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Making the most of the current situation, I’ve managed to find quite a few upsides and that’s not only in rediscovering beauty products I totally forgot I owned, but I can now also test tons of new products that I received without any pressing deadlines looming over my shoulder. One of those happens to be Bite Beauty’s Changemaker range … and WOW! I may not have anywhere to go right now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look like I do!

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Skin-Optimizing Primer Normal to Oily Skin (CAN $50.00) | Touted as a “high-performance primer with skin-optimizing technology to neutralize your skin type and grip foundation for flawless, lasting wear” in the brand’s description sounds almost too good to be true, but interestingly enough that has actually panned out. The texture feels initially cool to the touch and has a nice ‘slip’, most likely due in part to the silicone derivative in the mix — something that I have no issue with, but worth mentioning just the same. The key ingredient here is Willow Bark that is said to help with mattifying shine and helping to minimize the appearance of pores. Personally, I often don’t reach for a primer because A) I forget to, B) I don’t like adding too many beauty products to my skin (this rule doesn’t apply to my skincare, however) and C) I actually like seeing some of my skin’s natural texture peep through. That said, what I really do like about this primer is how weightless it feels applied — and remember that you don’t need to lay this down all over but rather on areas where you want to tone down any shine. In testing it along half my face, I did notice that not only did the foundation applied on top appear slightly smoother with my pores seemed diminished, but it did in fact do a great job at keeping my skin shine-free a lot longer.

Also available in Normal To Dry (not shown)

Supercharged Micellar Foundation (CAN $52.00/each) | The name sounds pretty impressive, not to mention original — but what exactly is this, you ask? In a nutshell, this is a cream foundation housed in a squeezable tube with light to medium buildable coverage. The star ingredient here is Maqui Berry an “antioxidant-rich ingredient that helps nurture the complexion“, but what intrigues me the most is the micellar part of the name. Having been made famous as a French pharmacy product first by editors then subsequently coveted by the rest of us, we’ve all heard of micellar water — used as a toner/makeup remover — and now readily available in many forms. But the “micellar” part here actually refers to the structure of micelle particles, which are made up of lipid molecules. Lipids are crucial dermatologic building blocks, as they help to maintain the skin’s protective barrier. Micelles also contain “hydrophilic” regions that attract water and moisture, which helps explain this foundation’s hydrating properties. And that’s my science 101 for the day.

As someone who prefers lighter coverage in foundation, I was definitely curious to see how Changemaker would perform. In testing it out, I applied it to half my face using a slightly dampened beauty sponge and the other half with a brush (I used MAC’s Oval Synthetic 6 Brush which has a densely packed head and is my preferred brush for achieving an absolutely flawless finish). Both methods yielded excellent results, with the sponge having the edge by being easier & faster to apply with, although the brush gave a better finish. Coverage is indeed buildable to a degree and once applied, I actually forgot I had anything on — it’s THAT lightweight. Staying power was amazing as well, without oxidizing or breaking up around the nose (key points for me), and after approx 8 hours of wear, the side without primer showed very minimal shine, but not enough to be a deal breaker.

Available in 32 shades with varying undertones to choose from.

  • M65 – light medium with neutral undertone
  • M70 – medium with neutral undertone

Flexible Coverage Pressed Powder (CAN $48.00) | At the risk of sounding like a complete newb, I initially though that this was a powder foundation — I guess I should have read the packaging first, lol! With a formula that has the same star ingredient (Maqui Berry) as the foundation, this also includes Volcanic Materials (in place of talc) to help absorb impurities while controlling shine, and to also add a slight blurring element. The texture is quite finely milled and has just enough pigmentation that I suspect it can even replace wearing foundation for those prefer to go without. The powder comes with a flat dense sponge for application, but if you’ll be using this to set your foundation, I recommend going in with a loose fluffy brush instead, or risk depositing too much in any given area. I want to note that the shade I was send (M2 – cool undertones for medium skintone) is a touch too dark for me to use at the moment but I’ll be definitely revisiting it again in the summer when my skin takes on a bit more colour.

Available in 8 shades

Lately I feel fortunate to have discovered several foundations from a variety of brands, that are totally in my wheelhouse, providing “invisible” coverage (enough to even skin out without trying too hard) and absolutely lightweight while doing so — and Changemaker Foundation is definitely living up to all the hype. The primer is one of the better ones I’ve tried to date and will be put to a stronger test once the warmer weather hits and my skin begins challenging me more. As to the powder, I’m not one to set my makeup with powder on the regular — only for special occasion looks, so I’ll probably be reserving it for that (although I am curious to see if I can actually wear it in place of foundation as I mentioned above). My final thoughts, are that Bite Beauty (a Canadian brand, I’m proud to say) has a few winners here that are worth checking out.

Available at Sephora and online

Kindly provided by Bite Beauty for my unbiased consideration

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