Covergirl – Limited Edition Capitol Collection

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This year’s instalment of The Hunger Games – Catching Fire (theatrical release this November 22nd), has cosmetic giant Covergirl teaming up with the franchise to bring us an exotic collection of beauty items – perfect if  you wish to recreate the extravagant looks seen in the movie, or if that seems a bit much, then how about channeling a few of the Districts with the help of these insanely brilliant nail lacquers?

There seems to be a common theme with this entire collection: they each bear a glass-flecked super-reflective brilliance. As to the small bottles (how cute are they?) I don’t mind that they hold less than an average nail polish – I can’t remember the last time I actually finished an entire bottle – but it’s something to bear in mind if you fall in absolute love with one of these shades, as they are limited edition. One warning: these do seem to take longer to dry than average, so keep that in mind and use a quick-drying top coat to speed things along.



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CG Glosstinis

Covergirl – Limited Edition Capitol Collection


#600 Sulfur Blaze – a brilliant yellow gold base hue filled with gold, green, and coppery pink irregularly shaped glass-flecked glitter. Bearing an excellent formula density with a super easy flow, this shade was the sheerest of the 4 shown here – layered over a matching base shade will provide a fuller opacity. Coats applied: 3 (thin), plus top coat


CG Sulfur Blaze swatch

Covergirl – #600 Sulfur Blaze


CG Sulfur Blaze swatch 2

Covergirl – #600 Sulfur Blaze


#610 Rogue Red – a vivid coral/hot pink base hue in a semi-sheer formula, loaded with the same irregularly shaped glass-flecked glitter in gold and pink tones. The formula was a touch thinner than that of Sulfur Blaze, making the flow even easier, and while the first coat lays down rather sheer, full opacity is reached by the second – where this shade also takes on a deep fiery red cast. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


CG Rogue Red swatch

Covergirl – #610 Rogue Red


CG Rogue Red watch 2

Covergirl – #610 Rogue Red


#630 Seared Bronze – a taupe/grey base hue filled with a complex mix of pink, green and bronze irregularly shaped glass-flecked micro glitter, in a semi-sheer formula. The mix of colours gives this shade a slight duo chrome effect as it shifts from bronze – brown – mossy green, depending on your angle and the light. Very flattering and will definitely suit all skin tones across the board, I just wish this had a deeper opacity so that this unique mix would resonate even more. Coats applied: 3 (thin), plus top coat


CG Seared Bronze swatch

Covergirl – #630 Seared Bronze


CG Seared Bronze swatch 2

Covergirl – #630 Seared Bronze


#640 Black Heat – a mid-sheer charcoal base hue, filled with olive green and some sparse pink and bronze irregularly shaped glass-flecked pieces. There’s a jelly-esque feel to the formula (that almost elastic-y spring back effect), but it nevertheless applies super easy without any dragging or pooling at the cuticles. Self-levelling and with an über-glossy shine at the finish, this baby really comes to life in direct light. Bonus: no staining upon removal. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


CG Black Heat swatch

Covergirl – #640 Black Heat


CG Black heat macro swatch

Covergirl – #640 Black Heat (detail)


CG Black Heat swatch 2

Covergirl – #640 Black Heat


The four shades I’ve shown here today (check out my original post on last year’s Hunger Games shades here) are an excellent representation of what this movie is all about, as are the rest of the hues from what I’ve seen online – I just personally wish that there was a bit more diversity in the finish, ie: crème, shimmer, or even a few holographic colours thrown in. My favourite here is without a doubt, #640 Black Heat – I do love those brooding hues, and the shimmer here gives it a gorgeous edge. Yellow is not my thing (it seems to really bring out every uncomplimentary undertone in my skin), but I have to say that #600 Sulfur Blaze had the most blinding brilliance of the group. #620 Rogue Red is like fire along your tips – totally scorching, and with an amazing formula to boot. The only teeny-weeny let-down for me, was how sheer #630 Seared Bronze turned out to be – but it’s still totally gorgeous.

The Covergirl Capitol Collection is available now – feel free to follow via twitter or facebook for all updates.


CG Glosstinis closer

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