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Hello to all beauty lovers everywhere,

My name is Eugenia and I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Why a beauty blog? Well, it just happens to perfectly combine three of my passions: makeup/beauty products, writing and photography.  I want to state that I am not a cosmetologist, dermatologist or any kind of ‘ologist’ and/or beauty technician; I just happen to have a really intense passion for beauty products (can you say ‘addiction’?!!). Over the years, I have picked up numerous tips & techniques regarding all things beauty, ranging from the best way to set your makeup or a great at-home manicure to what beauty trends to embrace and how to avoid nasty mistakes (made plenty of those), and I figured that since I always appreciate information that I can benefit from, perhaps so would other people; hence….. the birth of my beauty blog!

The point of my blog is many-sided:

  • provide reviews and/or swatches of products (so you can virtually try before you buy)
  • provide information on upcoming products and launches (as soon as I get the info, that is)
  • provide time-tested tips, trends and techniques (work in progress)
  • provide background information on beauty brands
  • introduce new and relatively unknown product lines
  • inform readers of the many talented makeup artists and nail techs out there

While I certainly don’t intend to cover all those topics with one posting, this is to give readers an idea of the direction I’m headed, as well as try and include other related topics that interest me (and hopefully others as well!).  All reviews, except for the ones I quote from or link to, are based on my own personal experience, practice, opinion and trial & error.

If you’re interested in using the information I provide or quoting my postings/reviews, I would be pleased to give permission, however I would appreciate that my blog is given the proper credit with an active link provided to it as well.  All pictures, except where mentioned, are taken by me using my hands and nails, and as such are subject to copying infringement.  Please respect that these are solely my property.

If you’re a new or already existing blogger and wish me to look over your site, I kindly ask that you email me first with your coordinates, rather than linking your site to mine through the comments section.  Please note that ALL comments are moderated and any solicitation will be promptly deleted.

I also absolutely love your comments, feedback and advice and get such a thrill when people write back….so, please don’t be shy!

Let me know how I’m doing and……..enjoy!

PS: You can reach me by email at ommorphia@gmail.com

*Image courtesy of Membrane