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What better way to usher in the first day of Fall than with beauty? Introducing the Burberry Fall 2016 Runway Collection, full of glimmer & shimmer that’s a harbinger of the holiday season just around the corner (eek!). I’ll have coverage of a few more pieces including the new Cat Lashes mascaras in upcoming posts, but for now sit back and enjoy these little lovelies.


Burberry | Runway Palette, Nude Radiance & Gold Glitter Nail Polish for Fall 2016


Nude Radiance N°01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base (CAN $54.00) | Glowing skin is a hallmark of this brand’s beauty philosophy and Luminous Fluid Base — a staple backstage at all runway shows — was created to fit that bill. This is a water based illuminating primer (available in 2 shades, Nude Radiance shown here & Golden Radiance) that can be applied to bare skin for a radiant wash that also helps to blur imperfections (but in a very subtle way – don’t expect full coverage), or added to foundation for a soft-focus effect. Made with ‘mirror-flat intense reflection pearls’, Nude Radiance provides the skin with a fresh, dewy glow without any disco-ball shimmer and can also be used as a highlighter along the high planes of the face (upper cheekbones, bridge of the nose, inner eye corner). To note, the formula contains no:

  • parabens
  • sulfates
  • phthalates

I actually love using a pump of this primer mixed in with matte foundations, especially when I’m looking to add a bit more glide to the formula along with a hint of radiance. As much as I love the idea of that perfect & flawless matte complexion (hello, combo/oily skin), matte happens to be more ageing than something with a dewier finish, thus adding just a touch of this makes all the difference in the world (for me).


Burberry | Nude Glow N°01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base


Burberry | Nude Glow N°01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base


Burberry | Nude Glow N°01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base swatches





Runway Palette Illuminating Powder, limited edition (CAN $72.00) | The undisputed star piece of the collection (and usually the one that sells out faster than you can blink), is this gorgeous Runway Palette, a face powder that it meant to act as a highlighter/setting powder. The surface pattern is a beautifully rendered replica of luxurious brocade fabric with silver and gold decorating the raised design, although that’s only an overspray and is quickly wiped off with the first swipe of the brush. By the way, how fabulous are the packaging details? Yes, I’m a total sucker for things like that.

The underlying hue of the powder is a beautiful neutral shade that should be suitable on both cool and warm complexions, with the particles finely milled enough that it can be applied all over, although I see this more as a finishing powder and not a true setting powder (the difference being that a setting powder is meant to ‘fix’ your makeup and keep it looking freshly applied, while a finishing powder is a little something extra you’ll add on top once your look is done).


Burberry | Runway Palette Illuminating Powder Face & Eyes


Burberry | Runway Palette Illuminating Powder Face & Eyes


Burberry | Runway Palette Illuminating Powder Face & Eyes


Burberry | Runway Palette Illuminating Powder swatches


Burberry | Runway Palette Illuminating Powder Face & Eyes



Gold Glitter N°451 Nail Polish, limited edition (CAN $23.00) | A sheer base filled with a multitude of small (and flat laying) brilliant gold glitter pieces. The formula has a good flow & density which helps to keep the glitter well suspended and you definitely pick up enough glitter per brushful that no ‘fishing’ is needed. Layerable, you can apply just 1 coat — or more, all depending on personal preference — to bare nails for a more understated sparkling touch, or applied over any other shade to jazz it up. A perfect shade to have on hand for the upcoming holiday season as well. Removal will take a bit of elbow grease, as expected for a glitter — or you can avoid the hassle and use a peel-off base coat first.

For the swatches below, I wanted to create a more non-traditional holiday nail look and opted to layer Gold Glitter over Stone — an unexpected pairing, but one that looks even more unique because of that (or so I believe).


Burberry | Gold Glitter N°451 Nail Polish


Burberry | Gold Glitter N°451 Nail Polish


Burberry | Gold Glitter N°451 Nail Polish swatches (over Stone N°104)


Beauty trends tend to swing either towards subtlety or flamboyance with a few variations in between, and it appears that glittery products are on the upswing at the moment; possibly due to the recent spate of fashion runway shows where glitter was seen everywhere, or perhaps because festive times will soon be upon us (and that includes Halloween where glitter basically rules). Burberry’s vision is brilliant but done in true Brit manner: understatedly so. The Gold Glitter polish is easily the one product here that likely has a ton of doppelgängers but I’m still impressed with its application and price (for a luxury brand, that is). If you don’t already own an illuminating primer, then you need to give Nude Radiance a look – it’s the one I’ve been reaching for lately. Finally, the Runway Palette … well, I don’t need to say much at this point, do I? I think I’ll let this gem speak for itself (hint: get it now).

Available at The Bay, Sephora 



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  1. anastasiias says:

    Fluid base looks gorgeous. I liked a lot pattern on powder but on swatch it seems a bit greyshish or may be it seems so.

    • Eugenia says:

      It could be the way the colours are displayed on your monitor, because there’s really no grey in this powder at all – on the contrary, it leans more nude/neutral which makes it suitable for most skin tones

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