Armani Beauty · Luminous Silk Glow Fusion Powder & Fluid Sheer Glow Enhancer


The latest launches from Armani Beauty are here and I couldn’t wait to dive in to both the Luminous Silk Glow Fusion Powder and the Fluid Sheer Glow Enhancers — in part because I’ve never been let down from this brand, but I confess it’s mainly because I was hooked at “glow” ✨



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Luminous Silk Glow Fusion Powder, shade 4 (CAN $82.00) | Something about this glossy nude compact elicited plenty of ooh-ing & ahh-ing from me … I’m such a sucker for details like that. That said, I confess to being somewhat unsure about the nature of this product; at first I thought ‘foundation’, followed by ‘highlighter’, but in fact it’s actually a gossamer fine & utterly lightweight face/setting powder that can be worn alone on bare skin, or applied over foundation to help provide a longer staying power. With a mirror on the inner lid, the compact opens up to reveal an undulating pattern on the powder’s surface (which will obviously wear down with use) and underneath that is another compartment that holds a demilune brush. I always prefer using my own brushes for application, but this one is actually quite well made and would definitely do in a pinch. The powder’s breakthrough formula is based on both “water memory technology” and an “optimal concentration of fine pigments”. In other words, upon application your skin’s own moisture transforms the powder into a veil-like ‘fluid’ creating a thin film, while flexible microspheres blend into the skin’s surface for a seamless finish that helps to blur away the appearance of fine lines. When used over foundation, it may also help to prevent any cakeiness and set everything in place, but I really like how it looks on bare skin, as it provides a natural-looking luminosity as well as helping to even out my skin tone to some degree.

Available in 8 shades and also refillable (refills are CAN $72.00/each)

I was sent shade 4 and while at first glance I assumed it would be too light against my skin, it turns out to be a perfect match — blending in so seamlessly, that it was hard to detect even close up. In the swatch below I applied it quite heavily so that the camera can pick it up, but even at that you can see how well it matches and how even the ‘glowy’ part of it shows up more as well.


Fluid Sheer Glow Enhancer (CAN $58.00/each) | Inspired by organza’s sheer appearance, this is a liquid highlighter that dispenses via a pump. A true mutli-purpose product, you can use this on its own applied to bare skin, mixed in with foundation for an extra glowy boost, or worn along the high points of the face over foundation as a traditional highlighter. The lightweight formula is easy to wear and its liquid nature means it can meld beautifully with the skin for the most seamless finish. Layerable as well, you can use some of the more colourful shades in the range in blush capacity, while the deeper hues help provide a bronzy, sun-kissed glow.

Available in 7 shades


As with the powder, I assumed at first glance that shade 2 would be a touch cool for my complexion, but it has enough gold in it to match me perfectly (this shade also catches the light so beautifully when worn along the high points of the face). Shade 10 is absolutely gorgeous and looks amazing on lightly tanned bare skin, or even layered over bronzer — it really helps enhance the entire look.


Once you start playing with these products, you can tell that some serious R&D has gone into creating them, as both absolutely deliver. I prefer my foundation to be on the sheer side and this powder is actually a great replacement for that, helping to give me light coverage along with a subtle glow. Liquid highlighters are my faves, mainly because I love how easy they are to use (no tools required, other than fingers) and how seamless they look upon the skin. All in all, both get my vote are are definitely worth investing in.


Available at Sephora and select retailers





Kindly provided by Giorgio Armani Beauty for my unbiased consideration

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