Dior – Diorskin Nude Tan Golden Shimmer Powder (LE), Transat Edition

Dior Golden Shimmer Powder opener


For Summer 2014, it appears that Dior has created two parallel nautically themed collections – the Transat Collection for Europe and Canada, and Transatlantique for the US, with a few items limited edition and exclusive to particular retailers, such as this Diorskin Nude Tan Golden Shimmer Powder – available only at Holt Renfrew (Canada) and Saks Fifth Avenue (US). I immediately picked up this highlighter the instant it hit counters, because a) I’m still in the throes of a full-blown highlighter obssession, b) detailed patterns such as the rope design embossed on the surface of this beauty, get me every time, c) Dior makes some of the most fine-milled highlighting powders I’ve come across, and d) I knew it would sell out faster than you can blink. I was right.

I’m not usually a fan of showing products that may not be available for purchase anymore, as I don’t want to frustrate any of you lovely readers, but I was told that this may still be available at some Holt’s and Saks counters … fingers crossed for anyone who wishes to track it down.


Dior Golden Shimmer Powder pouch

Diorskin Nude Tan Golden Shimmer Powder (LE), Transat Edition


Dior Golden Shimmer Powder ingredients

Diorskin Nude Tan Golden Shimmer Powder (LE), Transat Edition – ingredients list


Dior Golden Shimmer Powder compact

Diorskin Nude Tan Golden Shimmer Powder (LE), Transat Edition


Dior Golden Shimmer Powder label



Dior Golden Shimmer Powder

Diorskin Nude Tan Golden Shimmer Powder (LE), Transat Edition (CAN $60.00) – A high shimmer highlighting powder in a beige gold hue with a raised rope pattern along the surface, in a powder formula that is so exceptionally fine-milled, that it almost seems gel-like in texture. The stunning silver compact case has a luxuriously hefty feel, and bears Dior’s cannage pattern embossed on the top with a magnetic snap closure. The accompanying small kabuki brush is of excellent quality and more than usable, although its densely packed bristles deposit more shimmer than I personally prefer – it’s great for buffing the product in, however, especially in smaller or angled areas.

Meant to be used as a highlighting product for the planes of the face (tops of cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, temples), the Nude Tan Golden Shimmer Powder can also be applied to the decollete, collarbone, and browbone or anywhere else you’d like to add some shine. Make no mistake about it, however, this is a high-voltage type of product and unless you prefer your highlighters a touch more understated, then this may not be your speed. The quality of the powder is so fine that it can definitely be buffed into the skin for slightly less intensity, and if you have large pores it could possibly emphasize them to a certain degree, although I found that within 20 minutes of wearing, it appeared to mesh beautifully with my skin’s natural oils to give a more natural – but still shimmery – glow. Lasting powder was amazing – 8 hours later, I could still detect it along the cheekbones, less so in other areas of the face.

I’m not showing comparison swatches to other shimmery highlighters I own, but a quick search yielded nothing similar – the more nude/gold tone of the Diorskin Nude Tan Golden Shimmer Powder makes it unique in my collection of highlighters, which ranges from whiter/pearlier hues to rose gold tones, but nothing that quite matches both the shade and fine-milled quality of this one.


Dior Golden Shimmer Powder 2



Dior Golden Shimmer Powder 3



Dior Golden Shimmer Powder 4



Dior Golden Shimmer Powder 5



Dior Golden Shimmer Powder 6



Dior Golden Shimmer Powder 7



Dior Golden Shimmer Powder swatch

Diorskin Nude Tan Golden Shimmer Powder (LE), Transat Edition


Dior Golde Shimmer Powder swatch 2

Diorskin Nude Tan Golden Shimmer Powder (LE), Transat Edition – alternate lighting


A high shine shimmery highlighter can be a scary thing, especially when used incorrectly. Knowing the limitations of a product such as this Diorskin Nude Tan Golden Shimmer Powder, makes applying it a breeze: a large fluffy brush will yield a softly diffused glow, a fan brush will provide the lightest whisper of shimmer, while a denser brush/kabuki brush will add buffed-in drama. Interestingly enough, while this can appear rather frosty at first swatch (especially before being properly blended in), it also appears to morph into a more natural looking glow once it heats up along the skin, without taking away any of its zing. Then there’s that rope pattern on the surface, so masterfully executed – how was I supposed to resist?

I picked mine up at Holt Renfrew (Montréal)


Dior Golden Shimmer Powder closer

*Purchased product

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