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Backstage Beauty: CHANEL Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2021-22 Show




Ok, so here in Montréal we’re still in winter’s icy grip and even though I’m so ready for warmer weather, all the big fashion houses (and beauty giants) are already moving forward season-wise. Case in point, last Sunday CHANEL hosted their Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2021-22 runway show, but I’m going to conveniently ignore the “FALL/WINTER” part and just focus on the beauty … plus a smidge of fashion thrown in for fun.



New Beauty: Rouge Dior Refillable Lipstick & more!




Dior has recently launched a 2.0 version of their iconic Rouge Dior lipstick, infusing it with even more beneficial ingredients than before, plus making it refillable — a move I definitely approve of, and one which shows the brand’s environmental mindfulness. The best part? This new format is available in 75 shades. Now that’s what I call options!






New beauty: BUXOM White Russian Collection






Building on the success of their cult-fave lip gloss shade, BUXOM has released the limited edition White Russian Collection. The brand’s classic pinky nude shade has now been reinterpreted for the entire face … so I guess you can call this a true beauty cocktail (and yes, that’s definitely a cheesy reference to the original Tia Maria + milk alcoholic drink).




New in fragrance: Ryder by Ex Idolo

Ex Idolo Ryder opener


I first learned about Ex Idolo through an Instagram conversation, which then prompted a discussion on the notes of this fragrance, notes which sounded exactly like what I gravitate towards.  And while there’s much I appreciate about mainstream brands, I’m always excited to discover something new — Ryder, is all that … and more. Redolent, smoky, exotic, sexy, mysterious, and even a little posh, this is a fragrance whose sole purpose is to get you noticed. In the best possible way, I might add.  



New from NARS: The Claudette Collection

I am very lucky to have an extremely beautiful, glamorous, and elegant mother on whom I was always able to practice makeup” — François Nars.

In homage to his absolutely gorgeous mother — who also happens to serve as one of his muses, François Nars was inspired to create The Claudette Collection, Claudette Says. All I can say, is that if his mom is anything to go by, then the hype about Parisian women is most definitely real. I mean, just look at her!