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The latest fragrance from Elizabeth Arden, ‘UNTOLD’, is literally breathtaking to behold; the faceted bottle appears to defy gravity with its unique shape and almost deserves to be placed on a pedestal. Created for the modern, sophisticated, yet sensual woman, this scent will captivate you … and anyone else who comes close enough as well.

EA Untold wrapped

Elizabeth Arden – UNTOLD

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Elizabeth Arden – UNTOLD

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Elizabeth Arden – UNTOLD

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Elizabeth Arden – UNTOLD (ingredients list)

EA Untold

Elizabeth Arden – UNTOLD

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UNTOLD (Eau de Parfum Spray 50 ml/1.7 fl. oz CAN $75.00) – Coming in a white box with a gold embossed cross-hatch design (it’s just so pretty!) the bottle is like a little piece of art. Created by IFF perfumer Clement Gavarry, he wanted UNTOLD to be “a harmonious balance of the many facets of a woman” and I’d have to say that this warm floral manages to accomplish exactly that. The unique and faceted bottle shape with its slight curve, is an excellent representation of the many sides of every woman; present, radiant & elusive at the same time, to name a few facets. According to the company:

Each note in the fragrance was selected to evoke a characteristic of the UNTOLD woman:

  • Vibrant: Sparkling Pink Pepper fused with crisp Bergamot expose her vibrant optimism and joyful spirit
  • Unpredictable: Playful, fruity accents of Pear and Blackcurrant Bud LMR* evoke her unpredictable ways
  • Refined: Delicate Gardenia petals and intoxicating Egyptian Jasmine LMR* reveal her romantic and sophisticated femininity
  • Mysterious: Nuances of Patchouli Heart LMR* and Sandalwood hint at her mysterious aura
  • Sensual: Heated Ambers cascade over the caress of hypnotic Musk unveiling her magnetic sensuality. Lingering in the air is the unforgettable essence of her presence

*LMR= Laboratoire Monique Rémy. International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.’s in-house, natural facility situated in Grasse, France, that specializes in extracting natural raw materials through a craftsmanship technique. Therefore, productions are rare, fine and represent the best quality in the marketplace.

My thoughts: Fragrances and I have a very complicated relationship, as some ingredients can give me an instantaneous & blinding headache upon initial spritzing – in particular, florals. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this is so not the case with Elizabeth Arden’s ‘UNTOLD’, which is actually considered a floral. There’s a tangy vibrancy I picked up upon initial application, which quickly mellowed out as the fragrance began to dry upon the skin, evolving into something almost honey-like, but with teasing floral hints somewhere way in the background. The slight powdery tone that came through after several hours of wearing seemed perfectly blended with a more resin-like note, giving this fragrance a nice balance between coming off as both sensuous and fresh.


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Elizabeth Arden – UNTOLD (faceted cap)

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Elizabeth Arden – UNTOLD

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Elizabeth Arden – UNTOLD

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Elizabeth Arden – UNTOLD

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Elizabeth Arden – UNTOLD

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Elizabeth Arden – UNTOLD


Since 1922, Elizabeth Arden has been crafting fragrances that have been achieving cult status amongst their followers (Red Door, Green Tea), and ‘UNTOLD’ seems poised to join their ranks as well. I was quite surprised by how much I liked the way this scent worked with my body chemistry – no adverse reaction at all. The bottle has got to be one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in quite some time, and no detail has been overlooked; you will so WANT to display this.

PS: Another great gift idea for the holidays! Also available in:

  • UNTOLD Eau de Parfum Spray 100 ml CAN $95.00
  • UNTOLD Body Cream 200 ml CAN $54.00
  • UNTOLD Shower Gel 200 ml CAN $45.00

Find more information on all Elizabeth Arden products via: website/twitter/facebook

EA Untold closer

*Disclosure: Product sample provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

6 Responses to Elizabeth Arden – UNTOLD

  1. theoxfordowl says:

    This sounds absolutely lovely – and that bottle is to die for! You have a lovely evocative way of describing scent :)

    • Eugenia says:

      Thank you so incredibly much – fragrances are so subjective and unique to each individual; trying to capture their “essence” in words, is not the easiest of tasks, let me tell you!

      • theoxfordowl says:

        Oh, I know! 😛 I blog a lot about Lush products, where fragrance is really important, and always end up saying things like ‘this is warm and soft and a bit orange-y’ rather than, y’know, useful things that might tell people if they’re going to like it or not… 😛 But you’ve definitely nailed it – I liked how you included the notes, for factual reference, as well as the more subjective description of how it wore on you :)

      • Eugenia says:

        Lol – it can get challenging coming up with proper descriptions at times, but I like to think of it as a brain workout!

  2. adela63Adela says:

    Want!!!Want!!Want!!! (making a mental note to add to my Christmas list). Thanks for your excellent critique on this fab perfume Eugenia. :)

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