Butter London – Pitter Patter (Limited Edition)

BL Pitter Patter opener


Purple, with its long and historic association as the colour of royalty, takes on an entirely new vibrance in the creative hands of Butter London. With many other purple hued lacquers in their large lineup, and in anticipation of Will & Kate’s upcoming bundle of joy, this cult-fave brand has managed to “give birth” (yes, I am totally going there…) to a shade that is at once intense, fun, oh-so-regal, and absolutely perfect for today’s über stylish royal baby. Now if said baby turns out to be a boy, I’m sure mommy won’t mind wearing this beauty until a girl comes along!


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Butter London – Pitter Patter (promotional image)

BL Pitter Patter

Butter London – Pitter Patter

BL Pitter Patter cap

Butter London – Pitter Patter (inner cap)

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Pitter Patter (US $15.00 4 fl. oz/CAD $17.00 11 ml) – a deep and vivid purple hue filled with red and purple finely ground shimmer, in a formula that flows like a dream and bears a perfect density – neither too thick, nor too thin. With an excellent dry time and finishing in a natural high gloss shine, there is also the added bonus of this being a completely non-staining lacquer. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


BL Pitter Patter swatch

Butter London – Pitter Patter

BL Pitter Patter swatch 2

Butter London – Pitter Patter

BL Pitter Patter swatch 3

Butter London – Pitter Patter

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Butter London – Pitter Patter

BL Pitter Patter trio

Butter London – Pitter Patter, No More Waity, Kaity (reviewed here) & Lillibet’s Jubilee (reviewed here)

BL Pitter Patter trio 2

Butter London – Pitter Patter: The Royals


Last word: Following in the popular footsteps of it’s “familial” predecessors ‘No More Waity, Kaitie’ (part of the permanent collection), a shade created for Kate Middleton’s engagement to Prince William, and ‘Lillibet’s Jubilee’ (a limited edition hue & no longer available), the shade created in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, ‘Pitter Patter’ stands poised to eclipse them all, as much for the story behind the polish, as the shade itself; rich, luxurious, spot-on trendy and a colour that is universally flattering. I couldn’t think of an easier of becoming a part of the royal family!

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BL Pitter Patter closer

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