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I must confess that there is ONE thing I envy about men – and no, it’s not what you’re thinking (although we’ll get back to that a little later on when we get to one of the products I’m reviewing here …) and it’s the fact that shaving is basically optional for them. And while I do prefer my man to be “scaped” to a certain degree, he can still get away with hairy legs and armpits — so NOT the case for us females. The battle to remove unwanted body and/or facial hair, has plagued womankind for decades and in our pursuit to be fuzz-free, we’ll endure vast amounts of pain (hello, Brazilian waxing anyone?), and empty our bank accounts (laser hair removal, I’m looking at you) to reach that goal.


With their almost instant success in the UK, Inhibitif products have finally made their way to this side of the pond, and I literally jumped at the chance to give them a try. Made with the highest concentrations of 3 critical ingredients that target hair follicles, these products aim to “slow down the apparent growth rate and density of unwanted hair

  • 0.41% Lauryl Isoquinolinium Bromide (double action technology reduces apparent hair density)
  • 0.20% Dihydromycerin (targets the stimuli that boost follicular growth)
  • 0.25% Pseudoalteromonas Ferment (offers a skin soothing effect)

Also includes:

  • Maize Propanediol and Aloe (helps with absorption and skin comfort)
  • Contains NO parabens, propylene glycol, urea-based derivatives or oil. Comes in a “mild field mint aroma” (still don’t know what that means, but it does happen to be pleasant) which completely eliminates any medicinal scents of its technologies

According to the company:

Inhibitif’s technology is based on a triple-action approach on the selective inhibitory activity of its formula on the IGF-1-receptor tyrosine-kinase activity. This action prevents stimuli that boost follicular growth during the active hair growth phase. As a result, many hairs seem to never grow while using Inhibitif and many hairs seem to grow to a lesser degree. This action on hair cycle reduces the apparent density of hairs and impairs overall hair quality, thus minimizing the need for hair removal

With results promised as early as after 2 weeks of use (I’m guessing that’s on the rarer end of the scale) and even more visible confirmation seen after 8 weeks, I was definitely on board – but first, I loaded up on skepticism. After all, this wouldn’t be the first time a product has made these claims, am I right?

About me (and my “unwanted hair”): I may not be the furriest girl on the block, but neither am I hirsute-free (thank God my parents hail from the Northern parts of Greece, where the folks there are known to be somewhat less “shaggy”. Just sayin). My preferred hair removal method is the razor, primarily because of the skin exfoliation benefits shaving offers, and because I feel that the stress which regular waxing places on the skin will somehow manifest into mega-sagging issues later on. I don’t even know if that’s true, but there you have it. Laser treatments are not an option right now (at least not until the prices drop down from the stratosphere). I had achieved really good results with another process I tried, especially on the bikini area which is still hair-free (read about it here), although I still have hair (reduced to a certain degree, but not gone) on my underarms and legs. Speaking of which, my underarm hair appears to resist any attempt to leave. Stubborn as a herd of donkeys, I tell you.

Ready to learn my results?

Inhibitif duo boxed

Inhibitif Hair-Free Deodorant & Hair-Free Face Serum

Inhibitif Deodorant boxed

Inhibitif Hair-Free Deodorant

Inhibitif Deodorant ingredients

Inhibitif Hair-Free Deodorant (ingredients list)

Inhibitif Deodorant info

Inhibitif Hair-Free Deodorant (directions & info)

Inhibitif Deodorant

Hair-Free Deodorant (CAN $9.99) – Ok, let’s get it out of the way: the bottle shape. Remind you of anything?! Finding a good & effective deodorant is another product women spend years hunting down (it’s funny that we never really talk about it though *shrugs*) and when I saw that this was a rollerball, it brought me right back to the 70’s (yes, I’m THAT old). According to the company, not only will daily use help to reduce the apparent hair growth rate, but provide anti-bacterial properties as well.

Meant to be applied on shaved and/or waxed underarms and then maintained daily, I have been using this deodorant consistently for about 8 weeks now. There’s an initial tingling felt upon first applying and it bears a not-unpleasant minty scent – neither of which seem to last too long, although the product itself is slower to dry than a conventional stick deodorant (something to keep in mind if you’re in a hurry, or don’t want to stain certain fabrics). The first 2 weeks, I noticed absolutely no change. I’m not sure if there was anything to report by the 4th week either (stubborn pits, remember?). Then, about the 6th week, I realized that something had indeed changed: the hair was not only much slower in growing back, but there was less of it and the texture was significantly softer. I’m still not hair-free, but there are definite positive results which encourages me to continue using this. Another plus: as far as deodorants go, I found this to be highly effective at keeping my underarms fairly dry and odour-free.

