a-england Excalibur Renaissance

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To explore the world of a-england, is to not only have the opportunity to wear some of the most incredible lacquers, but to soak in a bit of history, culture, and art as well. When Adina Bodana, founder and creative force behind the brand, launched her first collection – The Mythicals (click on the a-england tab in the sidebar for swatches & reviews of all shades), the romanticism and concept behind these varnishes instantly captured the attention of polish lovers worldwide. When the original version of Excalibur from that first collection seemed to fall out of favour, it was replaced by a variation of the shade (Excalibur reissued/reborn): still bearing the gleaming silver tone of the legendary sword for which it is named, but with a more 3-dimensional overall feel.

But as with most legends, this tale took another turn as well …

In bringing back the original silver of Excalibur – with an improved brilliance, I might add – Adina has shown that she listens to her fans, in particular those who so strongly requested this shade’s return. Excalibur Renaissance proudly joins The Mythicals collection, a gleaming addition with a long-standing pedigree.


a-england Excalbur Renaissance

Excalibur Renaissance – A true metallic silver foil, in a medium-thick formula and excellent pigmentation as to almost make it a 1-coater. Fairly quick drying, you need to not only work quickly in your application, but to also maintain a steady hand in order to keep any potential visible brush strokes to a minimum, although expect some levelling off which also goes a long way in presenting a smooth appearance. Incredible brilliance (almost mirror-like) at the finish, making a top coat basically superfluous. Coats applied: 2, no top coat


a-england Excalbur Renaissance swatch

a-england ♦ Excalibur Renaissance


a-england Excalibur trio

a-england ♦ Excalibur trio


a-england Excalibur trio 2

The original version of Excalibur from a-england’s première collection, The Mythicals (reviewed here), bears a few differences worth noting from this latest Excalibur launch:

  • slightly thinner flowing formula
  • a few degrees paler in tone
  • not as brilliant/gleaming
  • glossier natural finish

The reissued version of Excalibur (reviewed here), has obvious differences from the other two as well:

  • shimmer foil metallic with bronze glitter flecks/scales
  • the most intense brilliant finish of the three
  • nor risk of visible brush strokes with this formula


a-england Excalibur trio 3

a-england ♦ Excalibur trio


a-england Excalibur trio 4

a-england ♦ Excalibur trio


a-england Excalibur original swatch

a-england ♦ Excalibur (original)


a-england Excalibur reissue swatch

a-england ♦ Excalibur (reissue)


a-england Excalibur trio swatches

a-england ♦ Excalibur collection


What makes Excalibur Renaissance such a stand out, is that it respects what the original shade stood for, but with subtle overall improvements. Different enough from the reissued version to merit owning both, this shade is spectacular whether worn alone as an elegant attention-getter, or as a counterpart for stamping and nail art enthusiasts (skills that sadly elude me). For fans of metallics as well as those who never picked up the original shade, here’s your chance to remedy that oversight. The people have spoken, and Adina has listened: Excalibur lives again.

Find more more information on a-england products (as well as a complete list of international stockists):


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*Disclosure: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

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