Charlotte Tilbury · The Legendary Muse Palette & Black Diamonds Colour Chameleon, Holiday 2016



For Holiday 2016, Charlotte Tilbury has released several gift sets at varying price points; one such item is The Legendary Muse Eyeshadow Palette that is not only filled with four party-ready shades, but comes adorned with a festive star pattern on the lid. A new discovery for me is this Black Diamonds Colour Chameleon, a combination of smokey, sexy, sophisticated, and glam all housed in once pencil. Sounds almost too good to be true, right? It’s not.

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The Legendary Muse Luxury Palette, limited edition (CAN $64.00) | Four eyeshadow shades bearing varying degrees of shimmer (and one with glitter), housed in the brand’s signature deep burgundy & rose gold compact but prettied up for the holidays with a star pattern on the lid. The shade breakdown:

  • top left – rose gold, shimmer
  • top right – champagne gold, satin shimmer
  • bottom left – gold with ultra fine glitter
  • bottom right – peach/rose/gold, satin shimmer

Right on point with the rose gold trend that’s still going strong in both fashion and cosmetics, this palette is perfect for those who want a little bit of glamour to their look but still want it to be utterly wearable. All four hues apply smoothly and blend flawlessly with no fall down, although it should be noted that the gold shade is not as opaque as the rest due to its ultrafine glitter, but is made even lovelier because of that since you can almost ‘control’ the bling factor better — or even layer it over other shades to add a touch of sparkle. Staying power (over primer) is excellent, staying true until removed.




Black Diamonds Colour Chameleon (CAN $32.00) | An eyeliner pencil in a chubby stick format in a deep charcoal hue filled with finely ground silvery/gold glitter. The texture is incredibly creamy, which means it will apply easily and without any harsh tugging along the sensitive skin of your eyes. Once applied, you do have about a minute or so to smudge/blend it out; after that, it’s basically set in stone. What makes this standout for me, is the good ratio of glitter in the mix that gives a lift to what would otherwise be a run-of-the-mill blackened liner. NOTE: not to be applied to the waterline.




Shimmer aside, this palette didn’t initially feel very ‘holiday’ to me at first glance, but after swatching and playing around with some looks — then going in and adding Black Diamonds for definition and depth, I’m actually really loving the more subtle take on holiday bling The Legendary Muse provides. And while it may lean a little warm, the shades are not so scary pigmented that those with fair complexions can’t pull them off – it’s all a matter of application proportions. After all, makeup should be about fun & experimentation and there’s no better time than the holidays to do both! It’s almost law, in fact …

Charlotte Tilbury products are available at select retailers and online



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Charlotte Tilbury · Legendary Lashes Mascara, Legendary Brows, & Hot Lips in Kim K.W. and Very Victoria

CT New Hot Lips, Legendary Brows & Lashes opener


When I think of Charlotte Tilbury and her eponymous beauty range, I expect nothing less than full-on glam and in that regard, she never, ever disappoints. Today’s I’m exploring how to beautify my lashes & brows with her Legendary Lashes Mascara and Legendary Brows Gel, and I’ve said often enough that neutrals are my comfort zone, so here’s to Kim K.W & Very Victoria Hot Lips – both nudes with sass that fit right smack into my wheelhouse.

CT New Hot Lips, Legendary Brow & Lashes closed

CT New Hot Lips, Legendary Brows & Lashes

CT Kim KW & Very Victoria Hot Lips

Charlotte Tilbury may be known as the queen of glamorous makeup and happens to work with some of the biggest celebrities today, but I applaud her for also wanting to do some good with her products and bring awareness to worthwhile causes. For example, during the first two months of release (July & August), $2.00 of the sale price of each Hot Lips shade was donated to Women for Women International, a charity that empowers women to rebuild their confidence after enduring major difficulties – nothing more awesome than beauty with a cause.

CT Kim KW & Very Victoria Hot Lips 2

CT Kim KW & Very Victoria Hot Lips swatches

CT Kim KW Hot Lips macro & swatch

Kim K.W  K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick (CAN $38.00) | A cool toned and white-based pale nude pink shade that I can definitely see Kim Kardashian West wearing. Made in the brand’s original K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Fallen From The Lipstick Tree™ formula, the texture is creamy and smooth upon application, leaving a buttery soft feel behind along with a light glossy sheen. There’s some initial patchiness and settling into lip lines, but that appears to level out to a more even tone with the wearing. Staying power is around 4-5 hours without eating and/or drinking, which is about what I expected from a  shade this light.

