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Russian Soul, the latest release from boutique lacquer brand a-england, draws inspiration from the ballet, in particular the gliding elegance and technical artistry of renown Russian dancers such as that of Maya Plisetskaya (1925 – 2015), Prima Ballerina Assoluta.

Since its inception, a-england has consistently turned out one incredible collection after another with shades that are not only beautiful & complex but also imbued with a strong sense of history not seen with any other beauty product. Founder Adina Bodana, a woman with one of the most generous hearts I know and whom I’m proud to call a friend, has quite possibly outdone even herself with this latest creation – prepare to be amazed.

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Maya Plisetskaya Swan Lake

Maya Plisetskaya, Prima Ballerina Assoluta as Odette/Odile in Swan Lake

a-england Russian Soul

a-england | Russian Soul

a-england Russian Soul 2

a-england | Russian Soul

a-england Katyusha swatch

Katyusha | An oxidized silver hue with a strong holographic effect, displaying an absolutely beautiful flow, density, and coverage (basically opaque at 1 coat). There’s this stunning green and copper shift seen in some lights, alternating to a more seafoam green at other times. LOVE!

Coats: 2, no base or top coat added

a-england Katyusha swatch 2

a-england | Katyusha swatch, Russian Soul

a-england Waltz of the Flowers swatch

Waltz of the Flowers | An iridescent violet hue with a strong prismatic effect to the holographic particles in a slightly sheerer formula than that of Katyusha. Self-levelling and with a natural glossy finish, there’s such an ease to the flow that makes application a dream. Gorgeously regal yet still so classic and modern.

Coats: 2, no base or top coat added

a-england Waltz of the Flowers swatch 2

a-england | Waltz of the Flowers swatch, Russian Soul

a-england Kalinka swatch

Kalinka | A silvered lavender hue with yet another strong holographic presence, in a formula similar to that of Waltz of the Flowers; a slight sheerness with the first coat but becoming fully opaque by the second layer. There’s a hypnotic effect to the prismatic flashes, especially when seen in direct sunlight (don’t drive and stare, please!)

Coats: 2, no base or top coat added

a-england Kalinka swatch 2

a-england | Kalinka swatch, Russian Soul

a-england Polovetsian Dances swatch

Polovetsian Dances | A midnight violet/indigo hue in a formula that is ultra colour-saturated making it almost a one-coat-wonder, with a formula that displays a perfect density, flow, coverage along with self-levelling properties. The holographic particles are more scattered here, with the richness of the base colour providing your nails with that ‘galaxy’ effect (adding a layer of top coat will really make this stand out). BONUS: non-staining upon removal.

Coats: 2, no base or top coat added

a-england Polovetsian Dances swatch 2

a-england | Polovetsian Dances swatch, Russian Soul

a-england Natasha's Dance swatch

Natasha’s Dance/War & Peace | A lush ebonized charcoal hue with a deep violet undertone and a killer amazing formula in all regards: flow, density, coverage, opacity, gloss and evenness. With a scattered holographic effect similar to that of Polovetsian Dances, this shade is a true one-coat-wonder, although I would still add a second layer for more depth. BONUS: non-staining upon removal. By the way, adding top coat to this beauty takes things to a whole other level of gorgeousness (see the last swatch).

Coats: 2, no base or top coat added on the first 2 swatches, top coat on the last swatch

a-england Natasha's Dance swatch 2

a-england | Natasha’s Dance/War & Peace swatch, Russian Soul

a-england Natasha's Dance swatch 3

a-england | Natasha’s Dance/War & Peace swatch with top coat, Russian Soul


In case it wasn’t already apparent, I have so much love for this brand – not to mention the highest level of respect for its creator, Adina. For starters, you can just tell that each and every shade is meticulously thought out and developed with uniqueness and quality in mind. This collection is a departure from other prismatic hues in the brand’s range, in the sense that there’s this gorgeous natural glossiness seen at the finish of each shade that I personally haven’t seen before, with stellar formulas just sweetening the deal. Picking one favourite out of them all is not possible and I’m so happy I don’t have to either. I may never be a Prima Ballerina Assoluta, but my nails can definitely channel that elegance thanks to this Russian Soul.

Visit a-engand to shop the collection & to find your nearest retailer

a-england Russian Soul closer


These ethereal beauties have been kindly provided/As always, all opinions are my own

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