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BL Lippy Shimmer opener


Following up on the heels of their successful line of Lippy lip products, Butter London introduces six new versions of their lip gloss in a range of neutral tones and infused with gorgeous shimmer. Absolutely perfect for the Summer season but which will also cross over well into the cooler months to come, these shades will suit every skin tone across the spectrum, all while adding a subtle touch of bling to your lips. Totally kissable, I might add …

Each gloss holds a good amount of product and comes in a conveniently sized acrylic rectangular container that makes it perfect for carrying with you. The wand is of an easy length and the dense brush applicator picks up more than enough of the contents to require no more than 1-2 passes for full coverage. The scent is a warm buttery/vanilla which dissipates quickly after application, while the feel of the gloss when worn is quite smooth (the shimmer melds perfectly with the formula) — not overly sticky. I found that the milkier shades tend to gather in lip lines if applied too thickly, although as the gloss wears off, that effect disappears. The more sheer & neutral shades had the least amount of staying power (approximately 2 – 2.5 hours), yet still imparted a slight sheen to the lips long after they were gone, while the 2 shades with the most pigment (Pip Pip and Wag) definitely lasted well past the 3-hour mark. One thing in common with each Lippy Shimmer, is the hydrating feel to the lips – even when all traces of gloss had disappeared. BONUS: with the exception of Pip Pip, all shades bear an super glassy finish.

Note that the appearance of each shade of gloss is also dependant on your lips’ natural colouration – the higher your own pigmentation, the less dominant each Lippy Shimmer may appear.

BL Lippy Shimmer

Butter London – Lippy Shimmers

BL Lippy Shimmer flash

Butter London – Lippy Shimmers

BL Beaker Lippy Shimmer

Butter London Beaker Lippy Shimmer (CAD $22.00 74 ml/US $20.00 0.25 fl. oz) “A child’s sippy cup” – a nearly clear & iridescent hue with baby pink undertones and ultra-smooth shimmer throughout. One of the two shades of the six that looks absolutely amazing with a light tan – in an edgy, yet understated way.

BL Pip Pip Lippy Shimmer

Butter London Pip Pip Lippy Shimmer (CAD $22.00 74 ml/US $20.00 0.25 fl. oz) “A way to bid farewell, often used by the upper class” – a bronze base hue with a combination of larger gold and silver shimmer throughout. The highest pigmentation of the six, which can come across as either warm or cool, depending on the light – a great alternative to wearing lipstick & gloss together.

BL Swish Lippy Shimmer

Butter London Swish Lippy Shimmer (CAD $22.00 74 ml/US $20.00 0.25 fl. oz) “To be very expensive, fashionable” – a pale golden base hue with an apricot undertone, infused with ultra-smooth gold and silver shimmer throughout. The second shade that really compliments lightly tanned skin and provides a beautiful light golden glow to the lips – a more affordable and longer-lasting version of NARS’ ‘Gold Digger’ (reviewed here).

BL Tickety Boo Lippy Shimmer

Butter London Tickety Boo Lippy Shimmer (CAD $22.00 74 ml/US $20.00 0.25 fl. oz) “A saying for when something is going well” – a milky baby pink base hue bearing loads of ultra-smooth pink shimmer throughout. There’s an unusually high amount of pigment for such a light shade, and while some settling in lip lines can occur if applied too thickly, it wears off evenly – leaving a silvery sheen behind.

BL Wag Lippy Shimmer

Butter London Wag Lippy Shimmer (CAD $22.00 74 ml/US $20.00 0.25 fl. oz) “Term used by British tabloids to describes wives/girlfriends of high-profile footballers” – a sheer-ish peachy/pink base hue filled with ultra-fine and slightly larger golden shimmer throughout. A warm-toned shade that reminds me of NARS’ Orgasm Gloss, albeit in a less pigmented and definitely glossier version.