Inhibitif Deodorant 2

Inhibitif Hair-Free Deodorant

Inhibitif Deodorant rollerball

Inhibitif Hair-Free Deodorant (rollerball detail)

Inhibitif Face Serum boxed

Inhibitif Hair-Free Face Serum

Inhibitif Face Serum ingredients

Inhibitif Hair-Free Face Serum (ingredients list)

Inhibitif Face Serum info

Inhibitif Hair-Free Face Serum (directions & info)

Inhibitif Face Serum

Hair-Free Face Serum (CAN $24.99) – The directions say to “apply to shaved, waxed, or threaded skin” – none of which applies to me, as I was intending to use this serum on the upper lip area only, and my usual hair removal method there has been to use a depilatory cream. Still, I plunged ahead – all in the name of guinea pig-ness.

This clearish (there’s a very slight yellow tint) and slightly viscous liquid bears a similar minty scent to the deodorant, although no tingling sensation was detected. Meant to be applied twice a day for 8 weeks, and then used every other day after that, I confess that I was way less than vigilant here; in fact, I can honestly say that I probably applied it about 5 times the first week alone & may even have skipped a week after that, so to say my expectations were low, would be an understatement. Very unprofessional of me, not to mention having botched & tainted any expected results. BUT WAIT! Not even 2 weeks in, and I was blown away! Not only had the fuzz lessened, but in most areas it’s now COMPLETELY GONE! Incredible, right? If I didn’t experience it for myself, I wouldn’t believe it either. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the dropper method and I wish that this product came with a small roller-ball as well, but at least this dispersal method offers control.

Inhibitif Face Serum 2

Inhibitif Hair-Free Face Serum


These products work, make no mistake about it. I’m curious to see if the results will be permanent, especially in the areas where I no longer see any hair growth, but even if some fuzz comes back, the low price point of Inhibitif products makes upkeep very easy to manage. After having had success with both the Hair-Free Deodorant and the Hair-Free Serum, I’m really looking forward to trying the Hair-Free Body Serum (CAN $29.99) – after all, it’s not going to be Winter forever and before you know it, bikini season will be staring you at the legs.

Oh yes, I have officially joined the #SmoothMovement

Inhibitif products are available in Canada through Shopper’s Drug Mart/Pharmaprix locations. Find more information via website/twitter/facebook

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*Disclosure: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

10 Responses to Inhibitif Deodorant & Face Serum

  1. felicia says:

    How did you put the serum on your face? Just drip it on and smooth it?

    • Eugenia says:

      Using the dropper that comes with it is actually quite easy – I applied it straight from the dropper on to my skin, or alternately onto my finger which I then applied to my face.

  2. Linda says:

    In case the fine folks at Inhibitif didn’t really notice what their ergonomically-designed product resembled before, I would be interested in their thoughts on that, lol!

    I was surprised at the prices on these products, very reasonable! I’m wondering how well the deoderant works as I have now entered “hot flashes” stage and am prone to random sudden sweats! Along with that, my eyebrow hairs seem to be migrating to my chin so I am definitely in need of both of these products!!

    • Eugenia says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Too funny, Linda! That bottle is definitely a conversation starter! Poor you…I’m not looking forward to the “hot flashes” stage (the longer it holds off, the better) so maybe this deodorant may just help with that too. And those pesky migrating hairs — I have a few of my own and they seem to be made of rawhide or something, lol! I’ve started using the serum on those areas too — we’ll see how that turns out!

  3. I can’t believe that I’ve never heard of this company seeing as I live in the UK! I’m really interested in trying this stuff out for myself. I’ve waxed for many years now after stubbly legs once kept me awake half the night (mine, not someone elses!) but I do find it a bit of a faff. I’ll definitely try at least one of these products as, if they work, will hopefully lessen one of the many chores we girls need to go through so as not to resemble cavewomen!

    • Eugenia says:

      OMG – I fell off my chair laughing at your comment! The visuals (stubbly legs & cavewomen!)….

      I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that the areas I’ve seen the most improvement on, stay that way. The fact that my underarm hair (like Kevlar, really) has thinned out AND is coming in slower, is all the proof I need that something IS working. Still, time will tell…

  4. JDV says:

    I’m intrigued but having bad flashbacks to all the times Tickle deodorant failed me…

    I wonder if you could apply the face serum by brush? I’d imagine it would need to be a synthetic brush though.

    • Eugenia says:

      HAHAHAHA! I so remember Tickle! That was then though, and this is now — with major improvements in technology (thank God!). As to the face serum, I simply place a drop or 2 in the palm of my hand and use my finger to apply it – pretty simple and saves on wasting any product as well!

  5. adela63 says:

    Pictures please!! (No just kidding). Lovin’ the shape of that deodorant/hair inhibitor bottle. <3

    • Eugenia says:

      LOL! I really didn’t want to scare my readers away with photos (I had supplied photos with the other method I wrote about, and I still haven’t gotten over THAT!). And that bottle….!!!!!

What are your thoughts, beautiful?