Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel – Autumn Spice & Italian Leather

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Revlong Parfumerie opener new


There’s a retro glamour to be had with this new range of lacquers from Revlon, Parfumerie™ Scented Nail Enamel, that makes them so display-worthy. Starting with the rectangular jewel-like bevelled glass bottles to the rounded cap, the two shades (as well as scents) that drew me, were Autumn Spice and Italian Leather.

You should note that in order to fully appreciate each shade’s scent, you need to apply it and let it dry down – simply opening the bottle and taking a whiff will definitely not help. Even through the addition of top coat, the fragrance was still able to come through. Lasting power of each scent will vary, but of the two here, Autumn Spice is definitely stronger-scented and held on longer, going easily a full 4 days before it began to fade.

A quick word about the wand & brush – while a shorter length overall than conventional polish wands, I experience no difficulty at all in application. The brush has a good flexibility too, without being either too densely or sparsely bristled and I initially believed that the little knob cap would be tricky to grasp, it turns out to be a convenient size after all.

Revlon Parfumerie duo

Revlon Parfumerie™  Scented Nail Enamel – Italian Leather & Autumn Spice

Revlon Parfumerie duo 2

Revlon Parfumerie™  Scented Nail Enamel – Italian Leather & Autumn Spice

Revlon Autumn Spice

#100 Autumn Spice (CAN $8.99) – A dark brown/russet base hue that’s loaded with bronze, copper & pink irregularly shaped micro glitter pieces. There’s a definitive multi-tonal effect going on here and there even seems to be a duo chrome look at certain angles, with the occasional flash of oxidized colour – so much to see from this one shade! Bearing an excellent flow and colour saturation, as well as a self-levelling glossy finish, there’s the added bonus of a non-staining removal. The overall effect of the shimmer, is as though it’s coming up from the depth of the colour and simmering just at the surface level – exquisite! Coats applied: 2, plus top coat

Fragrance: if Autumn were a scent, THIS would be it – cinnamon, clove, and amber-like tones seems to dominate, with slight hints of incense and smoke to round it out.

Revlon Autumn Spice swatch

Revlon Parfumerie™ – Autumn Spice

Revlon Autumn Spice swatch 2

Revlon Parfumerie™ – Autumn Spice

Revlon Autumn Spice swatch 3

Revlon Parfumerie™ – Autumn Spice

Revlon Italian Leather

#130 Italian Leather (CAN $8.99) – A sage/lichen green base hue filled with a gold, bronze & copper finely ground shimmer. The formula was a touch thinner than that of Autumn Spice, but still easy to apply and with an excellent opacity. Self-levelling and quite glossy at the finish, the shimmer really comes alive when seen in direct light, giving a unique glow to the centre of the nails – but which otherwise stays in the background, serving to add a touch of overall depth to this shade. Non-staining upon removal, coats applied: 2, plus top coat

Fragrance: So hard to pin down, but there’s an airy, almost woodsy tone that I pick up – without it coming off as either too floral, green, or herbal. After it has developed for a bit, I did manage to get some leathery hints, even pulling out my favourite Gucci purse to compare – yup, definitely some luxe italian leather going on here.

Revlon italian Leather swatch

Revlon Parfumerie™ – Italian Leather

Revlon Italian Leather swatch 2

Revlon Parfumerie™ – Italian Leather

Revlon Italian Leather swatch 3

Revlon Parfumerie™ – Italian Leather


From my understanding, this range is to be part of the permanent lineup of Revlon products – good news if you haven’t come across them yet, or have come across an almost empty display. There are apparently 16 shades in all and I believe they are divided into separate scent categories, although to be honest, I didn’t stop to properly note them – I was too busy trying to make my selection. Overall, I am very impressed with the formula & finish of the 2 I did choose, and these particular scents are so totally me. Now I’m kicking myself for not having picked up a few more … I’m guessing another shopping trip is in my near future …

I found these Revlon Parfumerie shades at Jean Coutu (Québec).

Revlon Parfumerie closer

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