Neons (2014) by OPI

OPI Neons opener


Released for the first time in full-sized bottles, OPI brings us as new eye-searing collection: Neons by OPI (CAN $10.95/each), six über-bright hues along with Put A Coat On! Natural Nail Base Coat, to help these babies really “pop” (sold separately). I confess that up until now, I never really understood neons’ appeal, but try wearing just one of these shades and NOT feeling happy – impossible, I tell you.

A good way to bring out the most of these neon shades, is with a reliable white base coat (which effectively replaces your usual base coat). The new Put A Coat On! from OPI applies beautifully: fairly opaque and relatively non-streaky, even at just 1 coat. The trick to achieving the most flawless finish with this collection, is to first apply the white base, and then let it thoroughly dry before going in with your chosen hue. The reason for this, is to ensure the white base does not bleed into the polish, which may then cause grooves in the finish or require multiple coats for an even surface.

The formula is a unique animal as well; medium thick and with the smoothness of a crème, but the springy feel of a jelly. As these Neons by OPI all wind down to a natural satiny finish, I suggest capping them off with a nice glossy top coat to really help them stand out. The following swatches were done with: 1 layer of Put A Coat On! Natural Nail Base Coat, 2 layers of each individual shade, and top coat.


Neons by OPI

Neons (2014) by OPI

 Neons by OPI macro

Neons (2014) by OPI


Life Gave me Lemons – A true highlighter yellow with hints of chartreuse to keep it interesting. My biggest surprise, was in how much I absolutely LOVE this shade and am already planning on giving it some serious pedi time this Summer.


OPI Neons Life Gave Me Lemons swatch

Neons by OPI – Life Gave Me Lemons


You Are So Outta Lime! – A super vivid lime colour, but with touches of mint to sweeten it up. I love how it’s green, but not – very wearable and will not give the dreaded “lobster” hue to skin (many green shades can give a ruddy tint to surrounding skin).


OPI Neons You Are So Outta Lime! swatch

Neons by OPI – You Are So Outta Lime!


Juice Bar Hopping –  A true citrus explosion, no? Makes me think of candied orange slices, or orange-flavoured Popsicles. This shade is such a great alternative to wearing red – and probably even more eye-catching (and totally non-staining, as an added bonus).


OPI Neons Juice Bar Hopping swatch

Neons by OPI – Juice Bar Hopping


Hotter Thank You Pink – A hot fuchsia pink with a blue pearly gleam. Rather like mixing textures, the addition of that inner shimmer (which is very visible, by the way) gives a 3-D feel to this shade and elevates it to something more than just another pink neon.


OPI Neons Hotter Than You Pink swatch

Neons by OPI – Hotter Than You Pink


Down To The Core-al – A scorching coral that definitely leans pink, filled with an ultra-fine pearly pink shimmer for added depth. Very hard to accurately photograph the true nature of this colour, this shade seems to merge the best of orange, red, coral and pink – creating a stunning Summer must-have. LOVE!


OPI Neons Down To The Core-al swatch

Neons by OPI – Down The The Core-al


Push & Pur-pull – An intense purple hue (think: Crayola bright) that somehow manages to be both vivid and dark. It’s that eye-popping purple kind of colour that lands it amongst the other neons here, but this can easily be worn year-round as well.


OPI Neons Push & Pur-pull swatch

Neons by OPI – Push & Pur-pull


While my personal preferences tend to run to more conventional colours and finishes, I confess to having fallen hard for these Neons by OPI. Surprisingly easy to work with, each shade bears a rich, vibrant, and lush intensity, managing to infuse your mani/pedi with a much needed injection of colour, while still somehow staying far from appearing juvenile. Now that the warmer weather is finally (FINALLY) here, what better way to usher in the season than with some sizzle?

You can find this collection now through select retailers, professional salons & spas – the Neons by OPI collection is also available in GelColor through select salons (professional service only). For more information, visit:


Neons by OPI closer

*Disclosure: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

22 Responses to Neons (2014) by OPI

  1. Elektra King says:

    I keep on debating with myself which of these I need. I definitely want to get the yellow and the green but you make the others look so beautiful as well … my oh my …

  2. Catherine says:

    I’m definitely getting Hotter Than You Pink & Juice Bar Hopping!!! I DO like the lemon & lime colors but am thinking since I’m SO pale they would look better on someone tan :)

    • Eugenia says:

      No matter which shade you choose from this collection, you’re bound to wind up with a winner! As to the “lemon & lime” shades, you may just change your mind when you see them in person! 😉

  3. Kristine says:

    I was the same as you, Eugenia. I always thought neons would be too ‘junior’ of a look but over the past two months I’ve been snapping them all up. I think I blame this miserable winter for finally pushing me over the edge and needing to indulge in the brightest and happiest colours I can find! Gorgeous swatches as always!

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks, Kristine and you said it perfectly: this miserable Winter indeed! I do believe you’re right, and the WINTER THAT WOULDN’T DIE is probably in large part responsible for many of us now looking towards the bright side. Plus, these are just so much fun!

  4. How different is this base coat from a regular white polish? Such a great idea to release it along with a neon collection. I’m giving that lime shade some serious eyeballing. Neon was never really my thing, but I find myself wishing that each shade here came with a matching bikini or sippy cup.

    • Eugenia says:

      SIPPY CUP!!!! You definitely have baby-fever, lol! Not that I blame you, with that little muffin nephew of yours! As to the white base coat, it seems to have a slightly tackier, almost sticker feel to the finish (not really sticky per se, but it’s the best way to describe it here) that helps the neon adhere better. Unlike a regular white polish which can be either too watery, thin, sheer or even chalky, this has been specifically designed to work as “underwear” – I haven’t tried wearing it as a regular polish, but I imagine it could probably do double duty in any case. It also applied better at just one coat than a regular white polish would, thus eliminating the need for extra layers.

      • LOL, I know, I have no shame when it comes to babies anymore. 😀 😀 😀

        Thanks for the explanation. I’m kind of tempted to pick up the base to use under other polishes. Maybe I’ll come across a tester somewhere.

      • Eugenia says:

        You have a very legitimate reason to fawn over your little cutie…..I would too! I wish I had the time to experiment using this base under other types of lacquers – let me know if you wind up testing it out!

  5. You Are so Outta Lime Juice Bar Hopping are gorgeous!! Push & Pur-pull may be the star of this collection! Not the ‘highlighter’ colors I was expecting. Great swatches!

  6. These are gorgeous!! Perfect for the summer. That white base really makes the colours pop! Did you try the colours without the base? If so, was it a huge or subtle difference?

    • Eugenia says:

      They totally ARE Summer-perfect, I agree! In answer to your question, I didn’t try them without the base – experience from past neon lacquers, has shown that this method really does bring out their best side!

  7. rijaH says:

    I absolutely LOVE them!! I think these are the first OPI’s in years that I just got to have 😀

  8. beachgal says:

    Great photos – hard to take pixs of neons and get this sort of quality

  9. Latoya says:

    Well, obviously I LOVE ‘Lemons’ LOL…amazing!!!!! I’m also crushing on ‘Core-al’ as well (who wouldn’t?). I’ll be checking out this collection for sure Eugenia, I love my brights!

  10. I love the purple and coral colours – wow!

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