the shades were also worn by the band members. Since I don’t know anything at all about goth bands, I’ll focus on these luxurious hues instead!

All swatches are with base coat; top coat only where indicated.


Saint of Ruin logo (source)

BB Couture Saints of Ruin Collection

BB Couture – Saints of Ruin Collection

BB Couture Saints of Ruin Collection 2

BB Couture – Saints of Ruin Collection


Glampyre – a deep olive/bronze shimmer filled hue with antique gold overtones. With an excellent formula, opacity & natural gloss, there’s a “tiger’s eye” look to this rich & luxurious beauty. Coats applied: 2 plus top coat

BB Couture Glampyre swatch

BB Couture – Glampyre

BB Couture Glampyre swatch 2

BB Couture – Glampyre


Ashes – a charcoal/eggplant complex hue with ultra-fine silvery shimmer, some sparse pink shimmer, and a subtle duo chrome-like effect that’s seen more in the bottle than on the nail, although there appears to be a greenish halo-like effect in certain lighting. Self-levelling and glossy, the shimmer is two-tiered and multi-dimensional. Coats applied: 2 plus top coat

BB Couture Ashes swatch

BB Couture – Ashes

BB Couture Ashes swatch 2

BB Couture – Ashes

BB Couture Ashes swatch 3

BB Couture – Ashes

BB Couture Ashes swatch 4

BB Couture – Ashes (with flash)


Dark Tommy – an intensely brooding grape jelly hue – both in colour/tone and consistency. The formula was a touch on the thick side with a spring-back effect, although still very easy to work with. The brown undertones in the base give this shade the look of the darkest chocolate, very decadent. Note that the swatches below are WITHOUT top coat – it’s THAT insanely glossy! Bonus: non staining upon removal. Coats applied: 2

BB Couture Dark Tommy swatch

BB Couture – Dark Tommy

BB Couture Dark Tommy swatch 2

BB Couture – Dark Tommy


Fairytale – a jewel-like sapphire blue with deep indigo hints and an ultra-fine silvery shimmer throughout. Brush stroke-free, shiny, self-levelling and with a formula that applies like silk, there was no staining upon removal. Coats applied: 2

BB Couture Fairytale swatch

BB Couture – Fairytale

BB Couture Fairytale swatch 2

BB Couture – Fairytale


Ruby Ruin – the deepest port-wine shade I’ve seen and in a jelly formula similar in density and flow to ‘Dark Tommy’, this ultra pigmented blackened red applies in a totally smooth manner, leaving nothing but this mirror like shine behind. There could be some very minimal staining, so don’t skip the base coat. Note: NO topcoat needed or applied here either! Coats applied: 2

BB Couture Ruby Ruin swatch

BB Couture – Ruby Ruin

BB Couture Ruby Ruin swatch 2

BB Couture – Ruby Ruin


Nightmare – an intensely deep blackened garnet filled with red glass-like fine shimmer, that appears to glow from just under the nail surface; think of banked & glowing embers – an unbelievable effect. Self-levelling, major colour saturation, and an ultra-high gloss thanks to the jelly formula, this non-staining beauty benefits from top coat for the smoothest surface. Coats applied: 2

BB Couture Nightmare swatch

BB Couture – Nightmare

BB Couture Nightmare swatch 2

BB Couture – Nightmare

BB Couture Nightmare swatch 3

BB Couture – NIghtmare (with flash)


Final thoughts: I don’t know this band, and so the significance of the names on each shade eludes me; what I do know, however, is that each & every varnish comes in BB Couture’s trademark amazing formula. Ruby Ruin reminded me very much of a-england’s ‘Lancelot’ (reviewed here), although they differ in formula. The glow that ‘Nightmare’ gives off is nothing short of spectacular, and must be seen in person to be appreciated. I understand that Glampyre was added almost a year later to this collection, and there appears to be one more shade – which I do not have to show. Yes, I know that we’re already seeing Spring & Summer collections, but it’s still winter and darker shades rule!

BB Couture lacquers can be purchased through the brands site or at Overall Beauty (they offer international shipping) where the retail price of each shade is $10.95.

BB Couture Saints of Ruin Collection closer




*Disclosure: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

22 Responses to BB Couture ‘Saints of Ruin’ Collection

  1. Deborah says:

    I just LOVE Nightmare! Normally I’d say the sparkle isn’t visible enough – but it adds to the beauty of this lacquer!

