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As a self-professed mascara fiend, I tend to stick to several tried & true faves but that doesn’t mean that I stop looking out for that next breakout star either. When Benefit launched their Roller Lash mascara last year (reviewed here) it became an immediate hit, delivering fabulous length and helping the lash-curl challenged reach new curves. The only downside? It came in just one shade, black. But now there’s a spanking new brown shade joining the family: fair-lashed lovelies (or everyone else for that matter) can rejoice.

Once again, Benefit has nailed it with the awesome press packaging details; this makeup bag is not only adorable AND large enough to fit tons of stuff, but is able stand open on its own without teetering or tipping over. Love!

Benefit Brown Roller Lash

Benefit | Benefit Brown Roller Lash Mascara

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Benefit Brown Roller Lash Mascara (CAN $31.00) | A rich brown hue that’s dark enough to provide definition without looking as stark as black can sometimes get. Excellent for those with fair complexions and/or blonde lashes (again, the whole black-looking-too-harsh thing) as well as THE shade to reach for when going for a more ‘natural‘ lash look. The formula is the same as the original, containing Provitamin B5 and Serine — both known for providing conditioning benefits, while the unique patent-pending Hook’N’Roll™ Brush has these little ‘gripper hooks’ that are meant to grab & lift your lashes from the base. By using a rolling motion with the wand (i.e.: rolling the brush from base to tip) you wind up with both length + curl.

My mascara criteria are first & foremost volume, followed by length; curl isn’t something I’ve ever really worried about as my lashes have a pretty decent natural curl. I prefer my lashes to feel flexible and not crunchy, with the product able to stay the duration without flaking, smudging, or dropping down & creating those dreaded half-moon smears under my eyes. I don’t have an issue with clumpiness, provided it doesn’t leave actual blobs, as this effect makes for a trendy look and may provide the illusion of boosted volume as well. Lastly, I want my mascara to remove easily at the end of the day without needing to pry it off my lashes. So how does the the Brown Roller Lash Mascara fare, especially for someone like me who rarely opts for anything but the blackest black? Amazing. On all counts. And my new fave trick? I like applying a layer of the brown on my upper lashes topped with a layer of black mascara — provides a really nice depth this way — and the brown mascara solo on my lower lashes for a softer, yet still defined effect. Who would have thought that mascara could be this versatile?

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Benefit | Benefit Brown Roller Lash Mascara

Benefit Brown Roller Lash macro

Benefit | Benefit Brown Roller Lash Mascara

Benefit Brown Roller Lash swatches

Benefit | Benefit Brown Roller Lash Mascara swatches


Back in the 70s, brown mascara was quite the scene, most likely inspired by the free-loving hippie movement and as a backlash to the Twiggy-esque lashes of a decade earlier. Then the 80’s hit and electric blue tips were all the rage (which I still adore & wear to this day) but sadly the formulas usually left much to be desired. Fast-forward to today, and Benefit has something really good going here with Roller Lash. As someone who rarely wears brown mascara, this little tube is impressing me with every wearing. Enough said.

Available at Sephora

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Provided courtesy of Benefit for review consideration/All opinions my own

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