Butter London – The Colour Clash Collection, Fall 2013

BL Colour Clash opener


For Fall 2013, Butter London has decided to take a very untraditional turn and create ‘The Colour Clash Collection’ – a set of 6 brightly vivid shades that might seem more suited for warm, rather than cooler temperatures … and will definitely stir up quite a bit of conversation. While I always personally look forward to the more sombre hues Fall collections have to offer (and as I’m currently on holiday – at the beach, mind you – and have absolutely ZERO desire to even think of anything cold-related), I can’t deny the appeal of these colours; to me, they feel like I’d be extending the Summer season. But that’s just me.

All swatches are with base and top coats.


BL Colour Clash

Butter London – The Colour Clash Collection


Cotton Buds – a snowy white crème hue in an excellent formula – albeit a touch on the thick side, that may apply a bit patchy at the first coat if you don’t load up your brush properly, but which covers beautifully by the second. Self-levelling and with a nice gloss at the finish, this is an exceptionally easy white to pull off for all skin tones, staying just this side of looking neon, but never chalky or white-out-ish. On a personal note, I have been OBSESSED with white lacquer this season – this one is 100% LOVE for me. Coats applied: 2


BL Cotton Buds swatch

Butter London – Cotton Buds


BL Cottong Buds swatch 2

Butter London – Cotton Buds


Pimms – a warm-leaning egg-yolk yellow crème hue, in an easy-flowing formula with just the right density and saturation of colour to apply like a dream. The mix of custard & mustard (yellow polish rhyme!) undertones in the base, makes this shade flattering and suitable for all skin tones, unlike so many other yellow lacquers that can appear sallow or too juvenile. Self-levelling and glossy at the finish as well. Coats applied: 2


BL Pimms swatch

Butter London – Pimms


BL Pimms swatch 2

Butter London – Pimms


Wellies – a soft lime crème hue with definitive yellow undertones in its base, this shade bears an amazing formula that applies in a non-patchy and totally self-levelling manner, finishes up with a glossy shine and paradoxically remains vivid while steering clear of neon. Coats applied: 2


BL Wellies swatch

Butter London – Wellies

BL Wellies swatch 2

Butter London – Wellies


Silly Billy – a rich tangerine crème hue in a jelly-esque formula that applies in an ultra-smooth way, leaving a gorgeous gloss behind. I can’t add any more to this shade that the photos don’t already reveal – it’s so incredibly HAPPY looking! Bonus: non-staining upon removal. Coats applied: 2


BL Silly Billy swatch

Butter London – Silly Billy

BL Silly Billy swatch 2

Butter London – Silly Billy


Cake-Hole – a cool-leaning candy pink hue in a hybrid crème-jelly formula that bears an INSANE application: ultra-smooth and totally colour saturated. Super bright but never eye-searing, this shade is the only one of the 6 to come to a satin finish, but adding top coat really brings it out beautifully. Non-staining upon removal as well. Coats applied: 2


BL Cake-Hole swatch

Butter London – Cake-Hole


BL Cake-Hole swatch 2

Butter London – Cake-Hole


Giddy Kipper – a STUNNER. A colour-staurated indigo base hue filled with ultra-fine and almost iridescent shimmer in shades of blue, pink, and silver, in a formula that a cross between crème & jelly, bearing a superior flow, pigmentation, and shine. The only shimmer lacquer of the group, as well as the only concession to a “Fall” shade in this collection, blue-lovers will absolutely NEED to pick this one up. A welcome bonus: non-staining upon removal. Coats applied: 2


BL Giddy Kipper swatch

Butter London – Giddy Kipper


BL Giddy Kipper swatch 2

Butter London – Giddy Kipper


Last word: Confused by the shade choices? You’re not alone, and while my initial reaction was more along the lines of “what was Butter London thinking?”, I’ve come to appreciate the sly humour behind this collection. It doesn’t hurt either, that the formula is in true Butter London style: perfect. While I can’t say I’m much of a yellow or lime fan, I did like the way both ‘Pimms’ and ‘Wellies’ looked on me, but my hands-down favourites are ‘Cotton Buds’ (again, my white obsession), ‘Silly Billy’ (I also really like saying the name), and ‘Giddy Kipper’. As to ‘Cake-Hole’, I’ve been loving wearing this as a pedi shade — looks awesome on the beach!

Available now, The Colour Clash Collection retails for CAD $17.00 11 ml/USD $15.00 4 fl.oz – each, with a special promo of CAD $85.00 for the set (Canadian website only).

Find more information on all Butter London products via the website, twitter or facebook


BL Colour Clash closer

*Disclosure: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

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