With the light golden undertones in my complexion, pulling off that pale nude pout is tricky at best. That said, something about the coolness of Kim K.W does happen to work with my skin tone but it’s still just a fraction too light for me, although I can totally see it as being the perfect shade for creating that Bardot-sex-kitten look (paired with heavy black liner, maybe?).


CT Very Victoria Hot Lips macro & swatch

Very Victoria Matte Revolution lipstick (CAN $38.00)| Inspired by Victoria Beckham, this is a soft nude shade with a mauve-taupe undertone in the base. Made in the brand’s matte formula (although a far cry from the traditional flat type of matte; think more satin/velvet), the texture is actually ridiculous easy to work with and glides effortlessly along the lips, leaving a nourishing feel behind.

On another note, I do believe I have now found my perfect nude lippie. The fact that it also comes tinged with a hint of Victoria’s über-cool chicness, only sweetens the deal further.


CT Legendary Lashes Mascara

Black Vinyl Legendary Lashes Mascara (CAN $38.00) | With flirty eyes printed on the tube and the signature rose-gold casing, this mascara was created to give you major va-va-voom lashes. Inspired by red carpet beauties, the formula contains:

  • Marine Glycogen – a hair tonic known for stimulating the hair follicle and increasing keratin production
  • Tamanu Oil – with known regenerative properties to protect, nourish and strengthen lashes
  • A blend of waxes – to give lash hairs flexibility, length and texture in a weightless feel
  • Carbon Black Pigment – for maximum colour
  • Multi-Bristle brush – varying sizes ensure the brush will grab & coat each hair

The first time I tried it out, I wasn’t sure if the volume factor was anything special plus I did notice smudging within an hour of application. The second & third times I tried it out was a whole other story: you see, once a little bit of oxygen gets into the tube (which is inevitable since you need to open it to remove the brush), the formula starts to thicken a bit — which is exactly how I like it, and I haven’t seen any smudges since either. Staying power is great and looks on point until removal, the latter which is easily done by using a dual-phase product for the job.

CT Legendary Lashes Mascara macro & swatches


CT Legendary Brows

Legendary Brows in Linda (CAN $30.00) | A coloured gel available in 3 tinted and 1 clear shade to help fill in, shape, and sculpt your brows. Housed in the brand’s signature rose-gold metal casing, the Micro-Fine Miracle Precision brush is actually teeny-tiny and one of the most defined I’ve seen for the job. Several years in the making, the formula includes:

  • volumizing Magic Elasticizing Wax
  • nourishing Vitamin E
  • strengthening Castor Oil
  • natural pigments to lift and tint

Back when I was a teen and ridiculously thin brows were a trend, I plucked mine as well not realizing that at one point, the hairs would stop growing back. Needing to add back what I [stupidly] took away, my preferred tool is primarily a brow pencil. I now include a light coating of Legendary Brows to add some volume and depth, which in turn provides natural-looking hold.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.49.27 AM

CT Legendary Bros macro

CT Legendary Brows Linda swatches


It’s a simple equation: if you’re in a hurry (or just not the fussy type with your makeup), and are looking for a polished yet ‘natural’ look, then all you really need is mascara, some brow gel to add definition and a swipe of a neutral lip shade, and BOOM — done. Both the Legendary Lashes & Legendary Brows have been getting quite a workout from me, as they’re not only effectively easy to use, but provide results as well. As to the lipsticks, I have fallen madly for Very Victoria (Kim K.W isn’t quite there yet, but I’m working on it).

Available through select retailers and online

CT New Hot Lips, Legendary Brows & Lashes closer

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Charlotte Tilbury · Scent Of A Dream, Eau de Parfum



It almost goes without saying that Charlotte Tilbury, a woman whose name has become synonymous with major glam, would deliver her first fragrance along the same vein — and in that respect, A Scent Of A Dream Eau de Parfum hits all the right notes. Created in collaboration with perfumer François Robert, this is meant to envelop the wearer in an abundance of positivity … and that’s always a good thing, no?

