Guerlain – Crazy Météorites Radiance Powder (LE) Holiday 2013

Guerlain Crazy powder opener


For a [self-professed] makeup aficionado, I realize almost daily how much I still have to learn; take for example finishing powders. Once considered totally unnecessary in my beauty routine, I have come to understand how beautifully they complete my look. The House of Guerlain, renown for their sublime bronzers (read my review here) and highlighters (read my review here), has attained a cult-status following for their Météorites range of luminizing powder balls (read my review here) where several shades are part of the permanent lineup, with seasonal limited edition versions throughout the year.

As part of the limited edition Crazy Paris Holiday 2013 Collection, the brand changed things up by releasing not only a pearls version, but also its counterpart in compact form (reviewed here) – something they’ve never done before. Paying homage to the exuberance and illumination that the City of Lights is known for, along with a celebration of the reopening of 68 Champs Elysée, the legendary Guerlain flagship boutique, this collection of vivid pieces beautifully manages to capture the colour and essence that is Paris.

Guerlain Crazy powder box

Guerlain Crazy Météorites Radiance Powder

Guerlain Crazy powder label

Guerlain Crazy Météorites Radiance Powder

Guerlain Crazy powder pouch

Guerlain Crazy Météorites Radiance Powder – love the hot pink blanket stitching on the velour pouch …

Guerlain Crazy powder pouch macro

… and the embossed logo!

Guerlain Crazy powder compact

Guerlain Crazy Météorites Radiance Powder – stunning compact exterior

Guerlain Crazy powder compact 2

Guerlain Crazy Météorites Radiance Powder

Guerlain Crazy powder compact 3

Guerlain Crazy Météorites Radiance Powder

Guerlain Crazy powder compact label

Guerlain Crazy Météorites Radiance Powder label

Guerlain Crazy powder

Guerlain Crazy Météorites Radiance Powder

Guerlain Crazy Powder 2

Crazy Météorites Radiance Powder (CAN $82.00) – The resin compact was full of surprises: in some angles, the tortoiseshell finish reveals the number 68, almost 3D-like. This ultra-finely milled and multi-hued finishing powder is designed to add subtle illumination (the white & nude shades), help correct any uneven tones (the green and purple shades), plus add an overall youthful brightness (the pink shade) to your face, while providing a flawless finish. The soft violet scent synonymous with this brand, is more apparent upon initial application, but which doesn’t linger too long upon wearing. As is the case with most translucent-type powders, staying power is more often than not determined by layering this product over your existing makeup (foundation), and photographing it solo can be tricky, at best. Note that the cool pink colour seen on my arm swatches (below) translates quite differently on the face, where it actually appears to meld more with my skin tone, becoming almost invisible. At the moment, my preferred brush to use with this powder is the #1 CHANEL Powder Brush which has a medium-large head, with rather dense and slightly tapering bristles.

Incredibly, I experience no powdery kick-back when I swirl my brush in the pan, and while the hot pink colour initially gave me pause, I’ve come to realize that it’s possibly the reason why this product looks just so amazing on; my skin looks fresh and healthy, with a very subtle luminosity – not enough to “glow”, but neither is it in the background. It’s as though you appear brighter somehow, in the “did-you-have-something-done?” kind of way. My husband, who is my true mirror, notices when I’m wearing this powder, because he always tells me how nice my makeup looks. I’ll take it. Applied over foundation, I would have to say that this powder goes easily past the 9 hour mark, with no oxidation or apparent oiliness. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that my skin seemed to produce less oil whenever I’ve worn this powder, although the brand makes no mention of that as being one of its perks.

Guerlain Crazy powder macro

Guerlain Crazy Météorites Radiance Powder

Guerlain Crazy powder 3

Guerlain Crazy Météorites Radiance Powder

Guerlain Crazy powder logo

Guerlain Crazy Météorites Radiance Powder, raised logo

Guerlain Crazy Météorites Radiance Powder swatch

left: natural light, right: with flash


I’ve learned that setting one’s makeup with powder (whether it’s bronzer, highlighter, or finishing), goes a long way in not only giving you a flawless finish, but helps to set everything in place and more importantly, keep it there, that much longer than going without. The beauty of this Guerlain Crazy Météorites Radiance Powder, is that it does exactly that: provide a gorgeous radiance along your skin, without appearing obvious. I even stopped caring about the CRAZY price tag once I saw the effect with my own eyes, but it definitely falls on steep end of the scale, which is pretty much what to expect from the higher-end brands.

Still available at some counters – but definitely not for much longer as the Spring Collections have started trickling in, this is a powder that’s worth investing in. Just look the other way when paying.

Guerlain Crazy powder closer

18 Responses to Guerlain – Crazy Météorites Radiance Powder (LE) Holiday 2013

  1. Joanna says:

    you enabler, you… i just came back from a late night shoppers visit and am the new proud owner of this gorgeous compact! on the bright side, i got a ton of bonus optimum points because they were having a promotion!

    • Eugenia says:

      LOL! I’d apologize, but I have a feeling you’re going to absolutely love the effect of this powder – definitely worth the investment (before I started using Guerlain face powders, I couldn’t understand what the hype was all about — now I know!) – Enjoy!

      PS: When I picked mine up, there was a 20x the points going on, so I scored a ton of Optimum points too! Yay!