BL Punch Up Lippy Shimmer

Butter London Punch Up Lippy Shimmer (CAD $22.00 74 ml/US $20.00 0.25 fl. oz) “A quarrel or violent argument” – a sheer-leaning beige-y/pink base hue with ultra smooth golden and neutral shimmer throughout. One of the most universally flattering nude lip gloss shades I’ve come across, that also bears an incredible gloss factor – gorgeous!


Last word: With the warmer weather finally here, I find myself turning towards lighter-hued lip products, although I still prefer them to have a touch of something — be it a hint of colour, or a touch of shimmer. The six new shades of Butter London’s Lippy Shimmer Lip Gloss, manage to have both, all while imparting a nicely nourished feel to the lips. My favourites are definitely Beaker, Swish, and Punch Up for their “neutral wearability”, with Wag following close behind for a nice spot of colour to the lips. While nothing outrageous colour-wise, I’m a fan of how versatile each Lippy Shimmer is and I find the quality superb – definitely worth the price, which happens to fall between drugstore and high end brands.

EDIT: As I am away on holiday right now, I wanted to add that the ONLY lip product/gloss I brought with me, is ‘Swish’ – I am totally in love with this shade!

Available now through Butter London. Feel free to follow via twitter/facebook for all the latest product updates.

BL Lippy Shimmer closer

22 Responses to Butter London – Lippy Shimmer Lip Gloss

  1. These looks really nice! I’m going to have to take a closer look next time in an Ulta.

    Have you heard anything about their expanded makeup line? I saw the preview post on Temptalia and just about fell over.

    • Eugenia says:

      Yes, I did learn about their upcoming new cosmetic products, and at the moment I’m waiting to hear if I’ll be receiving any to test out *fingers crossed* — if the polishes and lip glosses are anything to judge by, I have high hopes for the new stuff as well!

  2. Julie says:

    OMG!!! They all look so pretty. Love the shades for they can match any kind of lippie. I wonder if their scent is overwhelming. I hope not. I’ll check on these….

    • Eugenia says:

      The scent is not overwhelming at all and actually quite delicious – sort of creamy & vanilla-like! I don’t believe you’ll have any issues at all!

  3. These are gorgeous! I love wag. Definitely something I will be checking out! Hope your having a wonderful time away.

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks, Tayor — I’m having an amazing time, but haven’t done much relaxing so far … I’ll need a vacation after the vacation, I think! LOL! I can see Wag on you – it’ll look fabulous!

  4. I never buy pale shimmery glosses but these have me thinking the layering possibilities are endless. Are they out in Canada yet?

    • Eugenia says:

      All of these Lippy Shimmers are available through the ButterLondon.ca website now, which means they should definitely be available at the retail outlets that cary them as well. I didn’t try layering them, only because I really loved the look worn solo, but you’re right — another PLUS in their favour!

  5. Loving Wag and Punch Up! I feel like I have a couple shades similar to Swish (so clearly I like that kind of shade too)…the shine/glossiness of these is intense!

  6. Linda says:

    They look great! How’s the wear on these, are they ’10-minute’ glosses or do they last for a while? I hate putting on lipgloss at home, getting in my car, driving somewhere and it’s already gone! LOL

    • Eugenia says:

      Definitely not the “flash-in-the-pan” variety, that’s for sure Linda! The lighter shades obviously last/are visible less than the darker ones, but even when the majority of the colour is gone, you’re still left with a sheen and super-soft lips!

  7. Tam says:

    This is now on my wishlist! I caught a clearance set at Ulta of BL’s West End Wonderland nail polish and lip gloss. To my surprise, I am really enjoying the heavily pigmented gilded gloss, and delighted to find that it shows up really well on my dark skin. I always find myself leaning towards shimmery gold, bronze and copper lips, and with the strength of their formula in color and wear, I will not be disappointed.

  8. Chantal says:

    Oh wow these are all beautiful! The tints all feel subtle, but have enough colour to be different from one another, really nice.

  9. So shimmery! Almost metallic looking! I like Beaker!

  10. dramanmakeup says:

    They all look amazing!

  11. Only one lip product?? Gasp! Brava! I think that is my favorite of these, as well. They all look so easy breezy and summery!

What are your thoughts, beautiful?