Backstage Beauty: CHANEL Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2021-22 Show




Ok, so here in Montréal we’re still in winter’s icy grip and even though I’m so ready for warmer weather, all the big fashion houses (and beauty giants) are already moving forward season-wise. Case in point, last Sunday CHANEL hosted their Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2021-22 runway show, but I’m going to conveniently ignore the “FALL/WINTER” part and just focus on the beauty … plus a smidge of fashion thrown in for fun.



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The venue: the iconic Chez Castel nightclub, Paris


After years of truly spectacular shows held at Paris’ Grand Palais (which is currently undergoing renovations), Virginie Viard recalled a conversation with the late Karl Lagerfeld who spoke of past shows in the 70s where “models dressed on their own at restaurants”. That vibe resonated with her, and so she chose the legendary Left Bank nightclub Chez Castel — founded in the 60s, and host to many celebrities over years (Mick Jagger was a frequent patron) and one which continues to be popular to this day.


In tandem with the”ski spirit” of the collection, Virginie toyed with the idea of bulky tweeds layered over delicate chiffon, and even the shaggy moon boots played along by having a layer of fur removed to reveal a sleeker boot underneath — taking the wearer from the slopes to après-ski with a quick gesture. The beauty created by Lucia Pica also seemed to work beautifully with the quintessentially Parisian looks, putting emphasis on a smoky inky eye, and leaving the rest of the face “neutral”. Simple, pared down, yet so totally striking, this is a look that can easily be recreated and adapted by anyone. Complimenting it all was the hair, with either blunt bobs or razor-sharp bangs & ends shown down the runway making me *almost* ready to try it out for myself (but I won’t, lol).

I’m guessing you may have noticed how the last few runway shows have displayed a consistency in what beauty products are used and while I’m sure some might find that a touch boring, I actually like that the looks created don’t compete with the fashion, but more importantly, can easily be recreated by anyone. It’s also nice to see that instead of limited edition items, Lucia stuck with items from the permanent lineup which in my opinion, speaks to a mindfulness for the consumer.


Far from looking racoon-ish, this is a simple yet absolutely polished smokey eye


Clean-up with concealer helps to keep the entire look sharp


I actually can’t stop staring at the makeup artist’s mani (which I totally plan on recreating)





Skin was prepped with Hydra Beauty Micro-Sérum (1) and Hydra Beauty Camellia Water Cream (2)

FACE: Ultra Le Teint Ultrawear Compact Foundation (3), Le Correcteur de CHANEL (4)

EYES: Les 4 Ombres 334 Modern Glamour (5), Le Crayon Khôl 61 Noir (6), Le Volume Révolution de CHANEL 10 Noir (7)

EYEBROWS: Stylo Sourcils Waterproof (8), Le Gel Sourcils (9)

CHEEKS: Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder (10)

LIPS: Rouge Coco Baume (11), Rouge Coco Bloom 116 Dream (12)

NAILS: La Base (13), Le Vernis 167 Ballerina (14), Le Gel Coat (15)



Loving this effortless and yet totally wearable chic look


I literally want this entire outfit … I mean, pink boots and fur trim? So much YES


The entire vibe captured in one shot: tweed, chiffon & fur moon boots


The finale



Credit: CHANEL

Collage created by me

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