  2. midnightplue says:

    i totally love the perles, and when this came up, I didn’t want it at first, because the perles were doing such a fantastic job already, but when a friend of mine said that the compact would be easier to travel with, plus it’s isn’t exactly THAT expensive compared to their permanent Voyage pressed powders (Voyage is about double the price of this one), that I thought, heck why not? And bought it and lucky me I had some cash vouchers from the dept store I didn’t need to pay full price!

    and really, once you go Meteorites, there’s no turning back. It’s one of those things that sometimes makes you wonder how did you ever did your makeup without it? And if before Meteorites your makeup looks good, what more with a light sweep of Meteorites on top of it? LOL sorry for rambling but I really do love these powders/ perles!

    • Eugenia says:

      Your friend & I had the same thought – I have only one version of the pearls (but I swear I want more, lol) and my first thought was that this compact could give me the same effect and be so much easier to travel with too. It took me a long time to discover Météorites, but you’re 100% correct: once you discover them, there really is NO going back!

      PS: Never apologize for writing such a detailed response – I love it!

  3. Ahhhh, so beautiful! I want to try a Guerlain Meteorite so badly but can’t get over this mental block that it won’t really do anything for me. I’ll get there eventually and you enjoy. 😉

    • Eugenia says:

      Liz, I felt exactly the same way; I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have swatched various Météorites at counters over the years, only to leave no wiser than before. But here’s the thing; department store lighting totally SUCKS and does absolutely NOTHING to show how awesome these products are – it’s one of those “you need to try it at home” kind of things – can’t explain it better than that, but trust me!

  4. Looks like a gorgeous product, Eugenia! I would love to try ANY of the Guerlain powders but the fragrance thing makes them a no-no. I’m sure I could use them for special occasions, but honestly, for the price I’d rather it be an HG product I really get use out of. Enjoy it to the max for me! :)

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks, Toya! You actually make a good point and I sure hope the good folks at Guerlain listen: they should introduce a scent-free version of their cult Météorites for people with sensitivities like yourself…this way, everyone can have the opportunity to wear it!

  5. theoxfordowl says:

    This is SO beautiful! Wish my beauty budget extended to Guerlain 😛

    • Eugenia says:

      It’s expensive, I know (the price took my quite by surprise too), but if you factor in how long this compact will most likely last (I’m hoping for years!), that might help!

  6. Nancy Dines says:

    I’m always entering the danger zone when you review Guerlain products, I always want them, lol! But really, this one seems like it might be good for my coloring.
    Do I dare? My wallet is starting to getting chest pain –
    Of course, I’ll need a brush to go with it….
    Great review Eugenia, brilliant photography as usual. :-)

    • Eugenia says:

      Hahahaha! Thanks so much for the words of praise, Nancy! I was initially unsure whether the pink would work with my colouring, especially considering that this is more cool than warm toned, but dang! It has blown me away from the start. And yeah…invest in a good brush, as it makes all the difference in the world!

      • Nancy Dines says:

        I’m a bit disappointed to see this sold out at all the typical online department store sites I use (Nordstroms, Saks, etc.). So, I’m going to ask you for advice! Hope you don’t mind!

        I would like to buy my first Guerlain meteorites product, which one would be the best one?

        I have fair skin with reddish undertones, medium brown/red hair, and hazel eyes.
        My ancestors came from western Ireland, I think I have that typical coloring. I’m not very good at describing myself lol.

        Having said that, I like cool tones best on me. I’m most interested in the perles product.

        I’m asking you because my purchase will be online – there’s no Guerlain counter near me.
        I trust your advice!

        Thanks Eugenia!!

      • Eugenia says:

        The pressure, the pressure … lol! Here’s the thing, Nancy; I’m fairly new with the whole Météorites range as well, but I may still be able to help you. By the way, I’m so sorry that you can’t find this particular product online, as I believe it would have been pretty much what you’re looking for, given your description. A few guidelines that might help you choose – with your colouring, you definitely need to stick to cooler tones, and what you should usually look for in face products (be it foundation or powders) is something with green hues to help cancel out any redness. Avoid anything with coral, as that will probably fall too warm on your skin. The Météorites in the pearls version, are such an amazing experience and one container should probably last a lifetime! That being said, their Spring 2014 version (the Blossom Collection, the palest version as there are 3 to choose from) looks like it should definitely compliment your colouring, from what I can tell. Here’s a link from a fellow blogger who happens to be fair like yourself:

        Hope this helps somewhat!

  7. Sunnivah says:

    it’s really late but look what I found on ebay
    Are you okay with this? Just in case you didn’t know…O.o

    • Eugenia says:

      Thank you for the heads up and while I didn’t know, I’m not surprised either; ebay sellers have been stealing my photos without providing any credit for years now. I don’t have the time or patience to chase them all down, sadly. I appreciate you looking out for me, though! xo

  8. Linda says:

    Yes, just hand over the credit card and sign with eyes closed! Beautiful product!! The good thing, though, is that you require so little that it will last a long time. Would love to get this!

    • Eugenia says:

      That’s an excellent point, Linda, and one I should have mentioned – you really don’t need to slather this on, so even used daily, this compact should technically last years!

What are your thoughts, beautiful?