Butter London – Boho Rock Collection Nail Lacquer

Butter London Boho Rock opener


The Boho Rock Collection from Butter London, is a collection of 6 neutrals infused with sensuality, some texture and a whole of lot possibilities. With nude shades trending hot this season, I love that these aren’t the same old – same old, but a fresh & modern spin on classic hues: wearable, yet still funky enough to suit your inner Bohemian princess.

All swatches were done using Butter London’s new Patent-Gel Base and Top Coats (except where top coat was omitted, as stated) – and after playing with this duo for some time now, I’m ready to include in my list of Holy Grail favourites.


Butter London Boho Rock Collection

Butter London – Boho Rock Collection


Keen – a warm leaning doll-skin pink (Band-Aid pink?) hue in a formula that’s a touch patchy with the first coat, but then levels off nicely by the second. Super glossy at the finish, I was take by complete surprise in finding myself strangely drawn to this shade – so not my usual colour, but there you have it. Coats applied: 3 (thin, which gives the best coverage), plus top coat


Butter London Keen swatch

Butter London – Keen


Trallop – a camel-nude shade given warmth by the yellow undertones in its base, in a formula that can best be summed up as SPECTACULAR: amazing opacity even by the 1st coat, self-levelling, easy flow & application and a high gloss finish. The perfect nude? Possibly. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


Butter London Trallop swatch

Butter London – Trallop

Butter London Lushington over Trallop swatch

Butter London – Lushington over Trallop


Goss – a stunning rose-gold foil (metallic) hue in a quick drying formula and which applies in a very opaque way even by the 1st coat. TIP: I suggest loading up your brush with polish, as this type of formula is not tolerant of touch-ups (going back in with your brush to correct anything). Some brush strokes may be evident upon initial application (much less visible in person, believe me), but within a few seconds it begins to level off and give a wonderfully smooth, foil-like finish. Those with less than even nails might want to apply a ridge-filling base coat first. I also found that this shade definitely looks best as is – a top coat somehow takes away from the finish and can make it look dated. Bonus: ridiculously easy removal. Coats applied: 2 (no top coat)


Butter London Goss swatch

Butter London – Goss


Trifle – what looks like a chocolatey/bronze hue is actually so much more complex than that; this bears a plum/raisin base colour that’s filled with an oxidized bronze metallic shimmer. At times it can look like wood-grain, at others I catch a slight flash of gold – very rich, unique and rather Rococo-looking, no? Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


Butter London Trifle swatch

Butter London – Trifle


Lucy in the Sky – *the Beatles version of this song gets stuck in my head every time I say this name* This shade is INSANE. A blush/taupe base that’s loaded with small prismatic glitter in a slightly thicker flowing formula than the rest, but nonetheless super easy to work with. I have seriously NEVER seen anything like this – reminds me of haute couture nude gowns with artfully applied sequins, or even mermaid skin – gorgeous and I absolutely LOVE it! The finish is lightly textured – think suede, not grit and unless you first apply a peel-off base coat (like OPI’s amazing new Glitter Off), then be prepared for some effort to remove it (so worth it, though!). The final sparkle is nothing short of brilliant (not glossy like a crème). Coats applied: 2 (surprisingly opaque at 2)


Butter London Lucy in the Sky swatch

 Butter London – Lucy in the Sky


Butter London Lucy in the Sky with TC swatch

Butter London – Lucy in the Sky (with top coat) 


Lushington – a cloudy ivory base with tons of ultra-fine gold glitter. Easily layered over any other colour, this shade seems to work well with both dark & light hues. Worn alone, you’ll definitely need at least 3 coats to make it almost opaque and again, I strongly recommend a peel-off base coat under to avoid removal issues later on. I love how the tiny size of the glitter and the cooler tone of the gold gives this a more modern & sophisticated vibe. Coats applied: 3 (thin, plus top coat)


Butter London Lushington swatch

Butter London – Lushington


Butter London Lushington with TC swatch

Butter London – Lushington (with top coat)


If asked upon first receiving this collection, I would have probably said that 2 out of the 6 would most likely turn out to be favourites, but I’ve never been happier to say how wrong I would have been (and I hate admitting that I’m wrong). I found something to love about the entire Boho Rock Collection, and with Butter London’s amazing formula backing each shade, you seriously can’t go wrong with any. Then there’s Lucy in the Sky – have you EVER?! (and there goes that earworm again …)

Available now through The Bay (Canada) – find more information via:


Butter London Boho Rock closer

*Disclosure: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

14 Responses to Butter London – Boho Rock Collection Nail Lacquer

  1. prettytrippy says:

    OMG I’m binge reading all of your posts and your pictures are simply DIVINE. So impressed. Especially your nail pictures. GAH. Lovely. <<< Clearly I'm incapable of forming coherent sentences at the moment. Please excuse:)

  2. Latoya says:

    Oh crap. I love almost ALL of these, Eugenia! Faves are definitely Keen (love neutrals right now), Goss (I usually have NO interest in foils/metallics, but this one captures my attention), Trifle (bronzey goodness, yow!) and of course, Lucy in the Sky…even for a borderline glitter hater (cannot handle removal!). I’m going to have to do some serious investigation on these! ~wallet cries~

    • Eugenia says:

      Lol – while I feel for your wallet, you can always justify the purchase if these shades are unique in your stash! As to Lucy in the Sky (I can’t even…), here’s a tip: pick up OPI’s new Glitter Off and apply first – your removal will then be a breeze!

  3. Goss is definitely the favorite and more unique shade. Trifle and Lucy in the Sky are nice as well. Great Swatches!

  4. Lucy In The Sky is absolutely gorgeous! I’ll have to pick that one up for sure!

  5. andypuskar says:

    These are all lovely colors! Really like how down to earth they are!

  6. Luchessa says:

    Goss looks beautiful to me. Gonna need to keep an eye on that one 😀

  7. Lucy says:

    I LOVE Keen, Goss, and Trifle, they look amazing!!! 😀

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