Maybelline – The Buffs by Color Sensational

Maybelline The Buffs opener


Nude lips were seen all over the recent Spring/Summer 2014 runway shows – at times channeling an über-pale retro 60’s mod vibe, at others displaying a barely-there tone, ladylike & demure. But not all neutral hues are created equal and neither is there one shade that fits all skin tones; enter Maybelline with their upcoming ‘The Buffs by Color Sensational’ (launching January 2014) – a range of 8 flesh toned inspired lipsticks with a balm-like texture that aim to help you find “the one nude to rule them all”. Personally, I find something so incredibly sexy about a perfect nude lipstick – reminds me of Bardot and that sex-kitten pout!

A note about application: I applied all of these shades straight from the tube – no lipliner was used. To get the most even-looking colour, you definitely need to ensure your lips are properly moisturized and any visible flakes removed. I’m still giving my Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Lip Balms (previously reviewed here) some serious love, and find they give my lips the right amount of hydration needed for the job.

  • the palest shades here have the shortest staying power (about 2.5 hours average)
  • the darkest shades the longest (approx. 4.5 hours)
  • the middle-range falling in between (averaging 3 hours)
  • all leave a good moisturized feel behind once their initial colour fades
  • pigmentation is the least with the lighter hues (although Bare All is oddly very pigmented)
  • most intense pigmentation is with the darker shades, which may leave lips lightly (and evenly) stained

Maybelline The Buffs capped

Maybelline – The Buffs by Color Sensational

Maybelline The Buffs capped 2

Maybelline – The Buffs by Color Sensational

Maybelline The Buffs labels

Maybelline – The Buffs by Color Sensational

Maybelline The Buffs

Maybelline – The Buffs by Color Sensational

Maybelline The Buffs 2

Maybelline – The Buffs by Color Sensational

Maybelline The Buffs macro

Maybelline – The Buffs by Color Sensational

Maybelline The Buffs 3

Maybelline – The Buffs by Color Sensational

Maybelline The Buffs 4

Maybelline – The Buffs by Color Sensational

Maybelline The Buffs 5

Maybelline – The Buffs by Color Sensational

Maybelline Bare All

Bare All – White tinted and frosty toned upon first application, this shade settled into a more natural looking and wearable colour after about an hour. Lips need to be fully moisturized & prepped prior, or else this colour will emphasize & magnify any flakes.

Best suited for: those with the fairest of skin tones, or anyone wanting a dramatic impact

Maybelline Blushing Beige

Blushing Beige – A nude with a definitive baby pink colour, still on the lighter end of the nude spectrum and warm-toned. Lips need to be properly prepped before application to avoid it settling into any dry areas/lip lines.

Best suited for: Fair to medium light skin tone, and anyone with a lightly pigmented natural lip colour.

Maybelline Nude Lust

Nude Lust – Hints of peach warm up this shade – otherwise it’s very close to Blushing Beige. The perfect hue for a trendy nude lip, but on the lighter side of this colour family.

Best suited for: All skin tones, except the darkest where it may appear somewhat ashy.

Maybelline Maple Kiss

Maple Kiss – Definitely on the darker side of neutral, amped up with a sienna tint. Very easy to wear, this shade provides a natural pop of colour while still bordering the nude side – it’s like having a super pigmented natural lip tone.

Best suited for: All skin tones, although it will definitely appear much more vivid and less “neutral” on the very fair.

Maybelline Truffle Tease

Truffle Tease – I. Love.This. Shade. This is my perfect nude – neither too pale nor too blah, with a formula that just glides across the lips and gives that right balance of nude with a hint of colour. Think leather ballet slippers that have become worn in.

Best suited for: All skin tones, especially light-medium.

Maybelline Stormy Sahara

Stormy Sahara – Rose hints liven up this shade, although there’s some light apricot thrown in as well. A slightly more vivid version of ‘Truffle Tease’, this is another one of those wearable shades, although it may have a tendency to settle in any fine lines.

Best suite for: all skin tones, in particular anyone with a yellowish undertone.

