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Marc Jacobs · Coconut Collection 2019, Youthquake & Velvet Noir Mascara

For beauty lovers, Marc Jacobs’ Summertime Coconut Collection is always hotly anticipated. I mean, coconut: doesn’t get more Summery than that, no? Infused with a varied selection of coconut ingredients (how many times can I say “coconut” in one paragraph?), these products not only smell amazing, but perform equally beautifully. Then there’s the recently launched Youthquake, with pineapple in the ingredients that makes it a perfect fit for the theme. I just love makeup synergy, don’t you?


Clarins · Sunkissed Summer 2019 Collection

For Summer 2019, Clarins has launched the Sunkissed Collection and I’ve also opted to show it along with some other recent releases — mainly because I feel they complement each other perfectly, and regardless of whether you’ll be travelling or not (if so, lucky you!), these are all amazingly useful pieces.


Guerlain · New Terracotta for Summer 2019

For Summer 2019, Guerlain has expanded the Terracotta family with several new additions — all of which means we now have even more amazing options in this incredible range. And in keeping with this brand’s fragrance lineage, there’s also a new member in the Aqua Allegoria collection; if the scent doesn’t grab you, I’m betting the bottle sure will.


Fenty Beauty · Sun Stalk’R Bronzers & Brushes

Once again, Rihanna has shown that she not only understands what consumers want, but delivers it too — and the recent launch of the Sun Stalk’R bronzers brings this point vividly home. Available in 8 shades and more importantly, dedicated to a variety of undertones, she’s got you covered. Literally.


CHANEL Vision d’Asie: Lumière et Contraste Cruise 2019 Collection

“A woman is only as good as the light & peace she radiates” (Coco Chanel)

In her second homage that’s inspired by the interplay of light captured throughout her photographic journey of East Asia, CHANEL’s makeup director Lucia Pica has created a collection that can be summed up in two words: easy glamour. With Summer just around the corner, these are exactly the types of products I’m all about — fuss-free yet still put together, and in my opinion, no one does that better than CHANEL.