OPI – Gwen Stefani Collection, Textures

OPI Gwen Stefani Textures opener


While the first half of this capsule collection consisted of more traditional creamier hues – albeit in a new ultra-glossy formula (previously reviewed here), the three lacquers shown here all offer more of a 3D experience with their varying finishes. Somehow, OPI has managed to perfectly capture the many sides of singer/songwriter/fashion designer/mom Gwen Stefani with these shades, at once unique, glam & just the right amount of edge.

OPI Gwen Stefani collage pt 2

Sophisticated glamour: another side of Gwen Stefani (source)

OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby.

Love.Angel.Music.Baby. – a champagne gold hue with finely ground matching shimmer, in OPI’s new satin textured finish that feels exactly like buttery suede. Opacity was amazing for a shade this light, giving almost complete coverage by the 1st coat while falling in a totally self-levelling way. On me, this shade appears as more of an amped-up nude — and I’m 100% in love with the unique, almost ‘editorial’ tone it gave off. Note: the finish takes a few minutes to fully develop – but it’s so worth the wait. Coats applied: 2, no top coat (best worn without)

The last 2 swatches were done by first applying two coats of ‘I Sing in Color’ (previously reviewed here) and allowing it to dry completely. Using ‘Love.Angel.Music.Baby.’ to created the gilded tips, wipe off most of the polish against the neck of the bottle, then apply in an upwards motion from the nail tip – applying very little pressure. By turning the brush on its side, you can also feather it slightly higher up along the nail. Finish with top coat to form a protective and seamless finish.

OPI Love.Angel.MUsic.Baby. swatch

OPI – Love.Angel.Music.Baby.

OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby. swatch 2

OPI – Love.Angel.Music.Baby.

OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby nail art

OPI – Love.Angel.Music.Baby. over I Sing in Color

OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby. nail art 2

OPI – Love.Angel.Music.Baby. over I Sing in Color

OPI 4 In The Morning

4 In The Morning – a gunmetal hue with a pewter sheen, in OPI’s new semi-matte satin finish that has a slight overall rubberized look and bears an excellent flow to the formula, falling in a self-levelling way and leaving zero brush strokes behind. Non-staining upon removal, once again top coat would only ruin the unique tone of this lacquer. Sophisticated and futuristic at the same time, this is the perfect alternative to black. Coats applied: 2, no top coat

OPI 4 In The Morning swatch

OPI – 4 In the Morning

OPI 4 In The Morning swatch 2

OPI – 4 In the Morning

OPI In True Stefani Fashion

In True Stefani Fashion – a clear base filled with holographic glitter in small & medium round shapes, along with larger square pieces to form an original composition. Best used for layering over other shades (especially darker hues for a stark contrast), but it can be also worn alone for a tinsel-like brilliance. Coats applied: 3 (thin), plus top coat

The last 2 swatches were created by first applying two coats of ‘4 In the Morning’ and allow it to dry well (at least 15 minutes). Place a large drop of ‘In True Stefani Fashion’ on a piece of foil and using the larger head of a double-ended dotting too, apply 3 rows of evenly spaced dots along the nail lengthwise. Using the fine head of the dotting tool, finish by placing dots in between using the finer head of the dotting tool – no top coat was used.

OPI In True Stefani Fashion swatch

OPI- In True Stefani Fashion

OPI In True Stefani Fashion swatch 2

OPI – In True Stefani Fashion

OPI 4 In The Morning nail art

OPI – In True Stefani Fashion over 4 In the Morning

OPI 4 In The Morning nail art 2

OPI – In True Stefani Fashion over 4 In the Morning


In my opinion, every single one of these lacquers is a winner; Love.Angel.Music.Baby. blew me away with its stealth “cool-ness”, like adding a matte top coat over a nude gold shade — but better. 4 In the Morning is the epitome of rocker-chic and even impressed my husband (he actually noticed the finish). Glitter is not usually my thing, but by indulging in a little simple nail art, I was able to turn In True Stefani Fashion into original holographic studs – love it!

I’ll hopefully be showing the last shade of this collection, Push and Shove – a brilliant chrome hue (sold as a set with Lay Down That Base) fairly soon – stay tuned!

The OPI Gwen Stefani Collection will be available in stores early January 2014. Find more information via website/twitter/facebook


OPI Gwen Stefani Textures closer

*Disclosure: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

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  1. Beautiful nails and nail art! I’m pinning this post.

  2. tashasface says:

    I love your In True Stefani Fashion over 4 In the Morning pic. Once again I love all of these!

  3. Denise says:

    Okay, so none of these shades really intrigue me, but I just had to comment on how STUNNING your nail art looks. Seriously gorgeous, and amazing swatches as usual!

  4. Nancy Dines says:

    Your nail art is terrific, Eugenia! I love this collection, and I’m glad there’s a new opi texture finish out there. I get super excited for something original in the nail polish world!

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks so much, Nancy! I know exactly what you mean about getting excited over new finishes – sometimes it feels like it’s all been done before, and then we get something new like this!

  5. Wow you’ve been very creative!

  6. I just love it when you bust out the inner artist, Eugenia. That black and gold combination is stunning!

    • Eugenia says:

      Hahaha! Did I ever tell you that my formative training actually is in art? Doesn’t seem to translate that easily on my nails, however! Just as a small correction – the gold is actually on a deep eggplant shade (I Sing in Color from the same Gwen Stefani collection), but I can understand how it probably appears black on some monitors!

  7. Maribeth says:

    Eeek! I love Love Angel Music Baby! So super pretty! I love Gwen, so naturally I’m excited about this entire collection! Love your nail art looks too, btw!

  8. I’m not a golden polish person, but the finish of the first one seems very nice…And the last nail art you created is really fantastic *___*

    • Eugenia says:

      Thank you so much! This gold shade is really unique and even though I’m not much for gold polishes myself, I couldn’t stop staring at my nails when I was wearing this!

  9. danishapop says:

    the nail arts are very beautiful

  10. Linda says:

    I’m interested in seeing what this base coat and the chrome is all about. Again OPI has come up with interesting new things.

    • Eugenia says:

      I know, right? Just when you think that there’s not much left that hasn’t already been invented in the world of nail polish, OPI pulls a few other rabbits out of their hat! :)

  11. I really like the black with the gold tip.

  12. Deborah says:

    Love the gold shade!

  13. amandabambii says:

    Love.Angel.Music.Baby is amaaaazing! Love what you did with these polishes x

  14. Pinkpamalamma says:

    I love the gradient and the glitter placement you did with these! Beautiful!

  15. Nathalie Roy says:

    Love what you did there with ITSF over 4ITM. Looks like little drops of crystal. Quite nice. Great review again!

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks! In some angles they look like rivets/studs, at other angles like crystal drops – wasn’t expecting it to turn out as cool as it did, but I’m happy!

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