Maybelline Untainted Spice

Untainted Spice – Thanks to the raisin undertones of this hue, it just barely squeaks into the nude category – but definitely on the darker side of things. An absolutely gorgeous hue that provides mega colour without coming off as too strong, and still quite wearable.

Best suited for: all skin tones.

EDIT: I should add that the deeper hues of this collection actually work beautifully on darker and/or African-American skin tones as “nude” shades – a point I should have mentioned earlier.

Maybelline Espresso Exposed

Espresso Exposed – Not sure how this burgundy colour qualifies as a nude (it’s more “vamp” in my eyes), but for argument’s sake, we’ll say it’s the most intense nude once can wear. Super pigmented and long-wearing, leaving lips lightly stained after wearing – but still quite soft.

Best suited for: all skin tones, in particular the darkest. Super fair types might find this shade a touch too theatrical.


Maybelline The Buffs swatches natural light

Maybelline – The Buffs by Color Sensational (swatched in natural light)

Maybelline The Buffs swatches flash

Maybelline – The Buffs by Color Sensational (same order as above, shown under flash)


I have a total weakness for nudes – love how they match any makeup look and style, never clash without whatever I’m wearing, can give a seeming lip-plumping effect, and can be applied with minimal effort – but finding that perfect neutral colour can be quite a challenge. I love how Maybelline The Buffs gives one 8 options to choose from, and have taken into consideration a broad range of skin tones in the creation of these lipsticks. My favourite HANDS DOWN, is Truffle Tease, with Nude Lust and Untainted Spice coming in close behind. I found that the 2 shades hardest to work with were Bare All (chalky on me) and Espresso Exposed (too much work involved to get it looking perfect – for a “nude”) although I am willing to experiment with them just the same.

Maybelline The Buffs by Color Sensational (retail price CAD $9.99) will be available at mass retailers and drug stores across Canada as of January 2014.

Find more information on the brand via website/twitter/facebook

Maybelline The Buffs closer

*Disclosure: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

20 Responses to Maybelline – The Buffs by Color Sensational

  1. tashasface says:

    Great post! I thought they would actually be more brown from the ads I have seen. I think there are 4 I need to try though: Truffle Tease and Stormy Sahara look the best, followed by Nude Lust and Blushing Beige perhaps?

    • Eugenia says:

      Other than the lightest one, I loved every single shade that I wore – they are really gorgeous and at these prices, you can indulge in a few without feeling guilty!

  2. Love, love, love!! Truffle Tease and Sahara are callin’ me!! <3

  3. Great Review! I saw these in a display at target today, but i just couldn’t decide which ones I should pick up. Thanks for the great swatches!

  4. Pauline says:

    Where did you buy this collection???

  5. Melissa says:

    Truffle tease looks like it might be my perfect nude too! Thanks for the review and swatches as always!

  6. Finally they get that nude is not just beige I’m brown skinned and I want my nude to be represented and darker. Just wait till this is released. I’m gonna buy all the dark colors I can.

    • Eugenia says:

      They are so amazing – and you’re right; it’s about time that a brand recognized that “nude shades” means something entirely different to each of us!

  7. eranoire says:

    Great swatches as always! Are these limited edition?

  8. Helena says:

    Indeed, you make Truffle Tease look great. The two darkest shades would be so beautiful on someone with dark skin, I imagine!

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks so much, Helena! :) I love the two deep shades as well (although not so easy for someone with my colouring to pull off comfortably) and I agree with you – they’d be basically neutral looking on those with a darker skin tone.

  9. Larie says:

    Budget-friendly trendy shades! How fun. I have the hardest time finding the ultimate nude lipstick T_T

  10. MiLinda says:

    Maple Kiss is up my alley although I like the next 3 too. I will have to keep an watchful eye out for these lippies. I am not a huge fan of Maybelline lipsticks as I find their texture on the drier side, and I am a swipe and go kind of gal. However, for the colours I might pick up a couple.

    • Eugenia says:

      I don’t actually have much experience with their lipsticks, as I’ve always gone with higher end brands, but I had no drying issues with most of these shades – it really helps to make sure your lips have the proper moisture to begin with, however!

What are your thoughts, beautiful?