Lancome Vernis in Love #520 Étincelle de Neige (LE), Holiday 2013

Lancome Etincelle de Neige opener new


For their Happy Holidays 2013 Collection, Lancôme released two limited edition nail lacquers, #520 Étincelle de Neige and #071 Étincelle d’Argent (not shown), shades that take their inspiration from the crystalline wintry landscape. The very name of this lacquer means “snow sparkle”, and that is exactly the look your nails take on with this beauty. Wearable weather, as I like to call it.

Lancome Etincelle de Neige

Lancôme – Étincelle de Neige

Lancome Etincelle de Neige 2

#520 Étincelle de Neige, Limited Edition (CAN $16.00) – a cool-leaning and totally complex white hue with so much going on; the slightly thicker formula means that this lacquer will fall exactly where you want it to go, while coverage is pretty even even at 1 coat – unexpected for such a pale hue. Here’s where things become very interesting; this self-levelling varnish is textured – along the lines of OPI’s Liquid Sand – although the finely ground silvery and prismatic glitter renders this shade particularly brilliant in spite of the matte-ish finish. Picture your nails as though coated with fine sugar crystals, and you’ll get the idea. Meant to be worn as is, there’s always the option of adding a top coat for a different kind of glossiness (as on my last swatch), although I personally love the look without – very edgy and beautifully unique. I’m totally loving this look of Ice Queen nails; absolutely sublime and perfect for the season, although something tells me I’ll be wearing this beauty far into the warmer season as well. Note that removal, while not difficult, could mean some fine glitter migration upon the skin. Coats applied: 2, no top coat (except for final swatch)

Lancome Etincelle de Neige swatch

Lancôme – Étincelle de Neige

Lancome Etincelle de Neige swatch 2

Lancôme – Étincelle de Neige

Lancome Etincelle de Neige swatch 3

Lancôme – Étincelle de Neige

Lancome Etincelle de Neige macro

Lancôme – Étincelle de Neige (detail)

Lancome Etincelle de Neige swatch 4

Lancôme – Étincelle de Neige (top coat added)


With its perfect representation of the season, this shade was a delightful surprise all around; my first thought upon looking at the bottle of “just another frosty white polish” quickly changed to oohs & ahhhs with every brushstroke. What makes this lacquer so unique, is the finish – not glossy, but über-brilliant nonetheless, with that sensorial experience that only such a fine texture can give. The bad part, is that it’s limited edition (and pretty much sold out online through retailers that carry Lancôme), but with a little bit of detective work – not to mention, luck – you might still be able to score this beauty at counters.

Lancôme products are available through fine department stores and select Shopper’s Drug Mart/Pharmaprix stores across Canada.

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Lancome Etincelle de Neige closer

*Disclosure: Product sample provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

18 Responses to Lancome Vernis in Love #520 Étincelle de Neige (LE), Holiday 2013

  1. tashasface says:

    I love Lancôme, and this is literally the type and colour of polish I was looking for. I clearly looked in the wrong place! As it is 18 Jan, I might well be out of luck.

  2. Pretty! At certain angles this is really quite stunning. I ended up giving in to the textured look over the fall and while I like it to a certain extent, I find it tends to chip crazy fast on me! I’d probably wear it with a top coat, though it does minimize the lovely snowy effect :(

    • Eugenia says:

      Hmmm….I wonder why textured polish is chipping quickly on you? Are you making sure your nails are free of any oils before applying your base? Another culprit might be in how thick your layers are; sometimes it’s better to go with 3 seriously thin coats (a pain in the behind, I know) vs 2 thicker ones – also, I found that I need to wait longer between coats when I’m applying textured polish; if I rush it, the layers sometimes bunch up. It’s weird – I’m probably not explaining this well, lol!

  3. I’ve used Lancome products since I was 16, and couldn’t survive without my hydrazen creme-gel moisturizer. However last time I tried a Lancome nail polish I was quite disappointed. Given your glowing review and lovely swatches, maybe it’s time I gave them another chance. Here’s hoping Takashimaya in Nagoya has it when I go in next!

    • Eugenia says:

      My experience with Lancome products is quite limited as well, and like you, my first polish of theirs that I tried turned out to be a big-time disaster (mega staining issues, but the colour was amazing!) so I’m happy that this totally exceeded my expectations!

      • I really think they should get more credit as a brand. Their eyeshadows are beautiful, my favourite to blend. Have had mixed success with their lipsticks, and tend to go for YSL more these days. The skin care is what I love the most though. I’ve never found another moisturizer that works as well for my sensitive pale skin.

      • Eugenia says:

        So good to hear – thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts! :)

  4. alphapaige says:

    I fell in love with their nail colors after using 2 colors – Reglisse and Miss Coquelicot.

    Their formula is really smooth and the brush gives such clean lines! I like that their colors can last quite long on my nails too (anything that can last more than 3 days is great because I am tough on my hands, doing gardening and manual cleaning at home)!

    Can I possibly interest you into trying out their Rouge in Love lipsticks?? I really think the quality is top notch – moisturizing, creamy colors they have! And I am also a fan of their eye colors!!! By the way, I am not trying to sell Lancome products… Just gushing because I have been having really good experiences with them! So no commission earned here!!! Hahahaha

    • Eugenia says:

      Hahahaha! Perhaps the brand SHOULD hire you! :) I’ve never tried their Rouge in Love lipsticks, but I have tried 2 of their Rouge in Love glosses (which I’ll be posting about soon) – but now you’ve got me so curious to give the lipsticks a go. I guess a visit to the Lancome counter is in my immediate future!

  5. Linda says:

    That is really beautiful and a great representation of snow! I’ve actually been eyeing up several of Lancome’s shades as they are sooo saturated with colour. I love that! Haven’t dipped my toe in yet, but I will!
    Thanks for the great review!

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks, Linda – so glad to hear that you enjoyed the review! This is a brand that I haven’t given too much love to before, but that was then … they have totally stepped up their game!

  6. Same, I always think of Lancome as an older crowd, but it’s not! Look at this beauty! :)

  7. Oh how pretty! Fingers crossed they still have this in store when I go to a Lancome counter this weekend!

  8. Larie says:

    I wasn’t expecting that finish! How interesting! And from Lancome! Haha. I don’t know why – even with Emma Watson fronting them lately, I still think of Lancome as a more mature line T_T

    • Eugenia says:

      I know, right? But this brand has been really stepping up their game lately & something tells me that they’re poised to be come quite the force! Think of Estée Lauder and how they’ve been turning their image around!

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