Nicole by OPI – Roughles Collection, Limited Edition

NOPI Roughles opener


For Spring 2014, Nicole by OPI has just released their ‘Roughles Collection’ (pronounced “ruffles”), four traditional pastel hues with a unique twist. Colour-wise, these four shades are spot on to kick-off the warmer weather, and whether you’re a fan of textured polish or not, they are undeniably sure to draw your attention, but in a more subtle and gentler kind of way.

The formula on all four may be a touch thicker than that of traditional crème lacquers, but still quite easy to work with. One thing you should note is that they all seem to have these “threads” (the textured part, I’m guessing) that may required you to nudge them into place at the nail’s free edge. Other than that, clean up is simple and I love how the formula stays exactly where placed, without pooling or running into the cuticles. If your polish is prone to chipping, I advise running your brush lightly along your nail edge to seal everything in – but no top coat, as that would be totally redundant here. As to removal, be prepared to use a touch of elbow grease.

For the last photo, I tried my hand at creating a rainbow mani using all 4 Roughles, and even though the finished look is a touch chunkier than I was going for, I actually rather like it – not bad for a first attempt, right?!


NOPI Roughles

Nicole by OPI – Roughles Collection


Sand in my Shoe – a buttercup yellow hue (totally reminds me of frothy egg yolks *shrugs*) with scattered red specks throughout, in a medium-thick formula with excellent opacity & coverage, leaving behind a raised/textured finish. Coats applied: 2


NOPI Sand in my Shoe swatch

Nicole by OPI Roughles Collection – Sand in my Shoe


I’m Stucco on You – a soft lavender hue with red and blue flecks throughout (which effectively makes this shade both warm AND cool leaning), in a slightly thinner flowing formula than Sand in my Shoe – a highly flattering colour for all skin tones. Coats applied: 2


NOPI I'm Stucco on You swatch

Nicole by OPI Roughles Collection – I’m Stucco on You


Rock the Look – a cotton candy pink hue with a unique combination of both red and charcoal scattered specks throughout, making this shade lean more cool than warm which in turn keeps it looking more “grown-up”. Coats applied: 2


NOPI Rock the Look swatch

Nicole by OPI Roughles Collection – Rock the Look


On What Grounds? – a saturated aqua hue (Tiffany Blue? Robin’s Egg Blue?) with navy and some sparser charcoal specks in the base. A super easy formula to work with and in a shade that looks amazing on everyone – LOVE! Coats applied: 2


NOPI On What Grounds swatch

Nicole by OPI Roughles Collection – On What Grounds?


NOPI On What Grounds swatch 2

Nicole by OPI Roughles Collection – On What Grounds? (detail showing the raised/textured surface)


NOPI Roughles mani

Nicole by OPI Roughles Collection – rainbow mani


I have always maintained that I am a “colour purist” and tend to stick to crème hues as personal favourites, but lately I’ve been expanding out of that box and embracing both colour and texture. Still not quite there yet, and I may never have the patience to sit through intricate nail art work, but I can definitely fake it with the help of textured polish. The four shades of Nicole by OPI’s Roughles Collection make me smile and think of Summer days, lemonade stands and staring at clouds (someone wants to be a kid again…)

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NOPI Roughles closer

*Disclosure: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

4 Responses to Nicole by OPI – Roughles Collection, Limited Edition

  1. Natalie says:

    I have been hunting for these for over a month and still no luck! They have become my unicorn -___-

  2. Latoya says:

    Rainbow mani? AWESOME. Great work, Eugenia! But these as a whole. Sorry, but absolutely NO. ICK that texture does NOTHING for me. Yuck yuck yuck :(

    • Eugenia says:

      LOL! Thanks for the compliment, at least! And yeah – I get that textured polish isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I’m not sure I would wear any of these on all fingers either – but I do like the idea of an accent mani worn with a matching solid shade!

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