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Christmas has just come & gone — now it’s time to undo the traces of late nights, loads of food, and possibly a bit too much partying (or what you get during the holidays when you’re from a large Greek family. Actually, that’s us 365 days/year). Now’s the time where these basics from Biotherm come into their own; think of them as the unsung heros of the beauty world.

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Biotherm Biocils makeup remover

Biocils Soin des Cils (CAN $31.00) | A dual-phase eye makeup remover (oil + water) that not only effectively removes all traces of eye makeup, but helps to strengthen and regenerate lashes with each use. Key ingredients include:

  • Madecassocide – regenerates the production of lashes and stimulates the production of collagen
  • Arginine – nourishes and repairs damaged lashes
  • Citric Acid – stimulates the regeneration of cells

Biotherm Biocils Waterproof makeup remover

Biocils Waterproof (CAN $23.00) | A dual-phased formula (oil + water) to help remove all traces of eye makeup, even stubborn waterproof mascara. This remover is not only effective but gentle enough to be used even on sensitive eyes or for contact-lens wearers — all without leaving a greasy feel behind. Key ingredients include:

  • Silicone Oils – to coat the skin and trap in moisture (this part confuses me a bit, tbh)
  • Soft non-ionic cleansing agents – gentle on skin & lashes
  • Neutral PH – ophthalmologist tested

Biotherm Biocils Yeux Sensibles makeup remover

Biocils Yeux Sensibles (CAN $23.00) | An ultra-fresh gel formula with a texture that turns to water when it touches the skin. Non-sticky, this works to quickly remove makeup without needing to use excessive force on the delicate skin of the eye area and is easily tolerated by eve the most sensitive eyes. Key ingredients include:

  • D-Panthenol – to help moisturize the skin
  • Softening agents – to help decrease the look of fine lines
  • Neutral PH – ophthalmologist tested

Biotherm Cleansing Oil & Toner

Biotherm Total Renew.Oil

Biosource Total Renew.Oil (CAN $34.00) | There’s really nothing better or more effective than an oil-based cleanser to break up the oils found in makeup and while I will always have a weakness for the shu uemura versions, this bottle has impressed me enough to actually finish it. Lightweight in feel, this emulsifies into a foam upon contact with water to not only effortlessly help remove makeup (except for mascara which I still prefer using a separate remover for), but also acts as a purifying agent (anti-bacterial) to leave skin feeling clean and moisturized. Key ingredients include:

  • Life Plankton
  • L.Saccharina – anti pollution adhesion agent, removes bacteria & impurities
  • Natural Botanical Oil Blend – passion fruit, apricot, corn, & rice bran to nourish and repair skin while cleansing

Biotherm Biosource Toner

Biosource Toner (CAN $23.00) | While I’m a huge fan of the many-stepped skincare ritual (I swear, it relaxes me), toning is something I’ve never made it a habit to do… until now, that is. To use, you simply apply toner to a cotton pad which is then swiped it all over your face to pick up any vestiges of makeup/dirt that somehow managed to escape the cleansing step. Easy-peasy. Bonus points scored for its light & fresh scent coupled with mild exfoliating properties to leave skin feeling clean but never tight.


Biotherm Wonder Mud

Wonder Mud (CAN $60.00) | As someone who has developed somewhat of an obsession with applying face masks, I tend to multi-mask on the regular and absolutely love not only the way they cleanse my skin, but how beautifully my makeup looks upon a newly smooth complexion after. That said, not all masks are created equal and what makes this one stand out for me is many sided: for starters, the texture is significantly lighter than most clay masks I’ve tried, bearing an almost mousse-like consistency. Secondly, it doesn’t dry to pull tightly upon the skin, and lastly it leaves my face glowing while pores appear minimized. Bonus points scored for it only needing 3 minutes to do its thing.
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Biotherm Wonder Mud macro

Biotherm Wonder Mud swatch


As someone who never goes to bed without first removing all makeup, I must admit that I actually enjoying the act: it makes me feel renewed and, well….clean. As tempting as it may be to reach for a wipe to do the job, don’t — there’s nothing quite like a good oil cleanse followed by toning. Try it, and let me know. As to eye makeup removers, I like the fact that Biotherm offers choices to also include those with sensitive eyes, and even though both the waterproof and regular version worked well, I still prefer my go-to from Neutrogena. For all you mask-fiends out there, you need to give Wonder Mud a go; it’s effective plus gives you a legitimate reason to slap mud all over your face. Makes my inner child very happy.

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