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Lancôme has just launched Lip Lover (CAN $29.00), a revolutionary new hybrid lip product: colour that melts into your lips, coupled with the brilliant shine of a gloss which feels absolutely non-sticky (along with a slight lip plumping effect, thanks to a silicon layer), and ending with the long-lasting moisture benefits of a balm to keep your lips well hydrated and nourished for up to 8 hours. Available in a range of 21 shades, it’s almost impossible to not want to scoop them all up once you’ve tried one.

The 3 shades I chose (#316 Rose Attrape-Coeur, #334 Corail Cabriole, and #337 Lip Lover) all inspired me to create the mood board seen in the opening photo (above), depicting some of my favourite things and places, although once I began creating, it was so hard to stop with just these images – something about wearing such a lovely product really draws out your inner artiste!

Forget everything you knew about the colour pink; the new Lip Lover range comes in 2 colour groups – ‘Basic Chic’ shades (of which #316 Rose Attrape-Coeur and #334 Corail Cabriole are a part of) in subtle yet evocative tones, lightly scented with rose petals as well as a hint of vanilla and touches of raspberry, while the ‘Creative Chic’ (#337 Lip Lover falls in this grouping) shades take this colour to brighter, more daring levels – all infused with a more voluptuous fragrance of rose, iris and violets.

The first thing I notice upon application, is how feather-light they feel and so totally non-sticky as well. To be fair, I didn’t really notice the scent all that much – which is a good thing if you have sensitivities that way – and while I was tempted to apply more, especially with the lighter shades, I was surprised to find that coverage was pretty good even at first swipe. The subtle shimmer is undetectable upon the lips and not really obvious if someone’s looking at you, but serves to add depth and stunning reflective shine. Wear time will vary with the selected colour, with the lighter shades obviously fading faster, although I managed to get a good 3.5 hours with each just the same. The best part, is how incredibly soft my lips feel long after the colour has faded – very balm like, indeed.

*Read on below for exciting details on how you can win the shade of your choice, as well as a fabulous promotional offer you’ll definitely want to take advantage of.



Lancome Lip Lover opener

Lancôme Lip Lover


Lancome Lip Lover trio

Lancôme Lip Lover


Lancome Lip Lover labels

Lancôme Lip Lover


Lancome Lip Lover ingredients

Lancôme Lip Lover, ingredients


Lancome #316 Rose Attrape-Coeur

#316 Rose Attrape-Coeur – a soft rose hue with delicate shimmer


Lancome #316 Rose Attrape-Coeur swatch

Lancôme #316 Rose Attrape-Coeur


Lancome #334 Corail Cabriole

#334 Corail Cabriole – a warm light coral hue with delicate shimmer


Lancome #334 Corail Cabriole swatch

Lancôme #334 Corail Cabriole


Lancome #337 Lip Lover

#337 Lip Lover – the signature shade, a luscious pink hue with delicate shimmer


Lancome #337 Lip Lover swatch

Lancôme #337 Lip Lover

To win your favourite Lip Lover shade, visit to view the full range of Lip Lover shades, then click on your colour of choice (be prepared for a really hard decision, though!) … and good luck!

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Until April 25th, receive 10% off your order + free shipping (Canada only) by entering the promo code LIPLOVER at checkout

See? Everyone wins!

Find more information via:



Lancome Lip Lover closer

*Disclosure: Products provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration with compensation – reviews and opinions are strictly my own

12 Responses to Lancôme Lip Lover

  1. Emmy says:

    Love it!!! This lip lover is super pretty. Love the packaging for it looks classy and I love the colors for they are light and girly.

  2. Latoya says:

    Agree with you and Liz – there are so many new, glorious products that I’m really struggling to not add every.single.thing. to my wishlist! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten to the point where I’m like ‘Eff it, I’m buying that RIGHT NOW’ only to see something else pretty in a matter of minutes lol. I’m not a huge gloss person, so I can resist these a bit easier, but they do look lovely!

    • Eugenia says:

      The beauty of these, is that they actually go beyond just a gloss – the darker shades definitely leave a bit of a stain on the lips behind, but with none of that dry feeling normally associated with that kind of effect. I actually love glosses, but that might also be because I’m lazy – swipe & you’re done!

  3. Margo says:

    These are beyond pretty! I think you just helped me finally decide which one to get!

  4. Larie says:

    I BOUGHT ONE. It’s fuchsia. 😛 I was surprised by how much I liked it – not much of a Lancome fan, usually!

  5. I’ve been swatching but I literally cannot pick a colour or even a colour family. There are so many new launches right now that my head is spinning!

  6. I just posted my Lip Lover post too! Love your Lip swatches…especially adore the original Lip Lover shade – it’s GORGEOUS :-)

    • Eugenia says:

      Thank you! I just read your post about these fabulous lippies and it’s so informative and gorgeous to read! Love, love, love your mood board! xo

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