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Kate Moss for Scent of a Dream


Scent of a Dream Eau de Parfum (CAN $119.00) | Ibiza-born, Charlotte Tilbury has long worn a ‘secret mix’ of essential oils as her signature scent, a combination that went on to become the inspiration for her first fragrance. Housed in an Old-Hollywood vintage style bottle that just begs to be displayed on a vanity, its heavy glass bottom is beautifully faceted although the cap is actually plastic — possibly to keep it from feeling top heavy. This original floral-chypre is meant to impart a sense of joy as well as attract ‘love, light, positivity and sex’ to the wearer. Ummm, ok.

Joy Top Notes:

  • lemon, peach, black pepper, saffron, mandarin, bergamot

Fleurotic Heart Notes:

  • tuberose, jasmine, frankincense, Hedione, violet, muguet, orange flower, rose oil, Tea Rose, green ivy, magnolia

Magic Molecule Base Notes:

  • Fire Tree, ISO E Super, patchouli, Ambroxan,precious woods, cistus, amber, castoreum, musks

Out of necessity, I have to be extremely particular with fragrance in order to avoid triggering an instant migraine and thankfully Scent of a Dream passed the test, merging well with my body chemistry. The first spritz calls to mind something vintage-y and almost old-fashioned, but not necessarily in a bad way — more along the classic appeal of a black & white movie, if that makes any sense. As the fragrance progresses, it becomes at once softer but still retains its potency (true fact: I could still smell remnants on my wrist, even after showering!), reminding me of freshly done laundry, a scent that I happen to really like. After several hours of wear it rounds out further, leaving behind a fresh soapy vibe upon the skin. Personally, I find Scent of a Dream to be at once light-hearted and lingering, but not exactly ‘sexual’ as the brand’s copy alludes to. One thing I do wish, however, was that the cap were glass instead of plastic, as that would be significantly more in line with the entire boudoir luxe image.







Speaking only on what type of scents I like and how they perform with my body chemistry, I’m somewhat torn here; for starters, my preferences tend to run towards spicy warm orientals and/or anything with vanilla. Secondly, florals and I have not always gotten along, although lately that’s been changing thanks in part to a whole new genre of aromatic combinations. So while Scent of a Dream is not something I would normally gravitate to, I find myself oddly attracted to it just the same — maybe because I can’t really pin it down and it almost seems to remind me of something, something I can’t quite explain; like a memory that stays just out of reach. I’m still not sold on the whole idea of it attracting sex, but it does appear to have that elusive lean-in-close factor along with an intriguing je-ne-sais-quoi. Plus I’m a sucker for pretty bottles #canthelpmyself


Available at select department stores and online



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Charlotte Tilbury | Secret Salma & Carina’s Love, Hot Lips Lipstick

CT Hot Lips opener


The queen of all things glamorous, Charlotte Tilbury has done it again with her latest Hot Lips Lipstick release. Inspired by ‘12 incredible women‘, she recently launched 16 lipstick shades (4 of which are current fan faves) in both her cream & matte formulas in the same fluted rose-gold packaging, but with the addition of the cutest lip carving on the actual lipstick bullet to differentiate these from the regular lineup.

As an added bonus and until the end of August, $2.00 of the cost for each shade will be donated to Women for Women International, a charity that raises awareness and helps rebuild the confidence of women around the world who have lived through unimaginable conditions (torture, sexual violence, etc). As women, we empower each other by our solidarity and now we can literally put our money where our mouth is, giving back to so many who have experienced loss.

Lipstick shades previously reviewed here

CT Hot Lips 1

Charlotte Tilbury | Hot Lips

CT Hot Lips closed

Charlotte Tilbury | Hot Lips

CT Hot Lips 2

Charlotte Tilbury | Hot Lips

CT Hot Lips 3


CT Secret Salma Hot Lips

Secret Salma Matte Revolution Lipstick (CAN $38.00) | Inspired by Salma Hayek, this is a deep rose plum with dusky overtones. With its creamy feel, application is quite effortless as it literally glides along the lips. There’s an interesting mix of both cool and warm tones in this shade, making it wearable by a wide range of complexions – a beautiful and almost ‘neutral’ pink. I rarely wear pink, but the finish of this hue makes it easy for me to love how it looks on my lips.

