bareMinerals · Invisible Bronze Powder Bronzer & Invisible Glow Powder Highlighter


These latest releases from bareMinerals aim to get your makeup Summer-ready and are spot-on perfect for those looking to do so in a subtle yet still effective way. Personally, I couldn’t be happier that warmer weather is here so I say bring on the [faux] glow.



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Blooming Blush Brush (US $24.00) | Made of natural bristles, this brush is relatively compact size-wise and comes with both a tapered tip & a domed head for a variety of application options. The bristles are densely packed and have a nice flexibility coupled with a soft feel against the skin, and while you won’t be able to get a broad sweep going, this is a great brush for buffing out edges. Bonus: makes an excellent contouring brush.

Invisible Bronze Powder Bronzer in Tan (CAN $35.00) | Available in 4 shades, the formula of these bronzers includes mineral pigments for stay-true colour, specialized pearls for radiance, and zea mays starch to help with absorbing excess skin oils. The baked texture is ultra refined and lays down seamlessly along the skin, although there is powdery kickback seen when swirling a brush across its surface — nothing that a quick tap of the brush couldn’t solve plus it doesn’t affect the application in any way.

One of the sheerest bronzers I’ve tried, the colour still manages to show through and is somewhat buildable, giving the skin that lit-from-within glow that I love and a lovely overall radiance. Staying power over foundation is very good and even on bare skin it seems to last for several hours without either fading or oxidizing. Something to note is that these shades are not intense, so you can’t really overdo them and might even want to go for something darker than you usually select; my skin is light-medium and Tan just manages to show up; once I get a light tan going, I sense this will act more to enhance any colour than to actually give the appearance of more.


Invisible Glow Powder Highlighter in Medium (CAN $35.00) | Available in 4 shades, the formula of these highlighters includes mineral pigments for stay-true colour, pearls for luminosity, zea mays starch to absorb excess oils and eliminate shine, as well as glycerin to add moisture back to the skin. As with the bronzer, the baked texture is ultra refined and swirled with a complimentary hue to add depth of tone, and any powdery kickback seen will not affect application in any way — just make sure to tap any excess off your brush first.

If highlighters that can almost be seen from space are your thing, then walk away; this product is one of the most subtle I’ve come across in the genre. That said, it looks absolutely beautiful along the skin and perfect for daytime wear (also quite work appropriate), and actually comes across as a healthy looking glow with a touch of sophistication, as opposed to gaudy or over the top.


I’ll be honest; for years I painted most mineral-based products with the same brush and assumed they wouldn’t stand up to the higher-end brands I tend to reach for. And while I’m not that keen on the packaging here (as shallow as it sounds, I have a personal issue with cheap-ish packaging), I am completely and pleasantly surprised by the performance of all 3 products. I love the subtlety of both the bronzer and highlighter, yet each manages to make its presence known just the same … without shouting, thank you very much. As to the brush? Not what I’d usually grab for in application of either product but I’m always open to trying out something new — as long as it works. This does. Finally, I’ll leave you with these three little words: excellent price point. #yourewelcome

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