a-england ‘Excalibur’ (revamped) & new Heavenly Quote: ‘Love Is Enough’

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William Morris Love is Enough illustrated

William Morris ‘Love Is Enough’ (source)


If you follow me on my various social media platforms, then you may have seen the initial black & white preview of 2 new a-england shades; here they now are, in all their colourful splendour!

Having captured our hearts – as well as our imagination – with ‘The Mythicals’ introductory collection, founder Adina Bodina is constantly looking to create and improve upon her range; case in point, the revamped version of ‘Excalibur’ (see original swatch review here). This new incarnation takes the original steely hue and infuses it with multi-dimensional shimmer, creating a unique fusion of a wearable metallic.

In between the core collections, a-england has also introduced a running theme titled “Heavenly Quotes”, with new shades/chapters continuously included in this story. The latest addition, ‘Love Is Enough’ is a shade inspired by the artist, poet, textile designer and member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, William Morris (1834 – 1896) – an intricate and almost moody deep olive hue, overlaid by a complex golden shimmer.

Please note that full nail swatches are coming soon. You can find more images and swatches of the entire range by clicking on the a-england tab on the right.


a-england Excalibur new

a-england ♦ Excalibur (revamped)


a-england Love Is Enough

a-england ♦ Love Is Enough – Heavenly Quote



Last Word: As expected, these shades are done in true inimitable a-england style: with complete attention to detail, and in total perfection. I’ll have more details for you as soon as my post is up — stay tuned!

You can check out the a-england website for more information, or feel free to follow via twitter/facebook for the latest updates.


William Morris acanthus leaves 2

William Morris – Acanthus Leaf wallpaper c. 1875 (source)

22 Responses to a-england ‘Excalibur’ (revamped) & new Heavenly Quote: ‘Love Is Enough’

  1. Denise says:


    I wonder if Love is Enough looks like the lovechild of the new Holy Grail and Beauty Never Fails…

  2. Very glad I have the original Excalibur as it is the most perfect silver polish for stamping. This new version is beautiful too. Will the old version be discontinued? If so that’s disappointing.

  3. Sheena says:

    WAANT! Soooo badly!!! ;^;. The wait for swatches is killing meeeee.

    I adore the new Excalibur! While I haven’t had the pleasure of trying the original, I have tried many many many silver polishes. Party due to liking silver on my nails for awhile but mainly because silcer is my step sisters favorite color so silver polish was everywhere ;).

    For a long time when I would imagine holy or magical swords they were always gilded, while having a heavenly white like glow. After watching an anime that had a rather silly rendition of Excalibur where as a sword (otherotherwise an anthropormorphic creature) of a bright light silver and gold, my imaginings of gilded swords where imprited on all versions of Excalibur.

    The holy white silver that cuts through darkness and evil, intertwined with the gold that perhaps shares origins with the gold of the Holy Grail. Now waiting for someone to take the place of King Arthur. (I cannot recall if Gallahad had used Excalibur or not.)

    Sorry for the long comment I got creative and keep going :P.

  4. I ordered Sleeping Palace last week and am SO excited for it 🙂 I wish Excalibur had been available at that time too, as I’d probably have gone for it as well – lovely my dear!

    • Eugenia says:

      Glad you liked them, Toya and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Sleeping Palace. Hopefully you’ll be able to add the new Excalibur in an upcoming order! 😉

  5. Nemo says:

    Can’t wait to pick up these two and Sleeping Palace and Fated Prince…. a year from now when the frenzy dies down…. won’t be able to get near them till then. I remember how hard Tristam used to be able to score back in the day. It took me over six months to be able to get my hands on that one. *big sigh*

    • Eugenia says:

      It’s possible that you had problems picking up Tristam when it was originally released, mainly because the brand was much smaller and distribution not as wide. Now, however, the list of stockists has grown by leaps & bounds, so I don’t think you will have any issues getting any of these shades in a timely manner! Might be worth a look! 🙂

  6. Nails and Noms says:

    These are so beautiful, but I love all of Adina’s beauties so I might be a little biased. I can’t wait for your full swatches! ^_^

  7. Larie says:

    The new Excalibur sort of tells more of a story, to me. It’s like the aging of the sword itself, while it waited…very romantic. I love it!

  8. dymphnarose says:

    Gah! Excalibur is so dang sparkly and pretty!

  9. adina a-england says:

    Can’t wait to your next post! Thank you Eugenia. Acanthus Leaf is my favourite William Morris wallpaper design!

    • Eugenia says:

      I can’t wait to show the world your new beauties, Adina! I adore all of the William Morris floral prints as well, but the Acanthus Leaf is truly special!

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