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My name is Eugenia and I live in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Why a beauty blog? Well, it just happens to combine three of my passions: beauty products, writing, and photography. To be perfectly honest, this blog actually came about because of a dare from my husband – obviously, I rose to the challenge. He learned not to dare me again.

All opinions stated on my blog are my own, freely given, completely unbiased and never bought. If a post is sponsored in any way, it will be clearly stated and fully disclosed. All affiliate links displayed on my blog are without any obligation or cost to my readers; if a purchase of a product is made by clicking on one of my advertised affiliate links, I will then receive a small percentage.

Using any information and or photos I provide in my articles, without first obtaining my permission may be subject to copying infringement.  Please respect that these are solely my property (and that I worked damn hard to create them).

For any inquiries, I can be reached by email at ommorphia@gmail.com

So happy to have you part of my beauty journey!






Image: Membrane

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