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It is believed that a person can only survive 3 days without water.

Now imagine living in areas where you literally need to walk miles to obtain fresh drinking water, all the while hoping it won’t run out before you get there. Or praying for a drop of rain after yet another prolonged & severe drought.

Horrifyingly scary statistics, aren’t they … especially for those of us blessed to be living in countries where all we need to do for that life-saving glass of water, is to turn on a tap.

Launched in 2011, Giorgio Armani in partnership with Green Cross International, created the Acqua for Life campaign, with the aim of bringing sustainable drinking water systems to underprivileged and water-scarce areas of the world, thereby ensuring they need never go without again.

In water-scarce communities, the task of fetching water home – often from distant and unsafe areas – has traditionally fallen to children and women. By helping these communities build their own drinking water systems and/or rainwater harvesting systems, it enables the children to stay in school and receive an education – which then translates to better living opportunities later on, while the safety of women increases along with their potential for earning a living.

Begun in Ghana, the Acqua for Life campaign has generated funds to help water-poverty communities in Bolivia, Mexico, and China. For the first time in 2014, Sri Lanka, the Ivory Coast and Senegal will be able to benefit from this initiative as well.

It’s next to impossible to NOT be moved by these facts and there’s nothing I love better than “beauty with a cause”


For every Special Edition packaging of 100 ml bottle of either Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò (CAN $99.00) or Acqua di Gioia (CAN $76.00) fragrance  that you purchase, there will be  100 litres of safe drinking water for children – every year, for 10 years – donated, directly due to your generosity. In other words: 1,000 LITRES OF WATER PER CHILD total

Scroll down to enjoy the photos, and I encourage you to spread the word of this wonderful cause – thank you 

GA Acqua di Gio & Acqua di Cioia



Acqua for Life Campaign – Bolivia


Acqua for Life Campaign – Bolivia

BOLIVIA Installing the Pump (2)

Acqua for Life Campaign – Bolivia


Acqua for Life Campaign – Bolivia


Acqua for Life Campaign – Bolivia


Acqua for Life Campaign – Ghana


Acqua for Life Campaign – Ghana


 Acqua for Life Campaign – Ghana


Acqua for Life Campaign – Mexico

Acqua for Life drawings

Acqua for Life Campaign, Ghana – drawings done by grateful children

Acqua for Life drawings 2

Acqua for Life Campaign, China – Drawings done by grateful children


Mr. Armani, having grown up on the island of Pantelleria, off the coast of Sicily, was raised to revere nature and more importantly, life-sustaining water, and to that end, felt deeply about creating a organization that would benefit and greatly improve the lives of so many people who are not as fortunate as himself. If I didn’t already have such a high respect for this man, then knowing of his involvement in this philanthropic cause is all I need to take that respect to a whole new level.

Like I said: beauty with a cause. Doesn’t get better than that.


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What are your thoughts, beautiful?

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