CHANEL – Les 4 Ombres #42 Séduction

CHANEL Seduction opener


How fitting that my husband would lavish me with some major seduction on Valentine’s Day … of the CHANEL variety! (amongst others …) For Spring 2013, CHANEL has launched a new capsule collection revolving around eye products, including 2 new eyeshadow quads (#41 Fascination reviewed here), coloured Le Volume mascaras (review forthcoming), eyeliners (happy to see ‘Grenat’ re-released – the most amazing burgundy shade), and 2 Illusion d’Ombre hues;  Convoitise – a neutral gold & brand new (reviewed here), and Apparition – a denim blue, and a re-release (reviewed here). Knowing my beauty tastes quite well by now, my husband chose #42 Séduction for me – the perfect gift from my love (amongst others …)!

CHANEL Seduction compact & pouch

CHANEL #42 Séduction

CHANEL Seduction compact

CHANEL #42 Séduction

CHANEL Seduction compact back

CHANEL #42 Séduction

CHANEL Seduction quad

CHANEL #42 Séduction

CHANEL Seduction quad macro

CHANEL Les 4 Ombres #42 Séduction – (CAD $62.00) an eyeshadow quad consisting of 4 complimentary warm-leaning hues in the round pan European baked format (which simply means that these shades can be applied either dry or dampened, without any ensuing product distortion). All four have an excellent colour payoff, made slightly more vibrant when applied wet, their finely milled powder leaves minimal fallout behind, and all shades are easily picked up using a variety of brushes.

  • top left shade  – is a mid-tone burgundy whose shimmer only really comes out when dampened
  • top right shade – is a pink-tinged champagne with slightly chunkier shimmer – still very workable and smooth laying
  • bottom left shade – a soft apricot with ultra fine shimmer
  • bottom right shade – a matte chestnut brown with rich pigmentation

I absolutely love the versatility of this compact and having played with it for a few days now, I found it easy to achieve a simple & fresh-looking daytime look by using the 2 lighter hues (with & without the darker colours used as liners), a unique burgundy smokey eye for more impact – still very wearable, and even a more dramatic evening look by layering the darkest shade with the burgundy applied wet for visual impact. Another plus is how these shades made my green eyes completely stand out – with very little effort, although I can see the colours of this quad working beautifully with every eye shade & skin tone.

I find that while CHANEL eyeshadows have decent staying power, my lids are slightly oily so I definitely need to layer primer first, which gave these shadows an easy 10 hour lifespan before I noticed any creasing.

CHANEL Seduction quad 2

CHANEL #42 Séduction

CHANEL Seduction quad 3

CHANEL #42 Séduction

CHANEL Seduction swatch

CHANEL #42 Séduction, natural light

CHANEL Seduction swatch 2

CHANEL #42 Séduction, with flash

CHANEL Seduction vs Eclosion

Looking at CHANEL’s Les 4 Ombres #42 Séduction beside #34 Éclosion, my initial thought was that they were exceptionally similar, but appearances ca be deceiving, as the following swatches prove. The pigmentation of the #34 Éclosion shades is significantly lighter, with the lightest hue of that quad also giving off some slight glittery fallout – along with the consistency of them being drier overall.

CHANEL Seduction vs Eclosion swatch

CHANEL #42 Séduction vs #34 Éclosion, natural light

CHANEL Seduction vs Eclosion swatch 2

CHANEL #42 Séduction vs #34 Éclosion, with flash


Final thoughts: Unlike nail lacquers where you usually get what you see in the bottle, eyeshadows in general are unique animals and need to be swatched first in order to understand their nature – even more so when that product comes with a hefty price tag. CHANEL, not known for outrageously coloured products in any of their lines, does manage to consistently produce superior quality and totally wearable hues, again, a bonus when paying that steeper figure. Is this a must-have product? It is for me, mainly because it meets all my criteria (workable, wearable, highly complimentary, and amazing quality), but that’s just a personal preference. In any case, it’s definitely worth taking a look at next time you find yourself at a CHANEL counter.

Mine was purchased at The Bay (Canada), but I also saw the collection this past weekend at Holt Renfrew (Canada).

CHANEL Seduction closer

10 Responses to CHANEL – Les 4 Ombres #42 Séduction

  1. Latoya says:

    I’m glad to hear this worked out for you Eugenia! I won’t give up on the quads entirely, but I do have some serious reservations. We’ll see how things go with the standardizing across the board – I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. It’s really pretty Big Sis! Do you use them wet? I kind of find they don’t work for me wet very well for some reason. Not that it matters, the blue one I have works so well dry anyways!

    • Eugenia says:

      I actually have used them wet, and I was surprised by how well they applied and how much deeper the colours became — not to mention the fact that they all wore like IRON that way!

  3. marisaporter says:

    That is beautiful. I have an inglot quad almost like that.

  4. Gorgeous swatches, this is definitely not the usual colour shades I think of when I think of Chanel. It seems very spring-appropriate! Beautiful <3

  5. I just saw your post on instagram and immediately visit your blog to read your review. It’s great that you love the quality of this eyeshadow, I agree that this eyeshadow is versatile and very wearable :)
    As usual, gorgeous pictures!

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks, Meryl! I know that some CHANEL quads have been hit or miss for many people, which is why I stress swatching them at the counter first – even without swatching this quad, I knew I would love it!

What are your thoughts, beautiful?