shu uemura Eye-Conic Collection: Soft-Gel Pencil & Mini Yellow Quartz Lashes

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New from Shu Uemura and added as part of the permanent lineup, are the Soft-Gel Pencils – available in M Black (reviewed here today) and M Brown. What makes these pencils unique is not only their incredibly soft texture (which means no excessive tugging and/or pulling around the delicate eye area), but their ultra saturated colour and mega staying power. Known for making some of the most amazing lashes out there, these Shu Uemura mini versions are the absolutely perfect crowning touch for any look you create … sophisticated sparkle definitely included.

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shu uemura soft-gel pencil

shu uemura ♦ Soft-Gel Pencil in M Black

shu uemura soft-gel pencil 2

Soft-Gel Pencil M Black (CAN$36.00 ) – With its mechanical-pencil style body protecting the contents, this pigment-rich black liner remains well protected from any unfortunate accidents. With just a few clicks the product comes to the surface, although you should note that it is NOT retractible and you should only expose as much as you need at a time. Application couldn’t be easier; this pencil basically glides across the skin and drawing a fine line is a breeze (not ultra-fine), but you always have the option of going thicker by simple adjusting the angle of the pencil. Wear time on the waterline was approximately 9-10 hours and a little longer when applied to the upper/lower lash line.

shu uemura soft-gel pencil macro

shu uemura ♦ Soft-Gel Pencil in M Black

shu uemura black soft-gel pencil swatch

shu uemura ♦ Soft-Gel Pencil in M Black (direct sunlight)

shu uemura black soft-gel pencil swatch 2

shu uemura ♦ Sft-Gel Pencil in M Black (indirect light)

shu uemura black soft-gel pencil comparisons

I opted to compare M Black to my go-to black liners, CHANEL’s Ébène (which is that brand’s waterproof version) and Giorgio Armani #3 Black (not waterproof, but a similar buttery consistency to M Black). The results:

  • The CHANEL seemed a touch more pigmented, albeit a “cooler-toned” black, the longest staying power of the three
  • M Black had a warmer look to it, with a smoother texture and almost lasted as long as the CHANEL
  • The least pigmented of the three, close in texture to M Black, shortest staying power


It occurs to me that if you were to merge CHANEl’s Ébène with Giorgio Armani’s #3 Black, you’d probably get the Shu Uemura M Black. Just saying.

shu uemura black soft-gel pencil comparisons 2

shu uemura ♦ Soft-Gel Pencil in M Black (and comparisons)

shu uemura mini yellow quartz lashes

shu uemura ♦ Mini Yellow Quartz Lashes

shu uemura mini yellow quartz lashes 2

Mini Yellow Quartz Lashes (CAN $32.00) – These finely crafted lashes are meant to bring emphasis to the outer corners of the eyes, adding a flattering amount of length and volume. You get tantalizing glimpses of the the 3 small rhinestones under certain lighting and at various angles, particularly when the eyes are downcast — very sexy and totally NOT overdone. As these lashes fall on the pricier side of the scale, it’s good to know that they also seem to last longer than the drugstore variety, especially when you take the time to clean the excess glue off them after wearing, and store them back in their case. Well worth the investment, if you want quality lashes.

shu uemura mini yellow quartz lashes macro

shu uemura ♦ Mini Yellow Quartz Lashes


Something tells me that I will definitely be picking up a backup of this liner – I absolutely love how buttery smooth it is as well as how long it lasts, especially considering its über-soft texture. As this was my first experience with Shu Uemura lashes, I can honestly say how impressed I was, both by the quality and how beautifully they wore. The only problem? I don’t think I can ever go back to wearing the drugstore/cheaper variety again.

Available in Canada through The Bay (online as well as select stores) and Holt Renfrew. Find more information via:


Japanese art

by Kitagawa Utamaro (1753 – 1806) source

*Disclosure: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

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