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Don’t let the lethal-sounding name scare you, because this latest launch from BUXOM is anything but. If like me you prefer lip products with the ease of a gloss but without the stickiness, then stop what you’re doing right now and read on about these new Plumping Lip Stains; they’re lightweight, juicy … and killer good (see what I did there? lol).



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Serial Kisser™ Plumping Lip Stain (CAN $30.00/each) | Housed in black tube casings with transparent lettering that allows the shade to be visible (a convenient feature too, since it permits you to monitor product usage at a glance), these come with a chubby flocked teardrop-shaped applicator that’s sized to pick up enough product per swipe for complete coverage. The innovative formula feels more like a serum than a gloss, and includes Hyaluronic Acid for continuous nourishment. Once applied, they are totally lightweight and while you shouldn’t expect full opacity, they do provide pretty good coverage just the same — surprising, considering the watery texture. I can’t really vouch for the plumping part as I don’t notice any significant change, but I’m guessing that the glossy shine at the finish helps in giving the look of fuller, juicer-looking lips. Note that they bear a soft candy-like fragrance, but that becomes unnoticeable once applied.


Considering I haven’t really explored the BUXOM range to any great degree, I was unsure what to expect from these lippies, but I’m pleasantly surprised by how wearable they turned out to be — and that applies to every single shade, I might add. I do tend to turn to balms or glosses on a daily basis, but it’s nice to know that these Lip Stains offer both those attributes and something more: pops of colour.

Available at Sephora




Kindly provided by BUXOM for my unbiased consideration


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