CT Carina's Love Hot Lips

Carina’s Love Matte Revolution Lipstick (CAN $38.00) | Inspired by Chinese actress Carina Lau, this is a a total screen siren red and the epitome of red-hot sexy. There’s an Old Hollywood glam factor to wearing a matte red lip and with its combination of both cool & warm tones, this shade will suit all complexions while the luxe finish makes it an excellent addition to one’s red lip wardrobe. So gorgeous, am I right?


CT Hot Lips swatches 1

Charlotte Tilbury | Secret Salma & Carina’s Love swatches, Hot Lips

CT Hot Lips swatches 2

Charlotte Tilbury | Secret Salma & Carina’s Love swatches, Hot Lips


Whenever I reach for lipstick, I am reminded of being a little girl and watching my mom getting ready to go out and the care she took to ensure that if nothing else, her lipstick looked spot on. Something about the Charlotte Tilbury range with its luxe packaging elicits this feeling of old world glam — throw in a cause as well, and we’ve definitely got a winner. If you’ve yet to try anything from this brand, then I suggest you start with these gorgeous Hot Lips Lipsticks but be warned: you may not be able to resist getting them all.

Available now through Holt Renfrew and online

CT Hot Lips closer


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Charlotte Tilbury | Instant Look In A Palette & Mini Miracle Eye Wand

CT Instant Look In A Palette & Eye Wand opener

Charlotte Tilbury has just launched her Instant Look In A Palette/5 Minute Face On The Go (CAN $85.00), an all-in-one type product aimed at helping you achieve a complete yet natural beauty look, housed in one slim compact. For neutral-loving types such as myself, this palette is truly a great way to downsize what you need – especially when travelling, and as the colour selections are so wearable, there’s no fear of ever overdoing your makeup.

The Mini Miracle Eye Wand is basically the Charlotte Tilbury answer to awakening tired-looking eyes, and I felt it went perfectly to show with this palette. Apart from your regular skincare, throw in a tube of mascara to add to these two lovelies, and voilà: your look is so done.


CT Instant Look In A Palette packaging

Charlotte Tilbury | Instant Look In A Palette

CT Instant Look In A Palette compact


CT Instant Look In A Palette 2

Charlotte Tilbury | Instant Look In A Palette/Natural Beauty

CT Instant Look In A Palette

Charlotte Tilbury | Instant Look In A Palette/Natural Beauty

CT Instant Look In A Palette macro

Charlotte Tilbury | Instant Look In A Palette/Natural Beauty

CT Instant Look In A Palette eyes

Instant Look In A Palette (eyes):

  • 1 Eye Brighten – pale pink (matte), to be used all over the lid as a base to even out skin tone and give an overall natural brightening effect
  • 2 Eye Enhance – a shimmering champagne oyster hue to add radiance, excellent as a brow bone and inner eye corner highlight as well
  • 3 Eye Smoke – a soft brown/taupe shade (matte) to add depth, can also be used along the lash line for definition

CT Instant Look In A Palette eye swatches

Charlotte Tilbury | Instant Look In A Palette eye swatches

CT Instant Look In A Palette bronze

Instant Look In A Palette (4 Face Bronze) | A soft brown bronzer shade that appears more cooler leaning in shaded light, bearing a subtle sheen for a touch of luminosity when applied to the skin. Can also be used as a complimentary eyeshadow shade or as a contouring product, layering as needed for more depth.

According to the Charlotte Tilbury website, this is apparently the same bronze hue as that in her cult-fave Filmstar Bronze & Glow Palette (reviewed here), but a comparison of the two show some shade differences, with the Bronze shade of this compact appearing a few degrees cooler leaning, although the texture remains the same: smooth and ultra finely milled.

CT Instant Lokk In A Palette bronze swatches

Charlotte Tilbury | Instant Look In A Palette bronze swatches

CT Instant Look In A Palette bronze vs Filmstar swatches

Charlotte Tilbury | Instant Look In A Palette bronze swatches vs Filmstar Bronze swatches

CT Instant Look In A Palette highlight

Instant Look In A Palette (7 Face Highlight) | A finely milled highlight powder to be used along the high points of the face (upper cheekbones, cupid’s bow, bridge of the nose) for light touches of radiance to complete your beauty look.

As with the bronzer hue, this Highlight shade is also stated as being similar to the one found in the Filmstar Bronze & Glow Palette, but once again there are shade differences, with this version appearing slightly cooler leaning in comparison along with a more defined shimmer. Texture-wise, application is buttery smooth with the type of finish that only seems to get even better as it fuses with your skin’s natural warmth.

