Maybelline Color Elixir

Maybelline Color Elixir opener


What do you get when you cross a lipstick with a gloss and then throw in a balm? The answer is Maybelline’s new Color Elixir – 20 shades of luscious glossy colour for your lips, 8 of which I’ll be showing you here today. I first got the chance to preview this range during Toronto’s Spring 2014 World MasterCard Fashion Week (posted here), where 2 shades seemed to be in heavy rotation for several of the shows (Nude Illusion and Signature Scarlet) – and just like that, I fell hard for these little jewels.

WMCFW Color Elixir preview

Maybelline Color Elixir first previewed at WMCFW

Maybelline Color Elixir boxed

Maybelline – Color Elixir

Maybelline Color Elixir open box

Maybelline – Color Elixir

Maybelline Color Elixir

Maybelline – Color Elixir

Maybelline Color Elixir 2

Color Elixir (CAN $10.99) – Lip products said to have the colour saturation of a lipstick, the high shine brilliance of a gloss and the moisturizing feel of a balm. The acrylic rectangular container fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and houses what at first glance appears to be a lipstick bullet – but that’s only the inner form which holds the contents (a unique & really cool effect, actually). The wand is not excessively long (a plus) and the sponge-y angled spade-shaped head makes for an effortless application – picking up a generous amount of product with each pass while giving you the option of using the tip for more precision, or the wider section for a broader sweep. There’s a lovely crème brulée scent and a slight perfumey taste (neither of which lingers too long), and lasting power will vary with the shade selected, although expect to get at least 2 1/2 hours minimum.

In general, the lighter the shade colour, the less pigmented the shade appears, but the gloss factor still remains quite high with each. The sensation of the application is also quite unique – almost buttery feeling and the colour glides very easily across the lips, although to say that each shade is highly pigmented wouldn’t exactly be accurate. The shine is super mirror-like and seems to last quite well throughout the wearing and they are definitely not as sticky as some glosses can be prone to. One thing is for sure, your lips will be left feeling intensely hydrated and baby-bottom soft – with some of the darker shades even leaving behind a light veil of colour.

Maybelline Nude Illusion

Nude Illusion – (my weakness!) a nude hue that is definitely warm leaning and incredibly well balanced for a neutral shade, with a surprisingly high amount of pigment for a colour this light.

Maybelline Caramel Infused

Caramel Infused – a neutral flesh toned pink hue with hints of peach to warm it up, although the colour seems to come off as more rose than what’s seen in the tube – super pretty, though.

Maybelline Blush Essence

Blush Essence – slightly sheer light pink hue loaded with silvery micro shimmer which adds a nice depth, although this was one of the least pigmented shades.

Maybelline Breathtaking Apricot

Breathtaking Apricot – a warm pink hue with some coral hints to liven it up and some scattered silvery micro shimmer throughout, but there’s a slight tendency of this shade pooling in lip lines – made less apparent once the gloss starts to fade.

Maybelline Fuchsia Flourish

Fuchsia Flourish – a hot pink hue that offers a decent amount of colour and fairly even pigment distribution, with a good lasting power and colour depositing properties.

Maybelline Raspberry Rhapsody

Raspberry Rhapsody – a pure berry hue with sparse silver & pink micro shimmer that is surprisingly nowhere near as pigmented on the lips as what’s seen in the tube – but a highly flattering shade just the same.

Maybelline Signature Scarlet

Signature Scarlet – an absolutely PERFECT red hue, with incredible colour saturation, über-glossy and mega staying power. LOVE 

Maybelline Caviar Couture duo

Caviar Couture – a deep vampy burgundy hue with silver & magenta micro-shimmer. The problem child of the bunch, getting this shade to apply solidly from the tube is not easy, as it has a tendency to gather in lip lines. Best if layered over a matching pencil or lipstick for more adhesion – works beautifully then, thankfully, as it’s a total stunner.

Maybelline Color Elixir wand side view

left: view of the angled wand, right: view of lips after wearing Caviar Couture – lightly stained & super hydrated/plumped

Maybelline Color Elixir swatches sunlight

swatches of all shades shown in direct sunlight

Maybelline Color Elixir swatches natural light

swatches of all shades shown in natural light


Even though lipsticks have been undergoing a recent revival, there’s no denying the ease of use that a gloss offers – in most cases, you don’t even need a mirror for application. What I absolutely love about these Color Elixirs is how velvety smoothly they feel on and the well moisturized sensation on the lips they leave behind – and even though not all shades delivered on colour pigmentation, the ones that did (Nude Illusion & Signature Scarlet, I’m looking at you) blew me away. Hint: I’m thinking that a few Color Elixirs will make perfect stocking stuffers …

Available now (and part of the permanent range – yay!), find more information of Maybelline products via: website/twitter/facebook

Maybelline Color Elixir closer

*Disclosure: product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

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