CHANEL Joues Contraste #84 Accent (LE) – Holiday 2013 & comparisons

CHANEL Accent opener


For Holiday 2013, the House of CHANEL has released a small-scale collection, filled with products that are exquisitely made and in completely wearable hues. While several items caught my eye, the Joues Contraste Powder Blush in #84 Accent seemed to stand out; there’s just something about it … something special, but in a completely understated way.

CHANEL Accent label

CHANEL – Joues Contraste #84 Accent

CHANEl Accent blush

CHANEL – Joues Contraste #84 Accent

CHANEl Accent blush 2

Joues Contraste #84 Accent Powder Blush (CAN $48.00) – A tawny/taupe hue with the barest hints of mauve and peach in the base to warm it up, and bearing an incredibly fine shimmer throughout. Surprisingly pigmented for a light shade, there was hardly any powdery kickback when I swirled my brush in the pan. Application couldn’t be easier as well, as this shade blends beautifully and seamlessly into the skin, while the shimmer serves to add a gorgeous yet soft, luminous glow. Lasting power was quite good – going easily 9 hours before any significant fading.

Don’t let the tan colour in the pan fool you; this is a universally flattering shade that will suit a broad range of skin tones, except for perhaps the darkest – where it probably won’t really show up at all.

CHANEL Accent blush side

CHANEL – Joues Contraste #84 Accent

CHANEl Accent blush detail

CHANEL – Joues Contraste #84 Accent

CHANEL Accent blush flash

CHANEL – Joues Contraste #84 Accent (with flash)

CHANEL Accent blush swatch 2

CHANEL – Joues Contraste #84 Accent (blended out on the right)

CHANEl Accent vs Notorious

CHANEL – Notorious (left) & Joues Contraste #84 Accent 

When the first promotional images began circulating, I assumed that #84 Accent was very similar to Notorious (previously reviewed here), but as can be clearly seen in the photos, they are nothing alike.

CHANEL Accent vs Notorious swatch

CHANEL – Joues Contraste #84 Accent & Notorious swatches

CHANEl Accent blush with comparisons

I then pulled out all similarly coloured blushes in my collection to compare to #84 Accent and while a couple looked like contenders, I was happy to note that none had the same tone or finish.

  • MAC Harmony – close in base tone, but without any shimmer
  • NARS Douceur – significantly lighter and less pigmented, similar base hue
  • MAC Garb – peachier and lighter hued
  • MAC Get-Away Bronze – the darkest, more orange toned and with an obvious golden shimmer

CHANEL Accent and comps swatches

CHANEL – Joues Contraste #84 Accent & comparisons


This is a blush that I find myself turning to almost on a daily basis. Perfect for when you want a light and natural looking flush along the skin, it also lends itself well to be used as a contour, then adding a pop of brighter colour on the apples of the cheeks. Note that this is a limited edition item (big mistake, CHANEL – you need to make this permanent) and still available at counters – but not for long, as the Spring 2014 Collection has already started making its appearance.

CHANEL Accent closer

10 Responses to CHANEL Joues Contraste #84 Accent (LE) – Holiday 2013 & comparisons

  1. Pretty shade! I can see how you’d be wearing it a ton, it’s a great neutral. It looks similar to the Sweet Pea blush by Becca I picked up in NYC, so I would skip on it personally – but for Chanel fans I can see it being a must-have :)

    • Eugenia says:

      I don’t own anything by Becca, so I couldn’t say but while I do have several other neutral blushes, there’s something about this shade that just works so well!

  2. Hey Big Sis! Hope you had a lovely Christmas with the family!
    I swatched this when I was In California, and I passed. A little to much shimmer for me! Plus, I just don’t need another neutral blush as I find I don’t wear them all that often. I’m weird, hey?

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks, Lil Sis – the smoked turkey you mentioned sounds super yummy! As to the blush, I initially thought the same you did – that it looked too shimmery but guess what? It’s that CHANEL magic at work again, and the shimmer seems to just work in the background – nothing too blingy. I love neutrals with my skin tone as they seem to just work; wish I could pull off a pink blush like you can, though!

  3. Melissa says:

    I had to have this after seeing a lot of buzz around it early December. I was able to find a Holt Renfrew that had it in stock and had it mailed to me. I was afraid it would be close to Nortorious as well but was pleasantly surprised! This is only my 2nd Chanel purchase after Notorious and found that Accent has a slight perfume-y scent, but I love it nonetheless!

What are your thoughts, beautiful?