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Burberry has recently launched The Essentials Collection, adding to the core group of products built around the ‘prime, contour & highlight’ philosophy of the brand. Known for the brand’s signature nudes and natural glowing skin aesthetic, these are all about achieving a flawless yet still totally relatable look, without fear of ever veering too close to that overly-sculpted effect that’s rather prevalent at the moment on social media. All I can say, is what a relief …



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Iris Law for Burberry. I literally love everything about this look


Last year’s Runway Collection from Burberry first introduced two highlighters adorned with this stunningly intricate lace pattern on the surface of the powder, and now there are two new shades added to the range. Housed in hefty metallic compacts that have a magnetic closure and bear the brand’s signature plaid etched on the cover, each also comes with a protective velour inner sleeve and natural-bristle brush. Fragrance-free, they display an exceptionally finely-milled texture and are also infused with micro-pearls for a natural looking glow that’s not meant to leave a metallic finish behind. The shimmer is actually quite beautiful and complex at the same time, and depending on your preferences, can be either applied as a light wash of colour or further deepened for a more intense radiance.

Pink Pearl N°03 (CAN $72.00) |  The cooler leaning of the two, this is a white based pink with a soft prismatic radiance that can still work as a lovely counterpoint against warm skin tones due to the hint of colour in its undertone.

Rose Gold N°04 (CAN $72.00) | An almost ‘neutral’ highlighter shade, this will work on basically every skin tone along the spectrum and is also an excellent accompaniment to a broad variety of makeup looks.


The two Runway Collection highlighters that were released last year were limited edition and had unique outer packaging, but I’m so happy to see that they have now joined the permanent range (minus the LE packaging). Apart from the shade difference, all four highlighters are identical in terms of texture, radiance, and staying power — it all comes down to personal colour preference.

  • White N°01 – cool leaning, pure white with a soft prismatic radiance, more suited to the two extremes: very fair & very dark complexions (but that’s just a general guideline)
  • Nude Gold N° 02 – warm leaning, soft neutral gold, wearable by a broad range of skin tones (note that all these highlighters working beautifully at the inner eye corner too)


Also brand new from Burberry are the Lip Colour Contour (CAN $33.00/each, available in 2 more shades, Fair and Dark — not shown) and I confess to initially not knowing what to make of these or what exactly they were for. A little bit of homework later, and I totally get it; designed to work as primer, contour, and/or lipstick, these have been specifically created to enhance the lips and can work alone or even under lipstick as a base. Infused with moisturizing and smoothing ingredients, they work to help eliminate & erase vertical lines and dryness (personally, I’m not so sure about the erasing part but I did see a lessening on my super-lined lips) and there are even Plumping Actives included in the formula to help reshape lips — albeit in a very subtle way. The unique stick-shaped bullet format makes each ridiculously easy to use and I absolutely love how effortlessly they glide along lip contours.
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The name The Essentials Collection is not meant to represent a spanking new stand-alone collection, but has been designed as an edit to complement Burberry’s must-have group of products which also include Glow Luminous Fluid Base, Face Contour, and Highlighting Luminous Pen — all items that are indispensable tools in Wendy Rowe’s beauty kit, Burberry’s Make-Up Artistic Consultant. What I appreciate, is that not only are these products all stellar performers but how effortlessly they can help define one’s features without being obnoxiously overwhelming … think of them as the beauty version of a classic Burberry trench coat: classic & timeless.

Available at Sephora and The Bay



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