CT Instant Look In A Palette highlight swatches

Charlotte Tilbury | Instant Look In A Palette highlight swatches

CT Insant Look In A Palette highlight vs Filmstar swatches

Charlotte Tilbury | Instant Look In A Palette highlight swatches vs Filmstar Glow swatches

CT Instant Look In A Palette cheek

Instant Look In A Palette (5 Cheek Swish & 6 Cheek Pop) | If you’ve yet to try a Charlotte Tilbury brush, then you’re seriously missing out on one of the most amazing formulas available – and this duo is no exception.

  • 5 Cheek Swish – a dusty rose hue, to be applied along the upper cheekbones
  • 6 Cheek Pop – a light baby pink to be dusted along the apples of the cheeks to give a ‘lit-from-within’ type of brightness
  • Combined – swirled together, the rose/pink shade created is a gorgeous flush of colour that will suit both cool and warm complexions

CT Instant Look In A Palette cheek swatches

Charlotte Tilbury | Instant Look In A Palette cheek swatches

CT Instant Look In A Palette 3

Charlotte Tilbury | Instant Look In A Palette/Natural Beauty

CT Mini Miracle Eye Wand

Mini Miracle Eye Wand, Shade 2 (CAN $55.00) | A dual ended click-style pen available in 5 shades with one end meant to provide moisture while the other adds correcting colour. The Eye Wand in Shade 2 is a neutral beige hue suitable for light – light/medium complexions with neutral undertones.

The Eye Cream portion has an instant cooling effect upon application (a sensation that quickly dissipates) and is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy residue, providing a smooth surface to layer either foundation or concealer over.

If you’re familiar with the YSL Touche Éclat, then you’ll understand how the Eye Brightener works, appearing to have a similar formula and effect upon the skin. The texture is smoothly thin and easily spreadable, seeming to effectively cover fine lines without settling into them. Can be used either over the Eye Cream and before foundation, or over foundation for an extra shot of radiance.

Eye Cream:

  • Hyaluronic Acid – to boost moisture level in the eye contour
  • Bio Extract of Salicornia – to reduce loss of water & stimulate natural moisture production in the skin
  • Cyclodextrins – to smooth the eye dome for a youth-boosting effect
  • Rice Proteins – to fight against signs of ageing & fatigue, help reduce the appearance of undereye bags

Eye Brightener:

  • “A Million Lights” – light reflecting micro-particles to diffuse light from the surface of the skin, soft-focussing imperfections and illuminates shadowy contours
  • Fine-Coated Mother-Of-Pearl – helps bring radiance to the skin and colour corrects discolourations
  • Polypeptides – to help minimize the appearance of dark circles
  • Silky Elastomers – help cover the surface of eye bags and smooth over fine lines/wrinkles

CT Mini Miracle Eye Wand logo

Charlotte Tilbury | Mini Miracle Eye Wand, Shade 2

CT Mini Miracle Eye Wand 2

Charlotte Tilbury | Mini Miracle Eye Wand, cream & eye brightener

CT Mini Miracle Eye Wand swatches

Charlotte Tilbury | Mini Miracle Eye Wand, Shade 2 swatches

CT Instant Look In A Palette 4

Charlotte Tilbury | Instant Look In A Palette/Natural Beauty


From the day that Charlotte Tilbury launched her eponymous beauty range, the common denominator is not only how quickly products sell out, but how well-thought out each item is. The Instant Look In A Palette could easily have been dismissed as a gimmicky hype, were it not for the fact that it works, especially for fair to medium complexions; those with darker skin tones won’t really benefit from anything other than the highlighter. Another plus in its favour is the price; purchased individually, each product would cost much more, thus making this palette an excellent purchase. Cheesy name notwithstanding, the Mini Miracle Eye Wand certainly delivers on its claims as well and the fact that you get both skincare and colour correcting products in one portable pen, makes it one of the best items to have on hand in your makeup bag and the perfect pick-me-up to instantly brighten tired-looking eyes (or how to perfectly fake the “I had my 8 hours of beauty sleep” effect).

Charlotte Tilbury products are available through Holt Renfrew (Canada). Find more information on the brand via

CT Instant Look In A Palette & Eye Wand closer



Product sample kindly provided for my unbiased consideration