  2. SO MUCH LOVE. I don’t know where to start or which shade to pick as a fave. They’re all fantastic and pulling me back to the dark side from the brights kick I was on. I’ve never tried this brand, and it’s been a while since I was gaga over nail polish!

    • Eugenia says:

      Is it strange that no matter how often I get snared by all the pretty pastels available now, my heart still leans towards the brooding shades – even if it’s not seasonally appropriate to wear them?! So happy that I was able to introduce you to this brand – they have an amazing formula!

  3. This is such a neat collection! I really like Ashes and Nightmare. I love the vampiness of this group!

    • Eugenia says:

      Since we’re still officially in winter, I thought that all these shades were so seasonally appropriate! That being said, I love vampy hues all year round!

  4. Cool! Never heard of this brand before Big Sis! I want Nightmare! It’s so bad-ass!

  5. Julia says:

    You know, I’ve known about BB Couture for a LONG time, basically ever since I’ve been in nail polish, and while I usually really like their collections, I just never get around to buying anything. I think the problem is that I really don’t care to shop online in general, unless I have to, and that if I do have to shop online, I am very strongly affected by the shopping “experience”. Proof positive is a-England’s beautiful, easy to use website, which translates to quite a few polishes in my stash. I know, we should not judge a book by its cover and we should not let the website keep us from buying the pretty nail polish, but it’s just a fact that when I go to the sites that sell BB Couture, I am not drawn in :(.

    Beautiful polishes, though.

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks, Julia and I think your comment does have merit; I too like to look before I buy, and preferably in person — there are some retail outlets where you can come across this line, but that’s not as widespread as China Glaze, Essie or OPI. Something that perhaps the brand can look into developing, hopefully!

  6. these are sooo pretty and perfect for the winter. nightmare and ruby ruin might have to be added to my wishlist! thanks for the swatches girl!

  7. Latoya says:

    I’m not falling for these shades, though Nightmare is cool. I really dislike shades that look near black, so I usually skip them altogether. Nonetheless, I’ve always heard good things about BB Couture polishes!

    • Eugenia says:

      BB Couture polishes are in an amazing formula, that’s for sure! I’ve personally always been drawn to dark shades – maybe because they provide a better counterpoint to my colouring!

  8. So beautiful! Ashes is my fave, I love the burgundy sparkle in there.

  9. These are some sexy shades! I especially love Dark Tommy and Nightmare! That subtle ruby shimmer is so mysterious and dangerous, haha!

  10. Sonia Martins says:

    Hello Eugenia :) Beautiful swatches and really pretty colours, Nightmare seems very unique and interesting (I added it to my wishlist). I also want to thank you for the help with the green shades, I didn’t buy Live and Let Die yet, I am usually 1 year behind when it comes to OPI, because I tend to buy them on clearance, it’s good and works for me 😀
    I saw some of your posts recently, the one about the Korres event, you are beautiful! I haven’t had the chance to try their products, but I always hover towards the jasmin lip butter – for some reason I never complete the checkout. I love the ideas behind the company and the fact that the products are natural and effective. The flavours are so unique too – jasmin lip butter it doesn’t get much better, does it?
    Oh with regards to the Guerlain Meteorites – what beautiful product, it’s so pretty that it can be used for decoration too 😀 I never tried something like that (I don’t wear make up), but I think higher end brands put so much effort in the visual part of the product that it makes us to buy it (and usually they live up to the expectations, which is even better!). Take care****

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks so much for your wonderful comment, Sonia! I think your idea of waiting for the shades to go on clearance, an excellent one and a great way to save money — money you could put to use on even more cosmetics, lol!

      The Korres event was simply amazing and I feel very blessed to have been able to be a part of it, especially in meeting Lena. I too love their products and the entire philosophy of the brand – all beauty should be this healthy :)

      As to the Guerlain Météorites, I’ve been staring at the various versions for many years now, but never venture there; now that I’ve discovered how amazing they are, something tells me that a new addiction has been born, lol! But you’re right – they are just so beautiful to look at too. One thing I stand behind, is that you always get what you pay for; granted, sometimes that price seems excessive, but my experience has taught me that the higher end brands really do put out a superior product!

  11. Lynn says:

    WOW! Fairytale, Nightmare, Ashes.. I want them all!! BB Couture is really impressing me lately. Gorgeous review!!!

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