DAVIDsTEA – The Holiday Collection (A Box of Festivity)

DAVIDsTEA Holiday Collection opener


Something very different on the blog today, but no less having to do with beauty; from the artful arrangement of the tea tins, to the elegant details on the mug, there is something very soothing and personal about brewing your favourite cup of tea – perhaps to enjoy as you paint your nails, or create a lovely makeup look. See how I tied it all together?!

As a lifelong coffee lover, I confess to having had the occasional fling with tea, but those brief dalliances were never enough to keep me from heading back into the arms of my beloved coffeemaker. The upcoming launch of 8 holiday-inspired teas from DAVIDsTEA, just might be the ticket to my conversion. Not giving up on coffee … just making more room for tea.

David's Tea box set

DAVIDsTEA – The Holiday Collection

David's Tea ingredients

DAVIDsTEA – The Holiday Collection (click to enlarge & view the ingredients breakdown)

David's Tea Holiday open box

The Holiday Collection (CAD $19.50 127 g/4.4oz) – from the left: Gingerbread, Sleigh Ride, and Santa’s Secret. The three flavours have individual brewing instructions conveniently written on the underside of each tin.

Davod's Tea Holiday 3 tins

DAVIDsTEA – The Holiday Collection

David's Tea Holiday Santa's Secret

Santa’s Secret (black tea) – made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant (as in the same plant that produces the heady Camellia – the beloved flower of Mlle. Coco CHANEL), black tea is renowned for its longevity, lasting easily several years before going stale, as well as having been long prized for its many curative properties. The first thing I noticed upon opening the tin, is a yummy chocolatey scent with a soft hint of candy-cane, although the peppermint leaves seem more dominant after infusing. Caffeine level: medium

DSC_0189David's Tea Holiday Santa's Secret 2

DAVIDsTEA – Santa’s Secret (black tea)

David's Tea Holiday Sleigh Ride

Sleigh Ride (fruit infusion) – The combination of sweet (coconut, roasted almonds, raisins, and cinnamon), tangy (pineapple, papaya, and apple), and unexpected (hibiscus blossoms, beetroot, and popped rice,) comes together in perfect harmony with this infusion; it’s very hard to pin down any one dominant note upon the first sniff. The directions state to let this tea steep anywhere from 5-7 minutes, but I found a shorter time produced a more balanced flavour (its tart/tangy side becomes quite pronounced with a longer steep time). Caffeine level: none

David's Tea Sleigh Ride 2

DAVIDsTEA – Sleigh Ride (fruit infusion)

David's tea Holiday Gingerbread

Gingerbread (rooibos) – the rise in popularity of this African staple (which is actually a bush) lies in its high anti-oxidant levels and many curative properties. The mix of common red rooibos (oxidized leaves), and the more demanding green rooibos (unoxidized leaves), combined with the warmer flavours of cinnamon & ginger, creates a unique “perfect for the holidays” kind of drink. My first impression upon opening the tin, was more carrot cake than gingerbread, but either way, it’s totally DELICIOUS. Caffeine level: none

David's Tea Holiday Gingerbread 2

DAVIDsTEA – Gingerbread (rooibos)

David's Tea Holiday Perfect Mug

DAVIDsTEA – The Perfect Tea Mug ‘Silver-Berries’

David's Tea Holiday Perfect Mug contents

The Perfect Tea Mug ‘Silver-Berries’ (CAD $19.50) – this set comes as shown: a 12 oz mug in the elegant ‘Silver-Berries’ pattern with a turquoise interior that totally reminds me of another favourite (ahem… Tiffany & Co.), a stainless steel fine-mesh infuser that fits perfectly in the mug with a convenient tab for easy removal, and a matching lid that can also double as a plate to hold the infuser once you’re done steeping your tea.

David's Tea Holiday mug

DAVIDsTEA – The Perfect Tea Mug ‘Silver-Berries’

David's Tea Holiday infuser

DAVIDsTEA – The Perfect Tea Mug ‘Silver-Berries’ (with infuser)

David's Tea Holiday mug & tea

DAVIDsTEA – The Perfect Tea Mug ‘Silver Berries’ (with Gingerbread tea)

David's Tea mug & tea 2

DAVIDsTEA – The Perfect Tea Mug ‘Silver-Berries’ (with Gingerbread tea)

David's Tea mug & tea 3

DAVIDsTEA – The Perfect Tea Mug ‘Silver-Berries’ (with Gingerbread tea)

David's Tea Holiday lid

DAVIDsTEA – The Perfect Tea Mug ‘Silver-Berries’ (with matching lid)

David's Tea Holiday infuser out

DAVIDsTEA – The Perfect Tea Mug ‘Silver-Berries’

David's Tea Holiday mug & lid

DAVIDsTEA – The Perfect Tea Mug ‘Silver-Berries’ (lid detail)

David's Tea Holiday Perfect Mug & tea

DAVIDsTEA – The Perfect Tea Mug


From the three teas in this collection, Gingerbread is my hands down favourite – from the warm & cozy aroma, to the smooth taste, I can’t get enough. Santa’s Secret is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up (but not late afternoon, as it does have caffeine), and even though Sleigh Ride didn’t exactly ring my bell (sorry … I couldn’t resist!), it’s perfect for those with fruitier-leaning taste buds. In case none of the blends here grab your fancy, there’s also a limited edition 5-piece set, The Winter Collection (CAD $27.50) with Coffee Cake, Spiced Fig, White Chocolate Frost, Alpine Punch, and Choconut Oolong.

Available at all DAVIDsTEA locations and online as of November 1, 2013. Do let the staff help you create the perfect gift for the tea lover on your list!

David's Tea Holiday closer

*Disclosure: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

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