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Dior · Rouge 999


“I love red; it is the colour of life” — Christian Dior

The year was 1949 when Christian Dior created a lipstick that he would send to his most treasured clients, as a way of thanking them for their patronage. Four years later in 1953, he created 2 shades: N°9 and N°99 (his favourite numbers) that models wore for one of his runway shows. Fast forward many years later, and the House’s by-now iconic shade was relaunched as N°999 in homage to its predecessors, but reinvented in so many wonderful new formulas and textures. Classic, sexy, empowering and absolutely timeless … that’s what red is all about.



Dior · Dior En Diable Fall 2018


Just one look at the Dior en Diable Collection for Fall 2018, and there’s no doubting that Peter Philips — Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup — was inspired by Fall’s glorious riot of colour. The rich autumnal shades are interspersed with some unique pops of colour to keep things interesting, and even though I’m not exactly looking forward to the upcoming cooler weather, these pieces are making a strong case for the season, dammit. #resistanceisfutile



Pixi Beauty · Pixi Pretties Collection 2018


Pixi Beauty products have been steadily gaining ground in my makeup routine, and as a girl who tends to lean more towards luxury beauty, no one is more surprised by this revelation, than me. Several weeks ago, a package came in containing the Pixi Pretties Collection for 2018 –comprised of the latest collaborative efforts between Pixi and 3 beauty influencers — and I couldn’t wait to crack everything open and, well … play. I’m seriously like a kid in a toy store whenever I’m around makeup and who can blame me when stuff like this comes in?



BEAUTYCOUNTER · Velvet Eyeshadow Palettes, Radiant All Over Bronzer & Satin Powder Blush


Lately I’ve been exploring “green” beauty options, in large part to BEAUTYCOUNTER, a brand that’s committed to producing luxury quality cosmetics and skincare that’s as well-crafted as many higher-end counterparts, but without any suspect or banned ingredients. That said, opening up each item I received may have caused my heart to skip a beat, but I still had my suspicions regarding performance; that was before I began testing everything out … #nospoilers



Guerlain · Terracotta After Summer 2018


From the brand that has mastered the art of the faux glow, comes two new Terracotta bronzers, Sahara Jewel and Sous Les Palmiers. Intended to keep that Summer radiance going even when the weather begins to cool, I personally will be using both all year round because, well … just look at them. Not convinced? No problem — I’ll let the pictures (& swatches) do the talking.