Dior – Manucure Transat (LE) Yacht, Sailor & Captain, Summer 2014

Dior Transat polishes opener


For Spring 2014, Dior has taken to the high seas, drawing inspiration from the brand’s archived first Resort and Spring lines of 1948. With its nautically-inclined palette of blue, red and beige, the 3 Limited Edition Manucure Duo sets from the Transat Collection each also come with their own mini nail file and striped nail stickers (clear background to let the base hue show beneath) printed with the CD logo. Unforgettable, primary, and at the height of chic, these 3 shades are timeless and trendy at the same time, with formulas that completely deliver.

NOTE: None of the following swatches are shown with the accompanying stickers, but I recommend that you ensure your base hue is 100% dry before applying them, in order to achieve optimum results.

Dior Transat polishes

Dior – Manucure Transat Summer 2014

Dior Transat polishes 2

Dior – Manucure Transat Summer 2014

Dior Transat polish with stickers

Dior – Manucure Transat Nail Polish & Couture Stickers Duo, Summer 2014

#210 Yacht
 (CAN $31.00) – Café au lait crème hue with the tiniest silver shimmer – which I didn’t even realize was there until I saw the photos, but that serves to add an overall nice depth of tone. The formula is sublime and possibly one of the best nude shades ever: excellent flow & opacity/coverage, totally self-levelling and ending in a high gloss shine. Coats applied: 2, plus Dior’s Gel Top Coat

Dior Yacht swatch

Dior – #210 Yacht

Dior Yacht swatch 2

Dior – #210 yacht

#700 Sailor
 (CAN $31.00) – Beyond blue: this is über blue. An electric indigo blue with a jelly-like formula and filled with ultra-fine silver shimmer. I can’t extoll the virtues of this shade enough: great opacity even by the 1st coat, completely self-levelling, ridiculously glossy and non-staining upon removal. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.  Coats applied: 2, no top coat

Dior Sailor swatch

Dior – #700 Sailor

Dior Sailor swatch 2

Dior – #700 Sailor

#750 Captain
(CAN $31.00) – A luscious scarlet/chilli pepper red hue with that same almost imperceptible silvery shimmer as that in #210 Yacht, in a crème-jelly hybrid formula that at first glance appears to have slight orange undertones, but which rounds it out nicely. A superb application – from the flow, coverage and high gloss finish, with the added bonus of being non-staining upon removal. Coats applied: 2, plus Dior’s Gel Top Coat

Dior Captain swatch 2

Dior – #750 Captain

Dior Captain swatch

Dior – #750 Captain


If asked before swatching, I would have said that #700 Sailor was my pick of the three but after wearing each, I absolutely refuse to pick just one. #710 Yacht may very well be the best nude shade I’ve worn to date, as it leans neither too pink, grey, or yellow, making it the ideal candidate for my skin tone. #750 Captain is a brilliant red that falls somewhere between light & dark, and I can totally see it as the perfect Summer pedi shade while #700 Sailor is the eye-catcher of the trio, but what renders it totally sublime in my book, is its non-staining appeal (already planning a backup of this one).

Available now exclusively at Holt Renfrew (Canada) and Saks (US), the Transatlantique Collection will be coming to Dior counters everywhere else as of May 1 (note that Dior.com does not ship to Canada). For more information on the brand:

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*Disclosure: product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration